Monday, February 28, 2011


Updated compilation can be found here

Track 1 - Moon Ski
Track 2 - The Action Scene
Track 3 - Grandstand
Track 4 - Powerhouse Pop
Track 5 - Funky Fanfare
Track 6 - Funky Thing
Track 7 - Blockbuster
Track 8 - Organ Mania
Track 9 - Hot Property
Track 10 - The Contract
Track 11 - Teenage Ton Up
Track 12 - Teenage Villain
Track 13 - City Limits (A)
Track 14 - Handmade By Robots
Track 15 - Life Of Leisure

The second installment in my Legends Of Library series has the focus turning to Keith "The Man" Mansfield. All the tracks have been collected from KPM's or library music compilations except for "Grandstand" which is sourced from the BBC. Ofcourse it's impossible to go past the classics such as "Funky Fanfare' and "Organ Mania". I kept things fairly uptempo but "The Contract", "City Limits (A)" and the electronic "Handmade By Robots" show off Keith's flexibility. And what better way to end than with the dreamy delight that is "Life Of Leisure".

I hope you enjoy the mix and be sure to let me know what you think. You can find Legends Of Library: Alan Hawkshaw here.


Track 1 - Scratching Machine / Janko Nilovic
Track 2 - Bright Spark / Reg Wale
Track 3 - Bahia Bossa Nova / Bernard Lubat
Track 4 - International Fight / David Snell
Track 5 - O Sabia / Les Wanted
Track 6 - Shere Khan / Nino Nardini & Roger Roger
Track 7 - Running Fast / Stefano Torossi
Track 8 - L.S.D Party / Roland Vincent
Track 9 - Shady Blues / Peter Moore
Track 10 - Crescendo / Big Jullien & His All Stars
Track 11 - Wrong / J.M Lorgere
Track 12 - Les Copains de la Basse / Guy Pederson
Track 13 - Full Speed / Claude Bolling
Track 14 - Move Man / D. Janin & J.C Pierric
Track 15 - Chut Bebe Dort / Godchild
Track 16 - Grey Sigh / Roger Webb
Track 17 - Soul Punch / Piet Van Meren
Track 18 - Northern Light / Puccio Roelens
Track 19 - Discoteca / Remigio Ducros
Track 20 - Oddball / Alan Hawkshaw & Brian Bennett

This fantastic compilation was put together by the guy who runs the Giving Up Food For Funk blog and it's top notch work. These tracks come from Italian, French and English library composers and there is an emphasis on funky beats and sweet grooves. Good examples of this include "O Sabia", the frenetic "Running Fast", "Lupin" and the excellent "Chut Bebe Dort" by Godchild. Also included is "International Flight" which makes an appearance on "Sound Gallery Vol.2", "Shere Khan" from "Jungle Obsession" and "Grey Sigh" which has cropped up on a couple of De Wolfe comps.

It's a shame Giving Up Food For Funk hasn't been updated for so long but at least we can still enjoy this fine selection of library tunes.

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Track 1 - Highly Illogical
Track 2 - The Difference Between Us
Track 3 - Once I Smile
Track 4 - Spock Thoughts
Track 5 - By Myself
Track 6 - Follow Your Star
Track 7 - Amphibious Assualt
Track 8 - The Ballad Of Bilbo Baggins
Track 9 - Cotton Candy
Track 10 - Gentle On My Mind
Track 11 - Miranda
Track 12 - If I Were A Carpenter
Track 13 - Love Of The Common People

Here is some more Star Trek related space-age easy listening. "Two Sides Of Leonard Nimoy" seems to be in reference to the two sides of this LP. Side A is done under the guise of Mr.Spock with the songs being appropriately spacey while on Side B Leonard comes out from under the makeup to perform a selection of acid tinged country and western tracks. The main enjoyment comes from the novelty of the early tracks but I do have a soft spot for Leonard's singing voice. My top picks would be "Highly Illogical", "Spock Thoughts' and "Amphibious Assault". If you would like more Star Trek related music click here or here.


Track 1 - Earthbound / Go With Me / High Flight / The Flight Of Man / Galileo
Track 2 - Six Ways To The Moon / War Of The Worlds
Track 3 - The Movie
Track 4 - Various Short Takes

After the positive response I got to my previous Star Trek related posts I thought I'd put up some more William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy obscurities. This album is a live recording of a talk/performance Shatner gave at Hofstra University in the late 1970's. Weirdness and hilarity ensues...

Thanks to Way Out Junk for the link and information.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Track 1 - Gut
Track 2 - Reason
Track 3 - Joyride
Track 4 - Warm Side
Track 5 - Speciality
Track 6 - Spice
Track 7 - Flip Top
Track 8 - New Feeling
Track 9 - Swirl
Track 10 - Pringle
Track 11 - Blue Shade
Track 12 - 9 10 Out
Track 13 - Hometown
Track 14 - Maggie's Bossa
Track 15 - Ruby Wine
Track 16 - Cash 'N' Carry

From the opening notes of "Gut" there is no doubting that you're in for a wild library music ride! With a class act like Alan Parker at the helm, the ship is always pointing in the right direction. Some of the many highlights on this record include "Joyride" which comes off sounding like a laid back version of the classic "Funky Fanfare", "Swirl" is a tasty nugget if ever there was one, "Pringle" is 2 minutes of pure groove bliss and "Maggie's Bossa" challenges for the best of the jazzier tracks.

It's impossible to pigeon hole "9 10 Out" into any particular genre, the drumming is in line with standard British library music of the time but there are also elements of rock, pop, funk, jazz and easy listening throughout. Parker never fails to impress me and this release on the De Wolfe label reiterates his status as one of the finest composers of the period.


Track 1 - Happy Days
Track 2 - T.V Heroes
Track 3 - Star Trek
Track 4 - Theme From SWAT
Track 5 - Baretta's Theme
Track 6 - Welcome Back Kotter
Track 7 - Ape's Shuffle (From Planet Of The Apes)
Track 8 - Chico And The Man
Track 9 - Making Our Dreams Come True (Laverne And Shirley)
Track 10 - Theme From Down Under

Wonderland Records strike again with this unusual selection of t.v theme covers. Despite being primarily aimed at children the performances are rather good with the likes of "Star Trek" and "Ape's Shuffle" given an electro pop infusion. The two cop show themes are executed in a similar manner while "Happy Days" and "Making Our Dreams Come True" are fairly true to the originals. The album finishes with the excellent surf rock / go go groove of "Theme From Down Under". A record filled with funky fun for everyone.

