Sunday, October 16, 2011


Track 1 - The Amazing Spider-Man
Track 2 - The Deadly Dust
Track 3 - The Con Caper
Track 4 - A Matter Of State
Track 5 - The Captive Tower
Track 6 - Climbing The Walls
Track 7 - Bar Scene
Track 8 - Mind Control & Rescue
Track 9 - Recolition
Track 10 - Spiderman's Theme
Track 11 - Skyscraper Rooftop Drama
Track 12 - The Chinese Web
Track 13 - The Dragon's Challenge
Track 14 - Dragons Challenge End Theme
Track 15 - Night Of The Clones
Track 16 - Wolfpack & End Credits
Track 17 - At The Club

Spidey gets all sexy and funky in this crazy collection of grooves from the late seventies. These tracks could easily be from a classic blaxploitation film with all the familiar horn, bass and wah wah elements in full effect! Drama and action abound with only an occasional lull for a nice tense string-heavy number to break things up. Every track is pure gold and it compliments "Spider-Man - Music From The KPM Record Library" which I posted a few weeks ago. I think I may have originally found this at Spiral or it might be the same collection that Fraykerbreaks released, either way I thought it was worth putting it up here aswell. Please note - the rip I have contains different artwork than the cover shown above, I wasn't able to transfer the one I had across to the blog. They are both cool anyway. Hope you enjoy!


Flipside said...

Hi Mr. Craig,

I've been (silently) downloading a lot of the music on your blog for a long time now! I never left any comments simply because I didn't have a google account until now. So, as soon as I signed up I thought about all the lovely people I haven't thanked for over a year - so here it goes: you have my absolute respect and appreciation for all your efforts to keep REAL MUSIC alive. You are a real inspiration and I intend to follow your footsteps by starting my own blog as I've been an independent music producer for many years and have a fair bit of original music to share, including a few limited editions of vinyl albums produced by me over 10 years ago. Styles range from turntablism (scratch records), breakbeat, downtempo, tip hop and old school hip hop.
My main mission will be to keep vinyl alive as I've noticed that most new scratch dj's are only using digital media like Serato Scratch (which is a great tool that I also have but let's not forget how it all started hey?)
I'll keep you posted.
DJ Flipside

Mr. Craig said...

My apologies for not responding sooner....

Thanks for your kind words, it's great to know that I've played a small part in encouraging someone else to begin blogging. I wish you much success and hope you continue to find music at Funky Frolic which ispires you.

ChapterPlays said...

Awesome music. I heard about this album a while ago and came across your site. Now if someone can make "Man From Atlantis" That would be fantastic. Thank you for supplying me with many hours of music listening.