Thursday, November 3, 2011


Track 1 - Sabotage
Track 2 - Brass Monkey
Track 3 - So What'cha Want
Track 4 - Hey Ladies
Track 5 - Intergalactic
Track 6 - Something's Got To Give
Track 7 - Cooky Puss
Track 8 - Shake Your Rump
Track 9 - Egg Raid On Mojo
Track 10 - Namaste

The Beastie Boys have sampled and taken inspiration from some very funky artists during their career, "Boogaloo To The Beastie Boys" sets out to turn the tables on the B-Boys by creating a bunch of heavy jazz / funk fueled tracks based on some of their past hits. In reality Reuben Wilson and Bernie Worrell don't stick to the script that much, you can generally tell which song they are covering in the opening seconds but beyond that they go off on extended grooves which are more suited to showing of their own talents than paying tribute to the Beastie Boys. Regardless of this, it is a thoroughly enjoyable album that would be well suited to dinner parties or a lazy night at home with a glass of wine.


Crazy B said...

that was sick!!! super thanks.

Budd said...

What a great album! These guys haven't lost their touch!! Both Money Mark and Bernie Worrell were on a film documentary called 'Moog'

Some interesting stuff came up such as the film and tv composer Mike Vickers (I loved his Dracula A.D 1972 theme!) would 'rent' his moog to artists such as Rick Wakeman in order to to make his repayments on the expensive instrument!

Worth checking out Cheers again!