Friday, February 25, 2011


Track 1 - Voyage
Track 2 - Solstice
Track 3 - Chain Reaction
Track 4 - Pedulum Force
Track 5 - Air Quake
Track 6 - Ocean Glide

This is the original source of the music from Bruton BRI 10 "Fantasia" put out under Brian Bennett's own name, however there are some small differences between the two records. Firstly "A New World" is not included on this album which is a bit of a shame because even though it didn't fit that well into the collection it was still a good listen. Secondly, there is a short intro track called "Voyage" included here and finally, the songs are given different names and vary in length slightly compared to the Bruton release. Apart from that the only other difference is the much cooler cover art featured on this record.


Track 1 - Fantastic Journey
Track 2 - Discovery
Track 3 - Shuttlecraft
Track 4 - Cloning
Track 5 - Tracer
Track 6 - A New World

One of Brian Bennett's finest achievements, "Fantasia" undertakes a musical exploration of air, sea and space. All the songs except "Tracer" go beyond the 6 minute mark which is fairly unusual for a Bruton or library music in general. Track 2 "Discovery" is a masterpiece in my opinion and the other performances aren't too far behind, with Bennett on percussion and the funky monk Francis Monkman on synths and keyboard you know you're in for a wild ride!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Track 1 - Jungle Obsession
Track 2 - Murmuring Leaves
Track 3 - Mowgli
Track 4 - Bagheera
Track 5 - Creeping Danger
Track 6 - Malaysia
Track 7 - Jungle Spell
Track 8 - The White Snake
Track 9 - Shere Khan
Track 10 - Tropical Call
Track 11 - Bali Girl
Track 12 - Jungle Mystery
Track 13 - Tropical

Two French library music legends tackle the exotica genre on this 1971 release and the results are enchanting. The key to the success of this record is the meeting of minds between the orchestral grooves of Nardini and the esoteric flourishes of Roger. While some of the tracks are similar in style to "The Exotic Moods Of Les Baxter" others like "Malaysia" incorporate psychedelic guitars and drums. It all comes together on the gorgeous "Mowgli" and the equally impressive "Bagheera", both of which are over way to soon. Unlike your average exotica album this has more of a South East Asia feel to it but now and again you are reminded that this is indeed a product of France. "Jungle Obsession" was re-released in 2000 on the Dare Dare label. Very highly recommended!


Track 1 - Enormous Introduction
Track 2 - Gogo
Track 3 - Nudinuff
Track 4 - Non Compis Mentis
Track 5 - Radio Bembe
Track 6 - Latin Bantu Lounge
Track 7 - Bushman
Track 8 - Frantic Activity
Track 9 - Highway
Track 10 - Artic Rainforest

The cover art isn't just for show - these funky cats hail from Helsinki, Finland! The grooves on this album are so hot I'd be surprised if they weren't contributing to global warming. The almost 10 minute long "Enormous Introduction" highlights the dedication this band has to replicating the true afro beat sound. Tracks like "Latin Bantu Lounge" have more of a jazz funk feel while "Bushman" with it's smooth wah wah groove could pass for porn music. However it is the straight up afro of "Frantic Activity" and Nudinuff" that provide the most satisfaction on this quality recording.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Track 1 - Pipeline
Track 2 - Telex
Track 3 - High Tech
Track 4 - Multiplex
Track 5 - 64K Ram
Track 6 - Machine Language
Track 7 - Disk Drive
Track 8 - Answering Machine
Track 9 - Daisy Wheel
Track 10 - Hardware

Released on the Intersound Label in 1979 by Claude Larson (real name Klaus Netzle) this is a satisfying pop synth journey with a futuristic/race to achievement type vibe. A Bruce Haack like playfulness flows through tracks like "Telex" and "Disk Drive", Meanwhile "64K Ram" sounds like a middle eastern robot disco party and "Hardware" has a slick groove going on. A couple of people on the internet have given this album poor reviews but I beg to differ. Make up your own mind.


Track 1 - Join In The Dance
Track 2 - This Makes Sense
Track 3 - Metro
Track 4 - Wedding Day
Track 5 - Hop Skip Jump
Track 6 - Helicopter
Track 7 - Chibouk
Track 8 - Kidding Kids
Track 9 - Hot Chili
Track 10 - Nitrogen
Track 11 - Plastic Boogie
Track 12 - Pink Keyboard

Cheesy pop synths abound on this nice little collection from Claude Larson. Those of you who enjoyed the Electronic Toys compilations should get a kick out of this one due to the quirky nature of the tunes. You just need to listen to "Hot Chili" to know that this album is meant to be a bit of fun and shouldn't be taken too seriously.


Track 1 - The Wild One / Shorty Rogers & His Orchestra
Track 2 - Frankie Machine / Elmer Bernstein & Orchestra
Track 3 - Statacco's Theme / Buddy Morrow & His Orchestra
Track 4 - Stool Pigeon / Irving Joseph
Track 5 - Touch Of Evil / Joseph Gershenson
Track 6 - Harold's Way / David Amram
Track 7 - Cool / Stan Kenton & His Orchestra
Track 8 - 77 Sunset Strip Cha Cha / Warren Barker
Track 9 - Daddy Long Legs / Leith Stevens & His Orchestra
Track 10 - The Street / Elmer Bernstein
Track 11 - Richard Diamond / Buddy Morrow
Track 12 - Stu Bailey Blues / Warren Barker
Track 13 - Peter Gunn / Quincey Jones
Track 14 - Echo Four-Two / Johnny Gregory & His Orchestra
Track 15 - Contract With Depravity / Kenyon Hopkins
Track 16 - Riff Blues / Skip Martin
Track 17 - M Squad Theme / Stanley Wilson
Track 18 - Naked City / Mundell Lowe & His All Stars

This crime jazz collection digs deeper than many others in the marketplace and unearths a clutch of wonderful gems. My friends at The Crime Lounge will no doubt be familiar with many of these performances but for the casual music fan much of this will be new territory. Aside from the omnipresent "Peter Gunn" there are delights to be found in "The Wild One", "Cool", "77 Sunset Strip Cha Cha" and "M Squad Theme" (parodied in the Naked Gun movies).

