Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Download here

Track 1 - Ultra Violet Sox
Track 2 - Street Level
Track 3 - Stringfellows
Track 4 - Oh Boy
Track 5 - Roxy
Track 6 - FM Radio
Track 7 - Laser Rock
Track 8 - Pumping Iron 1
Track 9 - Muscle
Track 10 - Antibiotics 1
Track 11 - Antibiotics 2
Track 12 - Mowave
Track 13 - Sunshine Taste
Track 14 - Mindless
Track 15 - Hero

"BRH 15 Street Level" finds Warren Bennett, Les Hurdle, Frank Ricotti and others going all out to capture the pop sound of 1981. As the title suggests the music is designed to appeal directly to the hip "street level" crowd and the results are so incredibly fun that it's impossible to resist. In fact at least one of the tracks is a direct rip off of a hit song from that year ( "Stringfellows" is unashamedly fashioned from "Girls On Film" by Duran Duran. Sadly this song has glitches and cuts short, if anyone has a copy they can send me I'd be most thankful ). I sense it's not the only track that is influenced by a pop hit, I'm sure some of you will be able to identify elements that are familiar to you within "Muscle", "Sunshine Taste" etc.

I hadn't given this record a proper listen until yesterday and I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed it. As with others in the BRH series there is a hefty dose of retro cheese but this is the best sounding cheese I've heard in a long time. I beg you to download it and let me what you think! Thanks to the original uploader.


DonHo57 said...

Another great Bruton LP...thank you for offering it here!

Tex said...

Boy, you weren't kidding about "Stringfellows" being glitchy (starting at 28 seconds, it sounds like the original uploader's hard-drive got a bad case of the hiccups!)

And "Sunshine Taste" lifts heavily (to put it mildly) from Umberto Tozzi's "Gloria" (later made into an international smash-it by the late Laura Branigan.)

Another GREAT posting, as usual, Mr.C!

(keep those Brutons coming!)

Mr. Craig said...

Thank you friends. Your comments are always appreciated. I've still got 10 or so Brutons to post, stay tuned.

blunderspublik said...

This is awesome...I was going to ask you if you had this. I was going to bid on it on e-bay, but I never did, so I was dying of curiosity.

Warren Bennett said...

Hi Mr Craig,
I'm pretty sure I wrote the first side of this album.
In fact,I know I did.
Thanks for posting as it saves me from digging out my old vinyl!
If you'd like better copies of the tracks,I could send them to you as I have them somewhere in my cassette collection...

Happy Christmas!
Warren Bennett

Mr. Craig said...

Wow, thanks for writing Warren! I'll change the post to reflect that info. So, you were like 19 at the time this was released? That's crazy! But I guess I shouldn't be surprised considering your lineage. I'd love to have a copy of those tracks, you can contact me at

All the best for 2012, Mr.Craig.

vedji said...

the link is death please put an other one thanks

thank you so much for this music CD