Thursday, May 5, 2011


Track 1 - Devil's Anvil / Eddie Warner
Track 2 - Funky Kid / Eddie Warner
Track 3 - Brutas Drums / Eddie Warner
Track 4 - Shut Up / Eddie Warner
Track 5 - Zone Y / Eddie Warner
Track 6 - Titus / Eddie Warner
Track 7 - Knock It / Roger Morris
Track 8 - Black Power / Eddie Warner
Track 9 - Night Fight / Eddie Warner
Track 10 - Check Point Charlie / Eddie Warner
Track 11 - Electronic Track / Cecil Leuter
Track 12 - Come / Eddie Warner
Track 13 - Hard Labour / Roger Morris
Track 14 - Stop Stottering / Eddie Warner
Track 15 - Organic / Eddie Warner
Track 16 - Eccentric Trick / Eddie Warner

I'm not sure where the "Jazz" part of this compilation comes into play because it's actually full of library funk and cool electronic tracks. Eddie Warner provides most of the material and his affinity for bombastic percussion is on full show with "Brutas Drums", "Titus", "Night Fight" and "Eccentric Trick" all exhibiting crazy beats. Mixed in are deep bass lines, fuzzy guitars and a smattering of nice organs. From the non Warner tracks "Knock It" and "Hard Labour" by Roger Morris have a bit of a blaxploitation vibe and Cecil Leuter's "Electronic Track" will be of interest to those who enjoyed the "Electronic Toys" compilations. Highly recommended stuff.


Mike said...

Thanks again! Looks great.

MrDave said...

Thanks Mr. Craig -- looks like another winner!

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