All the songs stay true to the crime jazz M.O with much blasting of horns and pounding of drums. There is the occasional subtle number for when the detective goes on a stakeout or hooks up with a seductive dame. It's a good late night record, maybe with a scotch in one hand and your mouse in the other? Enjoy.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Download here

Track 1 - Ocean's 12
Track 2 - Taylor Flava
Track 3 - Brooklyn
Track 4 - Old Funk
Track 5 - Vinyl Store
Track 6 - Cadillac Deville
Track 7 - Celestial Funk
Track 8 - Come On
Track 9 - Deep Funk
Track 10 - Feel The Beat
Track 11 - Funk Dealer
Track 12 - Pickpocket
Track 13 - XFunk
Track 15 - Smooth Groove
Track 17 - Sexy Beds
Track 19 - Reggae Lion

I've got no idea who performed this library music collection but they did a top notch job. Covering a range of musical styles (most of them groovy) the artists create a range of 2-3 minute long "beds". For those unfamiliar with the term it relates to music that can be used underneath t.v and radio shows or advertisements. This style lends itself to solid, simple grooves that are instantly satisfying without getting in the way of any potential dialogue that might be laid over the top.

Many of the tracks featured here have an excellent deep bass sound that would be ideal for a porn film soundtrack or a sleazy teen movie. I bought this online a while back and deleted a few tracks that didn't make the grade so you'll have to trust my judgement on that. I really like this CD...hope you do too.


Track 1 - Cramp Your Style / All The People
Track 2 - You Got To Be A Man / Helene Smith
Track 3 - I Get Lifted / George McCrae
Track 4 - Funky Cat / Little Beaver
Track 5 - 90% Of Me Is You / Gwen McCrae
Track 6 - Funkadelic Sound / Little Beaver
Track 7 - Save Me / James Knight & The Butlers
Track 8 - Do It To Me One More Time / Joey Gilmore
Track 9 - A Woman Will Do No Wrong / Helene Smith
Track 10 - Fantasy World / James Knight & The Butlers
Track 11 - Funky Me / Timmy Thomas
Track 12 - Cadillac Annie / The New Clarence Reid
Track 13 - The Spanish Flyer / Frank Williams & The Rocketeers
Track 14 - Don't Make The Good Girls Go Bad / Delia Humphrey
Track 15 - You Got To Be A Man / Frank William & The Rocketeers
Track 16 - Someone Done Took My Baby And Gone / Joey Gilmore
Track 17 - I Love The Way You Love / Little Beaver

Wow! This is a killer compilation of funky tunes that puts a lot of the competition to shame. Almost every song has something that makes it a classic, with passionate vocals, crazy drumming, pumping horns and groovy guitars all over the place. There are two versions of "You Got To Be A Man" with one by a female vocalist and the other by a male which makes for an interesting comparison. If I was forced to pick my top tracks I'd say "Don't Let The Good Girls Go Bad", "Cramp Your Style" and "90% Of Me Is You" really hit the spot. I could quite happily spend the whole day listening to this CD and not get bored. 10 out of 10 Frolics!

Monday, February 21, 2011


Track 1 - A Day To Celebrate
Track 2 - This Minute
Track 3 - Light The Sky On Fire
Track 4 - Goodnight But Not Goodbye

This a selection of musical highlights from the Star Wars Holiday Special which aired on Nov. 17, 1978 throughout Canada and the United States. The plot of the program revolves around Chewbacca and Han Solo travelling to Chewy's home planet to celebrate "Life Day". The special is notable for a couple of reasons, firstly there is a Carrie Fisher performance set to the Star Wars theme music and secondly it is the first time that Boba Fett is introduced to fans.

Apparently George Lucas was displeased with the end results of the special and it has never been officially released or re-telecast. can watch the whole thing, including the fantastic retro advertising breaks, right here -

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Track 1 - Everyone Has AIDS
Track 2 - Freedom Isn't Free
Track 3 - America Fuck Yeah
Track 4 - Derka Derk (Terrorist Theme)
Track 5 - Only A Woman
Track 6 - I'm So Ronery
Track 7 - America Fuck Yeah (Bummer Remix)
Track 8 - The End Of An Act
Track 9 - Montage
Track 10 - North Korean Melody
Track 11 - The Team America March
Track 12 - Lisa And Gary
Track 13 - F.A.G
Track 14 - Putting A Jihad On You
Track 15 - Kim Jong Il
Track 16 - Mount, Rush, More

I've been looking around for some more Barry Gray music to post but in the meantime please enjoy the pure nuttiness that is "Team America World Police". Aside from the obvious joys of novelty tunes like "America Fuck Yeah", "Everyone Has AIDS" and "Freedom Isn't Free" there are some more serious orchestral tracks composed by Harry Gregson-Williams. I would have liked to hear more of the classic dialogue included to spice things up but that is my only criticism.


Track 1 - Dark Continent
Track 2 - Glimmer Of Hope
Track 3 - Alarm
Track 4 - High Security 1
Track 5 - High Security 2
Track 6 - Top Security
Track 7 - Holocaust
Track 8 - Grey Dawns
Track 9 - Missing Track?
Track 10 - Assassin
Track 11 - Escape Route 1
Track 12 - Escape Route 2
Track 13 - Matter Of Urgency 1
Track 14 - Matter Of Urgency 2
Track 15 - Mists Of Time 1
Track 16 - Mists Of Time 2
Track 17 - Lonely
Track 18 - Depths Of Despair
Track 19 - Sympathy
Track 20 - No Tears
Track 21 - Where's The Hope? 1
Track 22 - Where's The Hope? 2
Track 23 - The Morning After 1
Track 24 - The Morning After 2

As you can probably tell this album is packed full of dramatic and mysterious cinematic themes. It's nice to hear a Bruton that has a strong orchestral feel combined with a cool concept. Strings, horns and drums play the leading role in creating the tension filled atmospheres that draw you into their web of intrigue. This album is by Brian Bennett so there is no need to worry about quality, everything is top shelf. Obviously crime music fans will be interested in this one but it should appeal to general music lovers aswell. Please note - sections of this record have crackling. Thanks to the original uploader.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Track 1 - The Syndicate
Track 2 - Shot In The Arm
Track 3 - Wishbone
Track 4 - Heavy Gravy
Track 5 - Jim's Pad
Track 6 - First Bouquet
Track 7 - Fun For Fred
Track 8 - All Systems Go
Track 9 - Carrot Top
Track 10 - Town Talk
Track 11 - Flutes Adrift
Track 12 - Take A Break
Track 13 - In A Trice
Track 14 - Midnight Menace
Track 15 - Interrogation
Track 16 - Speculation

As much as I love the style of Bruton and KPM, there is something about De Wolfe records that transcend the norm. Reg Tilsley indulges in many moods and styles throughout the course of these 16 tracks, easily dancing between dramatic, playful and contemplative. The musicians involved do an excellent job of bringing the songs alive and despite the many instruments being used the sound remains uncluttered and cohesive. It's hard to pick specific songs that stand out because the quality is fairly uniform from start to finish. It's a super library listen.


