Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Track 1 - Bracconiere - G.Sorgini
Track 2 - Honda - G.Sorgini
Track 3 - Sgambetto - R.Ducros
Track 4 - Bossa Astratta - L.Zito
Track 5 - Blues Elena - V.Stagni
Track 6 - Crisi Dell'Industria / F.Tamponi
Track 7 - Ineguale / U.Fusco
Track 8 - Plutone / S.Montori & G.Chiti
Track 9 - Propagazione Meccanica / G.Ugolini
Track 10 - Central Park / E.Roncarati
Track 11 - Una Partita Agitata / R.Ducros
Track 12 - Pressing / R.Ducros
Track 13 - Black California / P.Cannizzo
Track 14 - Shotgun / Arawak
Track 15 - Spiritoso / Braen
Track 16 - Struble Day / F.Tamponi
Track 17 - Nervoso / Astemix
Track 18 - Saudade De Brasil / R.Ducros
Track 19 - Iron Suite / M.Molino
Track 20 - La Rimonta / R.Ducros
Track 21 - Contropiede / R.Ducros
Track 22 - For Me / M.Molino

Here's another truly fantastic collection of Italian rare grooves that I spent a couple of years trying to import without luck. To my joy I was finally able to locate a copy on the internet last year and I wasn't disappointed! It shares a similar sound to "Phase 6 Super Stereo" which was also released on Plastic Records. However "Vroommm" is much more comprehensive and features some familiar names to those who are fans of 1970's Italian library music. The likes of Mario Molino, Remigio Ducros, Giuliano Sorgini and Arawak have appeared on a number of albums posted at Funky Frolic and their talents are indisputable. The unique way they blended funk, jazz, rock and other genres resulted in library music that is worlds away from what their British counterparts were creating during the same period. If you don't have this record already then you simply must find out for yourself just how good it is! Thanks to the original uploader and if you want to check out more music such as this click on "Italian Grooves" under the labels section of my blog.


the jazzstronaut said...

Thanks Mr. Craig...funk all the way!

SpacedBoogie said...

Excellent post. Italian rare groove, sounds great on paper, even better throught the stereo!

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much!