Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Track 1 - Autopower
Track 2 - Heavy Industry
Track 3 - End Credit
Track 4 - Hot Seat
Track 5 - Optimism
Track 6 - Pro-motion
Track 7 - Technicolour
Track 8 - Thrust Forward
Track 9 - Drive On
Track 10 - Insistence
Track 11 - Press On 1
Track 12 - Press On 2
Track 13 - Press On Alt End
Track 14 - Proud Industries
Track 15 - Rhythm Pattern

This Bruton release from 1981 is pretty lightweight but there are enough tracks of interest to make it worthwhile. The first half of the record is by Alan Hawkshaw with some of the highlights being "Heavy Industry", "End Credit" and "Hot Seat". It's synthy and upbeat for the most part and this vibe continues into the Brian Bennett and Dave Lawson composed Side B. "Proud Industries" is a lovely track and "Rhythm Pattern" and "Press On 1" just scream early 80's. I guess you need to keep in mind that this is production music and was never meant to be more than background sound, despite this it's still better than a lot of the pop music put out during that period!


Mike said...

I've got this album, though I haven't heard it in quite some time. Bruton is usually synonymous with quality so it goes without saying that this is a recommended DL.

Anonymous said...

from memory i think Technicolour was used as a theme to the BBC Midlands Today programme for several years.

Américo said...

Optimism is the best track for me. And this Bruton album is full of gems like Technicolour. Alan Hawkshaw is the man!