Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Track 1 - Tropical Canvas
Track 2 - Pictures In The Sand
Track 3 - Expresso Brazilia
Track 4 - Moonlight Drive
Track 5 - Free Life
Track 6 - Sun Sports
Track 7 - Copacabana Surfboard
Track 8 - Silver Sand
Track 9 - Lust For Listening
Track 10 - Call Of The Tropical Sun
Track 11 - Slow Heat
Track 12 - Freeway To Rio

As far as I know this is Les Baxter's only appearance on the KPM label and it is packed full of tropical exotica. While Les was far from being a one trick pony ( "Dunwich Horror" being just one example ) this is probably the style of music that most of us associate him with. It's lush, bright and bouncy, with percussion and wind instruments often being teamed with breathy female vocals. While "The Exotic Moods Of Les Baxter" was thematically rooted in the Pacific and Asia, this album has a fairly strong South American influenced as titles like "Freeway To Rio" and "Copacabana Surfboard" would suggest. The key track is "Lust For Listening", a frantic drum-heavy number that features some nice vibes work. The whole album is uniformly excellent though and if you haven't heard Les's work before then this is a great place to start. Thanks to the original uploader.


Simon666 said...

Thanks for this!

Hanimex 3000 said...

commercial release with different track titles and awesome pic cover :

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megaups dead..new link? thanks great blog!