Tuesday, May 10, 2011



Track 1 - Crash
Track 2 - CineTerra
Track 3 - Mechanism Of Occupant Ejection
Track 4 - Mirror Image
Track 5 - Where's The Car?
Track 6 - Sexual Logic
Track 7 - Road Research Laboratory
Track 8 - Mansfield Crash
Track 9 - Chromum Bower
Track 10 - A Benevolent Psychopathology
Track 11 - Two Semi-Metallic Human Beings
Track 12 - Triton
Track 13 - Accident, Accident
Track 14 - A Crushed Convertible
Track 15 - Prophecy Is Dirty And Ragged

Here is a review from Amazon by Joseph Lanza - "Howard Shore's music for Crash is among those truly rare times when a film composer and his subject matter achieve optimum intercourse. Every electrified guitar wail and steely screech, every wistful woodwind and haunting harp, and each melancholic violin conspire to provide a soundtrack perfectly suited for, yet independent from, its movie. Shore no doubt adds a darkly romantic logic to David Cronenberg's screen adaptation of J.G Ballard's literary meditation on the eroticism of car crashes. Instead of being obvious or trendy (e.g., songs by the Crash Test Dummies), he opts for a singular combination of electronic overlapping and echo delays that are both metallic and oddly melodic. Highly Recommended."

I saw this movie back in my film school days and it had a hell of an impact on me, as did the book. The soundtrack perfectly conveys the dark and disturbing themes of the plot. There's a sadness to the music along with a sense of fear and resignation. It's pretty heavy stuff but well worth the trip.


Summo said...

I remember seeing this to. Forgot the pizza, but saw the whole thing. Awesome film, great soundtrack. Nice post Mr. Craig

dom said...

In the UK, "Crash" was the subject of a smear campaign by right wing newspaper The Daily Mail. As a result, many councils in the UK banned it. I was able to see it in my town one afternoon, though not without being given dirty looks by the woman behind the counter ( there were exploitative flyers on the cinema windows concerning the banning of the film )...there were about 5 people watching, two of whom were "dirty mac" old men types. Looking back it is utterly ridiculous that people were made to feel bad for wanting to see it.

The main theme to Crash reminds me of Riz Ortolani's superb theme for "Confessions Of A Police Captain", both themes seem to capture the melancholy mood of their films perfectly.