Friday, May 6, 2011


Track 1 - My Hang Up Is You
Track 2 - Having You Around
Track 3 - Didn't I Do It Too You
Track 4 - All Of A Sudden
Track 5 - It's A New Day
Track 6 - I'm Your Pimp
Track 7 - I Turn My Back On Love
Track 8 - Trespassing
Track 9 - I'm Falling Out Of Love
Track 10 - Al's Razor Blade
Track 11 - Ain't That Loving You

With the plethora of soul and funk recordings put out in the early 1970's it was easy for quality albums to fall through the cracks and "Skull Snaps" is one such example. Formed from the remnants of successful vocal group The Diplomats, Skull Snaps only released one record and a couple of tracks as singles but their legacy has been wide ranging with a huge amount of hip hop acts sampling these songs. Included in that list are Das FX, GangStarr, Luke Vibert, Public Enemy, Naughty By Nature, Prodigy, Heavy D, Pharcyde, Digable Planets, DJ Shadow and...Alanis Morissette. Most of this is due to the awesome drumming of George Bragg who lets fly with some wicked breakbeats.

At it's heart this is a soul album but certainly a very funky one. "I'm Your Pimp" and "Trespassing" are probably my favourite two tracks however there isn't any filler to be found. The legendary status of Skull Snaps is deserved and I'm sure people will be enjoying this record for a long time to come.


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