Saturday, January 14, 2012


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Track 1 - Hit & Run At The Club / Johnny Pate
Track 2 - A Pungi Nudi (Suite) / Bixio Franco
Track 3 - Keep On Using Me / Bill Moss & The Celestials
Track 4 - Stopover / Laurie Johnson
Track 5 - Es Bleibt Die Sonne / Gerd Michealis-Chor
Track 6 - Na Opak / Henryk Debich
Track 7 - Cat And Mouse In Berlin / Roy Budd
Track 8 - Electrosonics N.4 / Cecil Leuter & George Teperino
Track 9 - Hijack Pt.1 / Laurie Johnson
Track 10 - Blackout / Mike Nock
Track 11 - Life / Down Town Boogie Woogie Band
Track 12 - In Man Get / Kollage Klatte
Track 13 - 4 Tet / Sadi
Track 14 - Last Tango In Paris / Julio Gutierrez
Track 15 - Percussion Vol.1 / Bruton

Some of you may remember that I posted volumes 1 through 10 of Dusty Fingers a while back, here is the most recent release in the series and it's another corker! As always there is a large dose of break heavy rare groove and this edition has a particularly strong crime funk vibe which is most pleasing. Superstars such as Roy Budd, Johnny Pate, Laurie Johnson and Cecil Leuter all have wonderful tracks featured along with some lesser known but equally enjoyable performances by Kollage Klatte and Mike Nock. Dusty Fingers comps are renowned for their drum breaks and this is probably one of the better volumes in that regards. Plus there are the usual spelling errors which seem to be a trademark of the series as well. An excellent collection and highly recommended!


[(Sub)] said...

Thanks Mr. Craig
Dusty fingers are my fav comps
and this one looks good

Veda said...

Been following your blog for some time now and it was about time to say hello. Great blog , one of the few that i visit almost every 2nd day. There's not so many blogs out there like this one here that explores library music that much so all your work its much appreciated. I love it.
One love from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tex said...

From the first track, I knew I was either in New Avengers or The Professionals territory. Then I get to track 9 and, oh yaz, I'm DEFINITELY in The Professionals neck of the woods.

SO diggin' this, Mr.C!

(roll on to DF Vol.16!)

Mr. Craig said...

Thanks folks, much appreciated.

PYITE said...

Unfortunately this link is dead..
If you can reup that would be awesome, although I know you are being real annoyed by all your links dying recently.
Thank you for the amazing contributuion you made to my passion for music.

Mr. Craig said...

I'll get to it in the next couple of days.

NYNE9 said...

Still waiting for that Re-Up! Please, can't find this nowhere else! Thank you for the contribution!

NYNE9 said...

Links are still dead! Please re-up! Cannot find this Gem anywhere!

Mr. Craig said...

Okay okay, it's done. Sorry about the delay.