Thursday, May 19, 2011


Track 1 - Jazz Graphics No.1
Track 2 - Jazz Graphics No.2
Track 3 - Jazz Graphics No.3
Track 4 - Jazz Graphics No.4
Track 5 - Jazz Graphics No.5
Track 6 - Free Jazz
Track 7 - International Espionage
Track 8 - International Excitement
Track 9 - International Incident
Track 10 - International Situation
Track 11 - International Swinger
Track 12 - International Link 1
Track 13 - International Link 2
Track 14 - International Link 3
Track 15 - International Link 4
Track 16 - International Link 5
Track 17 - International Underscore
Track 18 - International Intrigue
Track 19 - International Tension
Track 20 - International Dossier
Track 21 - International Danger
Track 22 - International Suspense
Track 23 - International Shock
Track 24 - International Stab
Track 25 - International Retreat 

A very cool KPM from 1969 by Peter Thomas, Derrick Mason and featuring one track from Bryan Daly. As the title suggests the mood is slinky and mysterious with the early songs having bass, drums, organ, sax and flute playing the main roles. "Free Jazz" by Bryan Daly is quite an epic piece in terms of library music, clocking in at 6mins 11secs. It's a fantastic number aswell. However it is the "International" series of tracks by Peter Thomas that will hold the most interest with his freewheeling, off the wall style on full display, ranging in length from 40 seconds to 1min 30secs they pack a lot of punch into such a small amount of time and are highly satisfying. There is even a little of the electronic playfulness that many of us have come to identify Thomas with. It's certainly one of the more unique KPM's and I would highly recommend giving it a listen.


Simon666 said...

Never heard this one before, love it, thanks a lot :)

DonHo57 said...

Never heard it, either, and I'm always happy to plug in the holes in my KPM collection...this is quite nice. Thanks!

CBlack said...

Consistently great offerings, FF. Many, many thanks for them all!

Mr. Craig said...

Thanks for the kind words folks.

Wileyk2012 said...

Sorry; the file's down. Couldn't hear any of it.