Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Track 1 - She's Always In My Hair / D'Angelo
Track 2 - Fell In Love With A Boy / Joss Stone
Track 3 - Change Your World / Anthony Hamilton
Track 4 - Loving Me 4 Me / Christina Aguilera
Track 5 - Tug Of War / Nikka Costa
Track 6 - War / Dilated Peoples
Track 7 - Hold Tight / Skillz
Track 8 - I'll Be Dat! / Redman
Track 9 - Sexual Revolution / Macy Gray
Track 10 - I Can't Wait / Jaguar Wright
Track 11 - Maybe / N.E.R.D
Track 12 -Be Still My Beating Heart / The Randy Watson Experience
Track 13 - Jimi Was A Rock Star / Common

This 3rd collection of tracks that feature Questlove's drumming or production is filled with gems. The most commercially well known songs would be the awesome "Maybe" by N.E.R.D and "Fell In Love With A Boy" by Joss Stone but there is plenty more quality in the form of delightful soul number "Change Your World", the stomping "Hold Tight" and the Funkadelic style groove of "I Can't Wait". It certainly highlights the influence that Questlove has had over the soul / hip hop world in the last 10+ years and if you would like to hear more of his work you can download it here and here.

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