Wednesday, November 2, 2011


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Track 1 - Alpine - What To Do When You're Lost
Track 2 - Barbeque - Don't Pull The Fire Alarm Unless There's A Fire
Track 3 - Barbeque - What To Do If Your House Is On Fire
Track 4 - Blowtorch - Don't Call The Fire Department From A Burning Building
Track 5 - Cross Country - Wear Helmets For Protection
Track 6 - Cutter - Instead Of Fighting Find A Better Way
Track 7 - Dial Tone - Have Proper Ventilation While Painting
Track 8 - Doc - Don't Take Drugs Without Your Parents There
Track 9 - Flint - It's Better To Tell The Truth
Track 10 - Flint - Listen To Yourself
Track 11 - Mutt - Don't Pet Strange Dogs
Track 12 - Ripcord - Have Your Eyes Tested
Track 13 - Roadblock - Don't Jump Your Bike Over Downed Powerlines
Track 14 - Shipwreck - Running Away Isn't The Answer
Track 15 - Spirit - What To Do If You Catch On Fire

These public service announcements were featured at the end of G.I Joe episodes between 1989 and 1991. Each segment closed with the catch phrase "...and knowing is half the battle". I presume the other half of the battle involved taking the advice of cartoon characters named "Mutt", "Ripcord" and "Dial Tone" seriously. They certainly are hilarious and have spawned several parodies over the years, but in my opinion nothing is funnier than the real thing. If you haven't heard them before then prepare yourself for a treat and if you have then get ready for a retro blast from the cartoon past!
Please note - The re-uploaded version now contains 21 PSA's.


barna imre said...

nice rareties here are the viral versions =)

could you re up please

Mr. Craig said...

I'd like to but they are lost on my laptop or external HD somewhere. I'll keep looking...

Anonymous said...

Another desperate, pleading vote for a re-upload.

Mr. Craig said...

Okay, I've found them. Should be back up soon.

Muff Diver said...

I was happy enough with the PSAs the first time around.

Now that you've refreshed the link and added 6 new PSAs, I don't know how I possibly survived this long w/o knowing not to pet 'strange' dogs. Imagine!

I feel safer already:)

Thanks again, Mr. Craig!