Tuesday, May 17, 2011



Track 1 - Automation
Track 2 - Candences
Track 3 - Challenger
Track 4 - Contina
Track 5 - Downtown
Track 6 - Economy
Track 7 - Highway
Track 8 - In The Gutter
Track 9 - Productivity
Track 10 - Reflection
Track 11 - Rush
Track 12 - Sky
Track 13 - Squaw Valley
Track 14 - Stress
Track 15 - Traffic
Track 16 - Workmen Choir
Track 17 - Los Angeles

This exciting set of tracks by Teddy Lasry is sourced from Patchwork Library releases 24, 44 and 59 while the final song can be found on one of the La Guepe comps. I'm struggling to find a good description for the music, maybe cinematic rare groove? It's really typical of French library music in terms of not being tied down by conventions or one particular genre. There is a bit of a fusion rock vibe on "Highway", probably the funkiest number would be the organ and bass groove of "In The Gutter" and "Productivity" provides a reminder that most of this work was created between 1979 and 1981. The one thing that is constant through this collection is the attention to detail and the high level of quality. It truly is excellent. Many thanks go to the compiler and original uploader.


Tex said...

Teddy Lasry had somehow blinked past my radar, but not anymore.

I think Michael Jackson ripped off some of track 5 for the song Bad.

(a coincidence, I'm sure)

Mr. Craig said...

Ha! You're right. Well spotted Tex.