Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Hi folks. I have just experienced a very frustrating 24 hours where Blogger would not allow me to post anything. Thankfully Google finally came to the rescue. Sorry for the break in transmission, it was probably the first day I haven't posted since I started back in November. Just to let you know I will be on holidays for 5 days starting Thursday but I will set the blog up to automatically post in my absence. If you leave a message during that time it wont get published until late Monday / early Tuesday.

Until next time, keep it funky.


Tex said...

Enjoy your holiday!

And the Bruton was worth the wait.

(who will resist the urge to bombard the posts with replies in your absence)

Mr. Craig said...
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Mr. Craig said...

Don't resist! I'm looking forward to having a bundle of comments when I return.

Dave said...

Enjoy! Safe holidays to you and yours.