Track 1 - Flashback / Alan Hawkshaw & Keith Mansfield
Track 2 - She / Alan Hawkshaw & Keith Mansfield
Track 3 - Agressive Jazz Theme / Keith Mansfield
Track 4 - Agressive Jazz Theme Link 1 / Keith Mansfield
Track 5 - Agressive Jazz Theme Link 2 / Keith Mansfield
Track 6 - Continent Of The Americas / Keith Mansfield
Track 7 - Continent Of The Americas Link / Keith Mansfield
Track 8 - Power Montage / Keith Mansfield
Track 9 - Gold Medal Complete / Keith Mansfield
Track 10 - Gold Medal Middle Section / Keith Mansfield
Track 11 - Documentary Fanfare 1 / Don Jackson
Track 12 - Documentary Fanfare 2 / Don Jackson
Track 13 - Documentary Fanfare Without Strings / Don Jackson
Track 14 - Viva Espagnol 1 / Keith Mansfield
Track 15 - Viva Espagnol 2 / Keith Mansfield
Track 16 - Viva Mexico / Keith Mansfield
Track 17 - Crash Program / David Lindup
Track 18 - Crash Program Short Version / David Lindup
Track 19 - The Living City / Johnny Pearson
Track 20 - The Living City Short Version / Johnny Pearson
Track 21 - Pop March / Johnny Pearson
Track 22 - Junior Jet Set / Keith Mansfield
Track 23 - Junior Jet Set Link 1 / Keith Mansfield
Track 24 - Junior Jet Set Link 2 / Keith Mansfield
Track 25 - Young Set / Keith Mansfield
Track 26 - Double Act / Keith Mansfield

Another classic of the KPM 1000 series, "Flamboyant Themes" was popular enough to spawn a couple of sequels and it's easy to hear why. It's a difficult album to pin down in terms of an overall sound, maybe mod-jazz with pop flourishes? There is also a crime jazz feel to the opening few tracks.

The library A List is here with Mansfield, Pearson, Hawkshaw and Lindup all showing off their skills. There are about a dozen short cues in this collection. Out of the "full length" tracks the highlights are many and varied, "Continent Of The Americas" is an 84 second delight while "Power Montage" has a wicked drum and bass platform for it's fanfare to work off. Tracks 14-16 with their South American influence are thoroughly enticing and "Young Set" is featured here with a slightly more rock n roll version than the one that appears on "Sound Gallery" under the title of "Young Scene".

Friday, February 18, 2011


Track 1 - Hurry, Hurry / Polish Radio Orchestra
Track 2 - Cha Choo, Cha Choo / Polish Radio Orchestra
Track 3 - Watch It / The Buxton Orr Sound
Track 4 - Disco Girl / Budapest Radio Orchestra
Track 5 - My Summer Love / Robin Jones & His Quintet
Track 6 - Searching In Vain / Polish Radio Orchestra
Track 7 - Africa Revisited / Robin Jones & His Quintet
Track 8 - Velvet Slipper / The Lem Arcon Sound
Track 9 - Watch Your Steps / Polish Radio Orchestra
Track 10 - Passing Clouds / The Dick Hunter Five
Track 11 - Bandolero / Ted Nord Sound
Track 12 - Flambeau / Ted Nord Sound
Track 13 - Bej Ge Le / Polish Radio Orchestra
Track 14 - Tse Tse / Polish Radio Orchestra
Track 15 - Urubu / Robin Jones & His Quintet
Track 16 - Anxiety / Polish Radio Orchestra
Track 17 - Why Do You Say Goodbye? / Polish Radio Orchestra
Track 18 - Atlas / The Robin Jones Seven

Here's another batch of retro European easy/lounge/jazz tunes to get your feet tapping. The excellent Polish Radio Orchestra create the backbone for this compilation and the supporting acts are just as impressive. "Watch It" will be of particular interest to crime jazz fans, "Passing Clouds" has a lovely Italian soundtrack feel to it, "Urubu" is straight up exotica and the 7 minute long "Atlas" provides a fitting finale. However, it's the Poles that really shine through with tracks such as the sublime "Watch Your Steps" making a serious impact. I spent many years searching for this collection and it didn't let me down.


Track 1 - Don't Play That Game / Klaus Weiss
Track 2 - UFO Invasion / Gerhard Nardolz
Track 3 - Intercity / Fred Rabold
Track 4 - Brass Glitter / Ambros Seelos
Track 5 - Wake Up In The Morning / Edgar Schlepper
Track 6 - Sax On The Rocks / Gus Brendel
Track 7 - BL Special / Berry Lipman
Track 8 - Madison Square 1 / Eugen Illin
Track 9 - Last Time / Joe Haider
Track 10 - Watch Out 3 / Klaus Weiss
Track 11 - Exotic Drums / Berry Lipman
Track 12 - Beach Buggy / Bob Elger
Track 13 - Soul Lady / Klaus Esser
Track 14 - Easter Afternoon / Ady Zehnpfennig

Fun and fab grooves abound in this collection from the old West Germany. The general vibe of this record is jazz / go go / beach party / library funk, if that helps at all! Performers like Klauss Weiss and Berry Lipman may already be familiar to library fans and their work here is very good. The whole set has been compiled with great skill and the tempo stays at a high level throughout. I'm sure it would make a great party album for all the funky cats out there. Check it out! Please note - Track 4 is missing from this rip, sorry folks.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Track 1 - Mindbender / Barry Forgie
Track 2 - Mediterranee / Barry Forgie
Track 3 - Ballata / Barry Forgie
Track 4 - Haunted / Barry Forgie
Track 5 - Catharsis / Barry Forgie
Track 6 - Dawn Mists / Barry Forgie
Track 7 - Undercover Girl / Anthony Mawer
Track 8 - Freedom Road / Anthony Mawer
Track 9 - Afro Samba / Nino Nardini
Track 10 - Tropicala / Nino Nardini
Track 11 - Safari Park / Nino Nardini
Track 12 - Perdition / Roger Roger

From the Peer International music library comes this absolutely must have album of groove excellence. The music by Barry Forgie, Anthony Mawer, Nino Nardini and Roger Roger is outstanding and it's impact has been felt far beyond the usual library music circles. It is so sought after among collectors not only because of the names involved but the strength of each and every track. The story goes that Forgie created the first 6 tracks before the album was handed over to PIL's French composers who were asked to provide compositions sympathetic to the work already created. The results speak for themselves.


