Monday, May 16, 2011


Track 1 - Interplay / David Lindup
Track 2 - The Observer / David Lindup
Track 3 - The Aggressor / David Lindup
Track 4 - The Long Safari / David Lindup
Track 5 - Soul Survivor / David Lindup
Track 6 - No Time To Hide / Johnny Pearson
Track 7 - Long Way To Go / Johnny Pearson
Track 8 - Work Force / Johnny Pearson
Track 9 - Action Point / Johnny Pearson
Track 10 - Action Assignment / Jim Lawless

This super release on the Themes Internation label has a really nice mix of jazzy funk, there are some killer drum breaks on tracks like "The Agressor" and "Work Force" but the highlight for me is the genre swapping delight of Johnny Pearson's "Long Way To Go". "Work Force" is another of Pearson's most engaging compositions with horns and bass playing the lead roles. Jim Lawless almost seems to appear on this record in order to fill the numbers but "Action Assignment" actually delivers in spades and could easily be classified as crime jazz. All in all I would recommend this record highly. I hope you enjoy.

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