Saturday, November 12, 2011


Track 1 - Mr. Dante Fontana / Piero Piccioni
Track 2 - Babylon I'm Coming / Piero Piccioni
Track 3 - Per Le Strade Di Roma / Piero Piccioni
Track 4 - A Doppia Faccia / Nora Orlandi
Track 5 - Red Hot / Piero Piccioni
Track 6 - Soho / Nora Orlandi
Track 7 - Shake Per Un Divorzio / Fred Bongusto
Track 8 - Bada Caterina / Armando Trovaioli
Track 9 - Easy Dreamer / Piero Piccioni
Track 10 - Love War Call / Piero Piccioni
Track 11 - London Streets / Nico Fidenco
Track 12 - Sensi / Luis Bacalov
Track 13 - Party Al Piper / Piero Piccioni
Track 14 - Supercolpo Shake / Nico Fidenco
Track 15 - Abigaille / Piero Piccioni
Track 16 - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang / Bruno Nicolai
Track 17 - Notti Caldi / Piero Piccioni

This is probably my favourite out of the Beat At Cinecitta comps. It features music from Italian films circa 1966 - 1970 such as the well known "Colpo Rovente" and "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang". There's something indescribable about good Italian soundtrack scores, the mix of jazz and go go stylings combined with female vocals, strings, horns and organs create a very unique sound that will never be replicated. For my mind the two key tracks are "Easy Dreamer" and "Love War Call", both of them come out of the gates firing and don't let up! My criticism of Volume 3 was that there seemed to be a lack of continuity but on this album there is no such problem, the songs compliment each other well and overall it is an excellent representation of late 60's Italian grooves. Here's some of the artwork featured in the liner notes...

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