Hi folks. It's been 3 big months in the world of Funky Frolic and I would like to thank those who have given me so much support. Special thanks goes to my fellow bloggers who have linked to me and provided so much information and encouragement. I have been blown away by some of the kind comments left by you all and I hope this continues because it's that interaction which brings Funky Frolic alive.

I'm sure you already know what the future will bring - more funk and groove from around the world along with some other unusual delights. I will be posting another volume of my Legends Of Library series on the last day of this month so look out for that one.

Thanks again for dropping by and until next time, keep it funky.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Download here

Track 1 - Strident Theme
Track 2 - Strident Theme Alt End
Track 3 - Speed
Track 4 - G Force
Track 5 - Live Action
Track 6 - Daredevil
Track 7 - Stress
Track 8 - Getting Ready
Track 9 - Stargazing
Track 10 - Stargazing Alt End
Track 11 - Mystique
Track 12 - Starlight
Track 13 - Art And Science

The funky monk Francis Monkman is the brains behind this outer space themed 1978 Bruton. He combines electronic and traditional instruments to form compact cinematic soundscapes. There's more than a touch of easy listening in the later half of the album along with some groovy moments. It's quite a unique collection and thoroughly satisfying. My top picks would be "Strident Theme", "Daredevil", "Getting Ready" and "Mystique". This link is care of the Offline Vintage Library Emporium.


Track 1 - Stabilised Converters
Track 2 - Credit Card
Track 3 - Plastic Padding
Track 4 - Toyota Town
Track 5 - Romantix
Track 6 - Electro Pop
Track 7 - Teens
Track 8 - Bendenear
Track 9 - Soft Ride
Track 10 - Macrochip
Track 11 - China Motown
Track 12 - Silent Space
Track 13 - Solar Transfer

It's from the early 1980's, it's called Plastix and it's by a guy called Phil Famous. No surprises then that this collection is filled with electro synth pop with a healthy topping of cheese. Some tracks of note include "Romantix" which has some sections that sound vaguely like a certain hit song from Lady Gaga, "Electro Pop" has been used for many years to sell rice crackers on Australian t.v, "China Motown" is a real delight and the final two space themed songs invoke Brian Bennett. "Plastix" exceeded my listening expectations and has become a valued member of my Bruton collection...give it a go for yourself.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Track 1 - James Bond Theme / Goldfinger
Track 2 - Secret Agent Man
Track 3 - Penetration
Track 4 - Town W/O Pity
Track 5 - Neptune
Track 6 - Dick Tracy
Track 7 - Persuasion
Track 8 - Reid's Situation
Track 9 - Mother's Worry
Track 10 - Batman Theme
Track 11 - Experiment In Terror
Track 12 - Man From U.N.C.L.E
Track 13 - Telstar

Spy Fi formed almost 15 years ago with the intention of adding their own dynamic stylings to the world of spy movie/tv themes. The set featured here covers some of the classics (James Bond, Man From U.N.C.L.E) aswell as more obscure material. Plus the Batman theme.

If you put Dick Dale, James Bond, a western soundtrack and a few martinis in a blender you might come up with the Spy Fi formula. It's a smooth listen with a good pulse, one that rises during their more rock n roll inspired tracks. You can sense the enjoyment the band is having creating these cover songs and you would have to be made of stone not to tap your feet along to the beat.


Track 1 - Slingshot
Track 2 - Zombo Shuffle
Track 3 - Dragnet / 007
Track 4 - Shot In The Dark
Track 5 - Get Smart
Track 6 - Stampede
Track 7 - Beach Police
Track 8 - Zambezi
Track 9 - Pipeline
Track 10 - Munsters / Hawaii 5-O
Track 11 - Mission Impossible
Track 12 - Lullaby Of Walk Don't Gunn

More cool interpretations of spy themes care of the group Spy Fi. The sound they create involves mixing large doses of surf rock with 50's swing music which takes these famous compositions into a whole different realm. Highlights on this disk include "Zombo Shuffle", the jazzy "Shot In The Dark" and the mash up of "Munsters / Hawaii 5-O". Of course, what would a spy collection be without 007 or M.I popping up along the way? Not sure about the spy connection but "Pipeline" is also a welcome addition to this set. Volume 1 will be posted later today.


Track 1 - The Girl From Ipanema
Track 2 - Everything Is Beautiful
Track 3 - (They Long To Be) Close To You
Track 4 - Mariella
Track 5 - On A Clear Day You Can See Forever
Track 6 - Spinning Wheel
Track 7 - Fly Me To The Moon
Track 8 - My Cherie Amour
Track 9 - Strangers In The Night
Track 10 - The Odd Couple
Track 11 - Girl Talk
Track 12 - Somebody Cares About Me

While "The Illustrated London Noise" is a good album to get the party swinging, this effort by Alan Hawkshaw is for when things are winding down and you've had a little too much to drink. Or at least that's how it feels on the first half of this covers collection. However things take a turn for the groovier when the wonderful version of "Spinning Wheel" kicks in. The philicorda is hardly my favourite instrument but it suits "The Odd Couple" and "The Girl From Ipanema" perfectly and the versions presented here are delightful. Hawkshaw shows his skill and flair as always which makes this an attractive album for the lounge/easy crowd.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Track 1 - Love And Occasional Rain
Track 2 - I Heard It Through The Grapevine
Track 3 - Chameleon
Track 4 - Just Lookin'
Track 5 - Rocky Raccoon
Track 6 - Ticket To Ride
Track 7 - Witchita Lineman
Track 8 - General Mojo's Well Laid Plan
Track 9 - In The Heat Of The Night
Track 10 - Soul Mission
Track 11 - Take Me In Your Arms And Love Me
Track 12 - Air

