Sunday, November 27, 2011


Track 1 - Come One Come All / Syd Dale
Track 2 - Wild Elephants / James Clarke
Track 3 - The Groupie / Syd Dale
Track 4 - Lucky Seven / Syd Dale
Track 5 - Cool Stepper / Max Harris
Track 6 - Carnaby Chick / Don Lusher
Track 7 - Running From Danger / Steve Gray
Track 8 - Disco Tek / Syd Dale
Track 9 - Boogaloo / Sys Dale
Track 10 - Go For Broke / Steve Gray
Track 11 - Double Take / James Clarke
Track 12 - London Life / Syd Dale
Track 13 - Spanish Charade / Tony Hatch
Track 14 - Say Something Sweet / James Clarke
Track 15 - Gentle Giant / Syd Dale
Track 16 - Hacienda Happening / Dick Walter
Track 17 - Portobello Market / Syd Dale
Track 18 - Black, White And Wonderful / Les Reed
Track 19 - News Travels Fast / Jim Lawless

This is one of a number of compilations which dig into the Amphonic vaults and unsurprisingly it features label founder Syd Dale heavily. There is a bit of crossover with "Blow Up: Exclusive Blend Vol.2" and they both share a similar easy listening / pop / go go vibe along with excellent sound quality. On many tracks lush orchestration is countered by crisp drums and blasting horns, prime examples being "Portobello Market" and "Cool Stepper". Make no mistake though - there is a great deal of funkiness to be had! The inclusion of music by James Clarke and Tony Hatch perfectly compliments that of Syd and the likes of Steve Gray and Jim Lawless just add an extra cherry to a perfectly formed groove cake, if you get my drift! This is a must have library collection.

P.S - As per the requests I was sent - I have replaced the links on "The Cop Show Themes" by Henry Mancini and "Insight Modulation" by Zanagoria. I hope they work okay. Cheers.


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Hey! I'm new in town but I can see I'm gonna be busy! Thanks!

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Thank you for sharing some really great music!