Friday, May 27, 2011


Track 1 - Time Has Come
Track 2 - Yellow Soul Force
Track 3 - The Changes
Track 4 - The Bunch
Track 5 - Interlude
Track 6 - Baggy Pants
Track 7 - Don't Touch, Just Watch Me
Track 8 - D.F.T
Track 9 - Interlude 2
Track 10 - Big Pig Affair
Track 11 - Blues Of The Kilimanjaro
Track 12 - Black Dog, Black Cat, Black Bird
Track 13 - Eastwood Magic City
Track 14 - Why Am I Standing Here?

Here is a bio from Last.FM -

"From the outskirts of Tokyo, from the most unknown prefecture in the country, comes the most exciting and brightest hopes in funk ever.

The six-piece phenomenon, the nasty groove-making cats, the deep-dapping and history changing dogs call themselves the Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro. Well dressed, slick but playing some of the rawest and deepest funk that would shake anyone’s booty, and add that with furious energy of a rock and roll band, and you have these amazing gentlemen. Playing around relentlessly across clubs of all sizes in Japan, as well as rocking a packed house at Fuji Rock Festival 2008 and countless festivals around the country, they have built a reputation as one of the finest funk units kicking it today.

Signed to the prestigious P-Vine label in Japan, they’ve also had a release through the highly regarded Jazzman label, as well as a release in Australia through Instrumental Recordings. Recently, they toured the east coast of Australia, becoming crowd favorites at renowned festivals such as Woodford Folk, Peats Ridge, Sydney Festival, Mona Foma and selling out the legenday Basement.

These young groove merchants are bound to take on the world. And your soul."

Nuff said.


Anonymous said...

excellent group

thanks for your great job

the best blog from this year.



Funkyfil44 said...

miam miam ! the finest old school funk band from JAPAN ! (with OSAKA MONORAIL of course!...)
the UK finest reissue JAZZMAN RECORDS of GERALD"JAZZMAN"SHORT sell it for Europe

Hank said...

link keeps timing out. Is it just me?

Mr. Craig said...

Yeah, it's timing out for me aswell. The file has been downloaded 200+ times so I think it's just temporary but here is another link anyway...!download|801l34|413448467||74585|R~6D9106640AD3500EB6EB30C93202427E