This is Brian Bennett circa 1969 doing some non library music related work and the results are very nice. The general mood is lounge/easy with a bit of go go groove thrown in for good measure, highlights include the flute and organ infused "I Heard It Through The Grapevine", the fab "Ticket To Ride" and the rollicking "Soul Mission". I would hazard a guess that the excellent organ playing is care of his pal Alan Hawkshaw. There is some very nice drumming and strings included on many of the tracks and the whole collection maintains a high level of quality throughout. A very rewarding listen.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Track 1 - Intro
Track 2 - Snap Crackle Pop
Track 3 - I'm A Chiquita Banana
Track 4 - Choo Choo Charlie
Track 5 - If You Like Fluff Fluff Fluff
Track 6 - Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut
Track 7 - There's Nothing Like The Face
Track 8 - Do You Know Exactly How
Track 9 - Candy Coated Popcorn, Peanuts & A Prize
Track 10 - I'd Like To Buy The World A Coke
Track 11 - It's The Real Thing
Track 12 - Things Go Better With Coke
Track 13 - Come Alive
Track 14 - Be A Pepper
Track 15 - The San Francisco Treat
Track 16 - The Dogs Kids Love To Bite
Track 17 - Fruit Juicy
Track 18 - I Love Bosco
Track 19 - N-E-S-T-L-E-S
Track 20 - It's Slinky
Track 21 - Meet The Swinger
Track 22 - Oh Fab, I'm Glad
Track 23 - Stronger Than Dirt
Track 24 - Mr.Clean, Mr.Clean
Track 25 - Use Ajax, The Foaming Cleanser
Track 26 - My Dog's Better Than Your Dog
Track 27 - Meow Meow Meow Meow
Track 28 - In The Middle, In The Middle, In The Middle
Track 29 - Don't Touch That Dial
Track 30 - When You Said Bud
Track 31 - Here's To Good Friends
Track 32 - If You've Got The Time
Track 33 - Schaefer Is The One Beer To
Track 34 - When You're Out Of Schlitz
Track 35 - A Completely Unique Treat
Track 36 - My Beer Is Reingold, The Dry Beer
Track 37 - Add A Ring
Track 38 - Hey Get Your Cold Beer
Track 39 - To A Smoker It's Kent
Track 40 - Winston Tastes Good
Track 41 - You Can Take Salem Out Of The Country
Track 42 - The Maboro Song
Track 43 - Like Father Like Son
Track 44 - See The U.S.A In Your Chevrolet
Track 45 - Texaco Star Theme
Track 46 - Pick One Up And Smoke It Sometime
Track 47 - Hey Big Spender
Track 48 - A Little Dab'll Do Ya
Track 49 - Dippity-Do, Dippity-Do
Track 50 - The Stripper (Take It Off)
Track 51 - How're You Fixed For Blades
Track 52 - Look Sharp March
Track 53 - The Mariner
Track 54 - Chock Full O Nuts Is That Heavenly Coffee
Track 55 - Nobody Doesn't Like Sara Lee
Track 56 - Plop Plop Fizz Fizz
Track 57 - The Shape Your Stomach's In
Track 58 - Closing

This is a wonderful and insanely fun collection of American commercials from the 1950's and 60's. The products being spruiked include cereal, cola, beer, cigarettes, candy, coffee and hot dogs. Some of the adverts have left an indelible mark on pop culture. For instance "The Dog's Kids Love To Bite" will be familiar to any Simpsons fan, "I'd Like To Buy The Whole World A Coke" was parodied on the Deep Throat Soundtrack and "I'm A Chiquita Banana" is known the world over.

Retro advertising music will always have strong appeal because it provides a window into times gone by, both socially and musically. This collection in particular demonstrates the optimism of the post war United States and the way it's identity was formed through consumerism.


Updated Link -

Track 1 - Stereau Warmup
Track 2 - Snackcercise
Track 3 - Lift The One You Love
Track 4 - Exercise Your Rights
Track 5 - Dream Dancin'
Track 6 - La Vie Aerobique
Track 7 - Sit Down
Track 8 - Breath Easy
Track 9 - A Little Chin Music
Track 10 - Hairobiques Made Easy
Track 11 - Au Revoir

I've said it before and I'll say it again - you just don't find wonderful junk like this any more. Not only is it gobsmacking that this album was conceived, funded and produced but it also proved to be highly popular! I mean, it's an angry, overweight puppet pig taking the piss out of the 80's aerobics craze. It really is a credit to the unbelievable popularity of the Muppets that they spawned countless films and albums over the course of so many years. While I wouldn't recommend this as a weight loss tool, it will exercise your funny bone!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Track 1 - Turbo
Track 2 - Better Ways
Track 3 - Autocue
Track 4 - Light Industrial Motion
Track 5 - Communique
Track 6 - Electro Montage 1
Track 7 - Electro Montage 2
Track 8 - Up Market
Track 9 - Full Circle
Track 10 - Soft Shades
Track 11 - Tradition
Track 12 - Perfection 1
Track 13 - Perfection 2
Track 14 - Narrative
Track 15 - Satellite
Track 16 - Future Promise
Track 17 - Clean Machine
Track 18 - Preview

Maybe it's unfair to say that the music industry was treading water in the early 80's but this release makes me think about the artists during that period and how they were looking to reinvent themselves post disco. Part of the problem was that there were new electronic instruments available for use and they tended to be favoured ahead of actual musicians. As a library label, Bruton had a responsibility to harness the prevailing trends and styles to create commercially viable production music and the results can be heard on BRI 11.

The Bastow brothers produced this album and they prove to be a good tag team with Trevor ("Better Ways", "Soft Shades", "Preview") and Geoff ("Communique", "Electro Montage 1", "Full Circle") both creating solid compositions. I would loosely describe BRI 11 as being electro pop with some touches of easy listening and funk. Those of you who are familiar with Bruton's of the same vintage should have a fair idea what to expect with this one.


Track 1 - Special Assignment / Dick Hyman
Track 2 - Go For Broke / Steve Gray
Track 3 - One More Time / Dick Walter
Track 4 - Downtown Skyline / Vic Flick
Track 5 - Flute Loop / Dick Hyman
Track 6 - Fat Man / Dick Walter
Track 7 - Dateline Today / Dick Walter
Track 8 - Centre Spread / Dick Walter
Track 9 - Time Out / Dick Walter
Track 10 - Run For Cover / Dick Walter
Track 11 - Soul Searching / Steve Grey
Track 12 - March On The Run / Syd Dale

Much like KPM's, the plain cover on "Special Assignment" hides the fact that there is exceptional music hidden inside. This 1975 release from Syd Dale's Amphonic label is filled to the brim with grooves that many library music fans would sell their mother for. Each track has been crafted with great skill and attention to detail by well known artists such as Dick Hyman, Steve Grey and Super Syd himself. The appeal of this record goes far beyond library fans though. Funk, easy listening and beat enthusiasts will be just as pleased by what they hear. If I had a rating system I would give it 10 out of 10 Frolics!

