Tuesday, May 3, 2011



Track 1 - The Nightclub Years Pt.1
Track 2 - The Nightclub Years Pt.2
Track 3 - The Nightclub Years Pt.3
Track 4 - The Nightclub Years Pt.4

Here is a change of pace for Funky Frolic. Before his film career took off Woody Allen was a very funny stand up comedian and this is a collection of his performances between 1964 and 1968. There is much neurosis to be had, with Woody taking aim at his family, his ex wife and ofcourse himself. It is a credit to his skill that 40+ years on much of the material presented here is just as funny. Jokes about owning a pet ant, his attempt at moose hunting, being employed to "look Jewish", being mistaken for a Klan member and becoming a Vodka spokesman all hit the spot. There is another album called "Standup Comic" which has better sound quality and much the same material but is broken up into various bits and this hampers the flow of the performances a little.


yotte said...

I remember 'the bullet'. GENIUS!
Thanks, Mr. Craig!

Anonymous said...

thank you thank you, if you have any more like this it would be much appreciated.