Thursday, January 26, 2012


Hello again. Just wanted to let you know that I have found replacement links for another 10 of my posts, this leaves about 19 that are still down. Most of those I will need to re-upload myself so it will take some time before they are all active again. Once again, your patience is appreciated.

On another note, a number of people have come to the site recently searching for "Dramatic Funk Themes Vol.3". I've decided not to post it here due to the takedown request I got from Blogger when I put up Vol.2. It is fairly easy to locate if you have a look around ( try Rappamelo ) and believe me it is well worth checking out.

I've got a few nice albums to share in the next week so be sure to come back soon. Cheers from Mr.Craig.


configuratao said...

hey mister funky craig i wish just to tell you how much i appreciate the work'n'share you do here, & a big thank you until further remarks
... cheers & happy returns!

Mr. Craig said...

Thank you kindly.