Friday, February 11, 2011


Track 1 - Theme From Star Wars
Track 2 - Rocket Man
Track 3 - Theme From The Six Million Dollar Man
Track 4 - Beyond The Outer Limits
Track 5 - Starlight
Track 6 - Theme From Star Trek
Track 7 - Theme from 2001
Track 8 - Space Race
Track 9 - Theme From The Bionic Woman
Track 10 - Theme From Superman

Who would have thought that a bunch of movie and t.v themes produced for a children's record could be so insanely funky! It's so good that I had no hesitation in giving it the "Rare Groove" label because most of these tracks have the qualities that groove junkies go crazy over. "Theme From Six Million Dollar Man", "Beyond The Outer Limits", "Theme From 2001" and "Space Race" are all fantastic. In fact the only song that doesn't hit the spot is "Rocket Man". A real treat of an album that will have you coming back for more again and again.


Download here

Track 1 - United Artists, Century 21
Track 2 - Main Title
Track 3 - The Zero X
Track 4 - Accidental Sabotage
Track 5 - Escape Pod Splashdown
Track 6 - One Vote Against
Track 7 - Tracy Island, Rules Were Made To Be Broken
Track 8 - Thunderbirds Are Go!
Track 9 - Teatime
Track 10 - International Rescue At Glenn Field
Track 11 - Press Conference, Second Attempt
Track 12 - Two Faces, In Pursuit Of The Hood
Track 13 - What A Magnificent Sight
Track 14 - Leaving Earth's Atmosphere
Track 15 - Alan's Dream
Track 16 - Lady Penelope
Track 17 - Shooting Star
Track 18 - The Thunderbirds Theme
Track 19 - Falling Back To Earth
Track 20 - By The Pool
Track 21 - Martian Mystery
Track 22 - Astronauts In Trouble
Track 23 - FAB 1 Below
Track 24 - A Dream Come True
Track 25 - To Alan
Track 26 - End Titles
Track 27 - Joie De Vivre
Track 28 - That Dangerous Game
Track 29 - Jeremiah
Track 30 - San Marino
Track 31 - Tracy Island
Track 32 - Alternate End Titles
Track 33 - The Zero X Theme
Track 34 - Alan's Dream
Track 35 - Swinging Star

Orchestral, exotica, easy listening...these are genres you might not expect to hear on the soundtrack to a children's program but Thunderbirds was a special beast. There are lots of lovely short cues included on this collection but it is tracks such as "Lady Penelope", "Shooting Star", the swinging "That Dangerous Game" and the Les Baxter/Lawrence Of Arabia flavoured "The Zero X" that transcend the norm. This is an album for serious soundtrack, easy listening and Thunderbirds fanatics alike. Highly recommended.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Track 1 - Catching Game / Cecil Canterburn
Track 2 - Round Up / Rex Brown Company & Berry Lipman
Track 3 - The Diy Machine (A) / Dave Vorhaus
Track 4 - Movin' Along / Dave Richmond
Track 5 - Amblin Antics / Ron Geesin
Track 6 - Highway E1 / Claude Larson & His Computer Controlled Oscillators
Track 7 - Technischer Bewegungsablauf / Gerhard Trede
Track 8 - Keystone Capers 2 / Eric Peters
Track 9 - Children's Carnival / Ted Atking & Alain Feanch
Track 10 - Mainframe Blues / Dave Vorhaus
Track 11 - Gefahrenzone 1 / Gerhard Trede
Track 12 - Bits / Roland Hovac
Track 13 - Three D (A) / Dave Vorhaus
Track 14 - Mechanical Movement / Eric Peters
Track 15 - Menuett / Heinz Funk
Track 16 - Ergon / Brian Bennett
Track 17 - The Sausage Machine / Steve Gray
Track 18 - Zoolife / Mladen Franko
Track 19 - Jolly Pranks / Ron Geesin

Aside from the obvious appeal of the cover art, this is a very strong collection of quirky/funny/weird synthesizer music from some of the biggest names in library music. Tracks like "Round Up", "Movin' Along", "Ergon" and "Three D (A)" are pure pop synth bliss. "Technischer Bewegungsablauf" is perfect for turning up way too loud on your stereo. while "Keystone Capers (2)", "Children's Carnival" and "Jolly Pranks" are playful little gems that beg to be listened to again and again. 15 years on from it's original release this compilation still has massive appeal and rightly so.

For those who are interested, the pictures included in both Volumes 1 and 2 are by Bunny Yeager who photographed more beautiful ladies than I've had hot dinners. Below is a shot of Bunny and some more of her work. Enjoy.


Track 1 - Saturn Ski Jump / Harry Beuer
Track 2 - Yakety Moog / Gil Trythall
Track 3 - Son Of Blob / Mort Garson
Track 4 - Earthshine / Jim Cuomo
Track 5 - Moog Foo Yong / Harry Breuer
Track 6 - A Child's Life / Fred Weinberg
Track 7 - Party Machine / Bruce Haack
Track 8 - Paris 2079 / Harry Breuer
Track 9 - Love Syndrome / The Mindexpanders
Track 10 - Sonik Re-Entry / Kid Baltan & Tom Dissevelt
Track 11 - The Ride Of Aida / Mort Garson
Track 12 - Circuit Breaker / Walter Sear
Track 13 - Martha White Theme / Gil Trythall
Track 14 - Space Express / Harry Breuer
Track 15 - Song Of The Second Moon / Kid Baltan & Tom Dissevelt
Track 16 - 1958 Revisited / Fred Weinberg

A good description of this record would be that it's like the soundtrack to a carnival hosted on the moon. And just like the carnival there is much fun to be had. "Yakety Moog" is a version of the music made famous on the "Benny Hill Show" (I also used a similar version in a short film I made many years ago), "Moog Foo Yong" takes the famous instrument on a trip to Hong Kong and "Party Machine" is 8 minutes of pure insanity by Bruce Haack that comes off sounding like a disco infused version of Kraftwerk.

