Thursday, January 19, 2012


Download here

Track 1 - Basket Ball Rebound
Track 2 - Full Gallop
Track 3 - Motorbike Escape
Track 4 - Golf Driving
Track 5 - Crawl Cross
Track 6 - Sister Kimono
Track 7 - Asymetric Bars
Track 8 - Trempolino Si
Track 9 - Scratch
Track 10 - Crochet
Track 11 - Souffle
Track 12 - Ski Revolution
Track 13 - Football Boots Samba
Track 14 - Speedy Slalom
Track 15 - Formula One
Track 16 - Surfing Duo
Track 17 - Silent Flying
Track 18 - Submarine Control
Track 19 - The Gladiators Entrance
Track 20 - Sparring
Track 21 - Sailing Ship Victory

There are some really fun and interesting synth based tunes on this 1979 release which was put out through Charles Talar Records. The electronic instruments are sometimes teamed with drums and piano with excellent results and being a ( mostly ) sport themed album the tracks are all action and drama orientated. Every piece clocks in under 2 minutes which gives the composers just enough time to flesh out one solid idea and more often than not they succeed. It certainly should be considered a must listen for anyone interested in late 70's, early 80's library music.

Just a couple of notes on this rip....I found it online but was unable to locate the source, whoever did upload it originally didn't do the best of jobs as there are a couple of tracks missing and the individual tracks aren't titled ( although there was a text doc with the names in it  ). Unfortunately I had no way of knowing which tracks were absent so I couldn't use the doc to add titles. Anyway, I decided to re-up it on Mediafire because it took me almost 2 hours to download from 4Shared. Some of the music can be found through YouTube and you could work out a few of the titles from that. Don't let this stop you from checking it out however because there's some very cool stuff contained on this record ( I just sat through 3 back to back listens and was still begging for more! ).


Telek et Stilla said...

I have got this wonderful record. The missing tracks on your rip are : "Scratch" and "Crochet". The track list on your rip is the following : track 12 to 21 (from "Souffle" to "Sailing Ship Victory"), then 1 to 8 (from "Basket Ball Rebound" to "Trempolino").

Many thanks for your great blog.


Anonymous said...

hello Telek, maybe you'd post a new (complete) rip?