Saturday, October 1, 2011



Track 1 - Bully Main Theme
Track 2 - Here's To You, Miss Philips
Track 3 - Punishment
Track 4 - Help Gary
Track 5 - Comic Klepto
Track 6 - Beach Rumble
Track 7 - Chase Adult
Track 8 - Chase Prefects
Track 9 - Sneaking On A Date
Track 10 - Defender Of The Castle
Track 11 - Vendetta Nerds
Track 12 - Vendetta Greasers
Track 13 - Vendetta Preps
Track 14 - Cheating Time
Track 15 - Defend Bucky
Track 16 - Chase Police
Track 17 - Hattrick Vs Galloway
Track 18 - Shop Class
Track 19 - Russell In The Hole
Track 20 - Vendetta Jocks
Track 21 - Fighting Johnny Vincent
Track 22 - Vendetta Dropouts
Track 23 - Final Showdown
Track 24 - Carnival Date
Track 25 - School's Out
Track 26 - Welcome To Bullworth

In 2006 Shawn Lee turned his considerable talents towards producing a soundtrack for the controversial computer game "Bully". The results are typically eclectic with the songs displaying elements, of hip hop, funk, blaxploitation, jazz and rock. It is all brought together by Lee's innate library music sensibilities that allow him to create compelling 2 minute grooves. While some of you may wish that he had been allowed to flesh out the song ideas further, there is certainly no doubting his composing skills ( I don't know for sure but I suspect Lee also played at least some of the instruments on the album aswell. )

This album is certainly a far cry from the 8-bit computer game music many of us are familiar with from our childhoods. I hope soundtracks of this kind will become more of the norm as the industry continues to develop into the future. Enjoy!


Keir said...

Thank you, great stuff! Lovely references in it too, Vendetta Greasers is clearly The Cure's Play For Today at the very start and Vendetta Nerds likewise Trio's Da Da Da - did anyone spot any others?

Mr. Craig said...

I did think one of the tracks sounded familiar to the Cure but couldn't figure out which one of their tracks it was. Well spotted.

tomcrashkick said...

I can spot the main Suspiria Theme from Goblin on Welcome to Bullworth.