Sunday, May 8, 2011


Track 1 - Soul Train / Les Hurdle
Track 2 - Flashpoint / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 3 - Flying Squad / Kenny Salmon
Track 4 - Sweeney Todd / Alan Parker
Track 5 - The Observer / David Lindup
Track 6 - Get Up And Go / Kenny Salmon
Track 7 - High Driver / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 8 - Soul Slap / Alan Parker & Madeline Bell
Track 9 - Override / Keith Roberts
Track 10 - El Zoro / Mike Moran
Track 11 - Scenechange 6a / Alan Tew
Track 12 - At Risk / David Lindup
Track 13 - Work Force / Johnny Pearson
Track 14 - The Heavies / James Clarke
Track 15 - Oddball / Alan Hawkshaw & Brian Bennett
Track 16 - Headlights / Alan Tew
Track 17 - Speed Run / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 18 - Inside Information / David Lindup
Track 19 - The Pick Up / Mike Moran
Track 20 - The Investigator / Alan Hawkshaw

"Dramatic Funk Themes Vol.1" digs into the famous Themes International music library and comes up with a bunch of tracks which sound like they've been lifted from the coolest 1970's crime film imaginable. If you enjoy action packed and drama filled library music then this is close to perfection. Themes was co-founded by Alan Hawkshaw and Alan Parker so it's no surprise to find some of their finest tracks featured on this compilation along with other tasty nuggets by David Lindup, Alan Tew, James Clarke and Johnny Pearson. Parker's "Sweeney Todd" is a standout and "Soul Slap" deserves a mention for being one of the few vocal tracks to crop up within the genre. Just like Volume 2 the song selection is spot on and there isn't a weak track to be found. I've listened to this record several times while putting this post together and my appreciation for it grows each time. It's a Grade A winner!


Mr. Craig said...

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Tex said...

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G. said...

It is awesome!! Thanks! :))


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