Monday, May 30, 2011


Track 1 - Jeunesse Problematique
Track 2 - Jeunesse Problematique N°2
Track 3 - Sous Marine
Track 4 - Bongos En Suspens
Track 5 - Dynamique En Beat N°1
Track 6 - Dynamique En Beat N°2
Track 7 - Contraste Rythmique
Track 8 - Percussions Speciales
Track 9 - Protestations Juveniles
Track 10 - Timbales Statiques
Track 11 - Timbales En Mouvement
Track 12 - Marasme
Track 13 - Timbales
Track 14 - Rythme En Swing N°1
Track 15 - Rythme En Swing N°2

This percussion themed album by legendary composer Piero Umiliani is worth downloading purely for the wild beats on "Dynamique En Beat N°2". However there is plenty more of interest as Piero adds his usual quirky flourishes to the mainly jazz and cinematic themed tracks. There are some truly out of control moments on "Jeunesse Problematique N°2" while "Contraste Rythmique" and "Marasme" exhibit African style rhthyms and the mysterious "Timbales Statiques" sometimes disappears completely into silence.  This record should hold equal interest for fans of library music, Piero Umiliani and experimental percussion. The track listing above is in a different order to that which appears on the rip. Thanks to the original uploader.


Holly said...

Thank you!

Tex said...

Dangnammit, Mr.C! Now I'm on a Piero Umiliani kick!

(and I LIKE IT!)