Monday, May 16, 2011


Track 1 - The Way Of The Dragon (Title)
Track 2 - The Dragon Arrives In Roma
Track 3 - The Dragon's Way Of Fight
Track 4 - Sharp Shooting
Track 5 - The Way Of The Dragon
Track 6 - The Big Guy
Track 7 - The Threat
Track 8 - The Trap
Track 9 - Big Fight At The Colosseum
Track 10 - The Way Of The Dragon (Finale)
Track 11 - The Way Of The Dragon (Instrumental)
Track 12 - My Way Of Kung Fu

Joseph Koo's score for "Way Of The Dragon" is somewhat typical of your average Hong Kong film soundtrack from the same period - lots of piercing strings and rolling drums mixed in with fight sound effects and rather pointless dialogue passages. When we get the chance to just relax and enjoy the music things pick up, "The Big Guy" is very nice cinematic funk and includes a bit of electronic work, "The Way Of The Dragon (Instrumental)" is also excellent and seems to give more than a glancing nod towards American cop show theme music. It's a soundtrack that will obviously appeal more to those who have seen the film but if you haven't it might still be worth checking out as a bit of a curio.


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