Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Track 1 - Pulsations
Track 2 - The Dodge
Track 3 - Soft Blow
Track 4 - Zoom
Track 5 - Trackstar
Track 6 - Bumpers To Bumpers
Track 7 - Focus
Track 8 - Moon Waxing
Track 9 - Space Authority
Track 10 - Naked Light
Track 11 - Contours
Track 12 - Reving The Hell
Track 13 - Zontrell
Track 14 - Private Service
Track 15 - Toss And Turn

I love this record. There's is so much going on, the instruments used don't vary much from track to track but the mood created is different every time. "Soft Blow" is an orgasmic prog / pop / synth masterpiece that I can't get enough of, "Trackstar" has an equally memorable quality that reminds me a little of Kraftwerk and "Space Authority" is purposeful and forthright with not a note out of place. The real joy from this music comes when you think you know where a track is heading only for it to disappear off into another world altogether. Maybe I identify with this record because it was created during the early 80's when I was just becoming aware of the world around me and I think there is a certain curiosity, a  playfulness and desire for exploration in these compositions that make it the perfect soundtrack for such a period. I hope you enjoy it too.


ToonDoof said...

Mr Craig, there is so much goodness on this blog.
I dont't even know where to start. It's all goooood!

Mike said...

Thanks Mr Craig. BTW, your sentiments regarding becoming accustomed to hearing certain kinds of music while growing up are spot-on. I'd add that there's something soul-less about the BGM that we hear today. It could be argued that the BGM heard while watching TV shows and movies acts as an undercurrent for the emotional qualities of the present day which, sadly, is devoid of good melody, structure and warmth. All the great horn charts, funky vibes, (experimental) analog synth stuff and folk/jazz sounds that we used to know are long gone.

Mr. Craig said...

@ToonDoof - Thanks, that means a lot.

@Mike - Yep, I'm hearing that. I think I'm fortunate that I grew up appreciating so many different forms of music. From about the age of 13 I knew I couldn't rely on the mainstream and I would have to search out the good stuff myself. It pains me to see the zombies who only like one genre of music, it's the equivalent of eating the same meal over and over again.