Some of the tracks have a feeling of familiarity, for instance I'm positive the beginning of "Sonik Re-Entry" has been sampled by someone but I can't put my finger on it. Much like "Electronic Toys Vol.1" the overall vibe of the record is strictly adhered to, you could almost believe all these songs came from the same artist.

Please note - sadly the only rip I have is missing the last 2 tracks, if you should happened to find a complete copy (trust me I've already looked hard!) then please leave a message and I'll swap the links over.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Track 1 - Main Theme
Track 2 - Sydney's Theme
Track 3 - Opening Theme
Track 4 - Main Theme Version 2
Track 5 - At The Beach
Track 6 - Symphony For Jones
Track 7 - Drama
Track 8 - Mafia Theme
Track 9 - Love Theme
Track 10 - Battle Theme
Track 11 - Dragon Style
Track 12 - Sexy
Track 13 - Mr.Jones
Track 14 - Excerpts
Track 15 - Super Slick

Coming at you with a classic today, the one and only Black Belt Jones Soundtrack. The theme music is known the world over for it's outrageous funkiness but the rest of the tracks hold their own too. There is ample use of dialogue and sound effects incorporated into the music resulting in a full-on listening experience that places this album in the upper wrungs of the blaxploitation genre. My favourite line of dialogue..."I'm gonna slap the black off you!".


Download here

Track 1 - Humming Bird 1
Track 2 - Humming Bird 2
Track 3 - Saturday Off
Track 4 - Girl In Camera
Track 5 - Pretty Girl
Track 6 - The Original Choggle Choggle
Track 7 - Twinkle
Track 8 - Smooth Remedy
Track 9 - First Child
Track 10 - Pretty Colours
Track 11 - Routine Procedure
Track 12 - Holiday Commercial
Track 13 - Happy Girl
Track 14 - Light Relief
Track 15 - Happy Holiday
Track 16 - Love Life
Track 17 - Kid's Stuff
Track 18 - Soft Starter
Track 19 - Through Misty Eyes

"Sweet Groove" contains a bundle of pop/lounge/easy tunes that really hit the spot. At times this record sounds similar to the work released on the Sound Gallery Vol.2 compilation while elsewhere there is a Beach Boys vibe on tracks such as "Happy Holiday", "Twinkle" and "Happy Girl". Flutes, organ and light guitar feature heavily along with some pleasing horns and drumming. Johnny Pearson teamed up with Keith Mansfield for this album so you know you're in good hands. Sweet grooves all the way.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Track 1 - Every Nigger Is A Star
Track 2 - You Just Got Be In Love
Track 3 - Rough & Tough In The Ghetto
Track 4 - Ghetto Funk
Track 5 - Home Again
Track 6 - Funky Nigger
Track 7 - Deadly Sting
Track 8 - Rats In The Ghetto
Track 9 - Every Nigger Is A Star (Reprise)
Track 10 - Negril

This is the soundtrack to the 1973 bomb of a film "Every Nigger Is A Star" performed by West Indian born Boris Gardiner. Thankfully the soundtrack hasn't disappeared into complete obscurity like the film. This isn't because of the jaw dropping nature of the title but because it's damn funky!

The first few tracks are straight up soul which is then followed by the glorious organ grooves of "Ghetto Funk" and the equally cool "Funky Nigger". Not surprisingly there is a Jamaican reggae feel to some of the music and the soundtrack finishes on a sweet note with "Negril".

Boris went on to record a UK Number 1 single in 1986 with "I Want To Wake Up With You".


Download here

Track 1 - The Action Scene
Track 2 - The Brisk Scene
Track 3 - The Passing Scene 1
Track 4 - The Passing Scene 2
Track 5 - The Feminine Scene
Track 6 - The Busy Scene
Track 7 - The Tense Scene
Track 8 - The Suspense Scene
Track 9 - The Expectant Scene
Track 10 - The Waiting Scene
Track 11 - Scene Link 1
Track 12 - Scene Link 2
Track 13 - Scene Link 3
Track 14 - Scene Link 4
Track 15 - Scene Link 5
Track 16 - Scene Link 6
Track 17 - Scene Link 7
Track 18 - Scene Link 8
Track 19 - Scene Link 9
Track 20 - Funky Fanfare (Small Group)
Track 21 - Funky Chase
Track 22 - Funky Flight
Track 23 - Funky Link 1
Track 24 - Funky Link 2
Track 25 - Teenage Villain
Track 26 - Teenage Chase
Track 27 - Teenage Suspense
Track 28 - Teenage Narrative
Track 29 - Teenage Seadiver
Track 30 - Teenage Link 1
Track 31- Teenage Link 2
Track 32 - Teenage Link 3

KPM 1043 starts off with 10 super short (but highly rewarding) theme based tracks produced by Keith Mansfield and Alan Hawkshaw. Things really get wild when Keith takes full control from the classic "Funky Fanfare" onwards. "Teenage Villain" and "Teenage Chase" are both absolute rippers and "Funky Chase" is very interesting. It is no surprise that this is a highly sought after KPM. Many thanks to retronic at Retro-Teque for providing this download.

Monday, February 7, 2011


Track 1 - Theme from CHiPs
Track 2 - "Maquina" My Love
Track 3 - I Love You CHiPs
Track 4 - California Sunset
Track 5 - Route 101
Track 6 - Ventura Feeling
Track 7 - Power Chase
Track 8 - Moonlight Freeway

Japanese disco funk soundtrack for a U.S cop show? Sign me up please! From what I understand Yuji only performs a couple of tracks on this album, the rest are by Alan Silvestri and come from the 1981 season of the show. Along with the disco funk there are elements of jazz and easy listening, it's all good fun and the obscurity of the record adds to the experience. My top pick would be "I Love You CHiPs".


Track 1 - Sonia's Sex Diary
Track 2 - Come With Me
Track 3 - Rosie And Nobie
Track 4 - Folky Fenella From Dorset
Track 5 - Irish Anabel
Track 6 - Babs
Track 7 - Tantalising Tina
Track 8 - I'm Juicy Lucy

Hmmmm, well. This is a collection of flexi disks which were released with British porn magazines in the 70's and early 80's. They contain 5 minute long monologues from a group of sexy ladies recounting various sexy adventures, with very sexy results. It's all meant to be a good bit of filthy fun and it succeeds on that count. Having been taken out of their original context these "pieces" prove to be rather comedic but the faint hearted will still be shocked and appalled. This release comes courtesy of the dirty boys at Trunk Records.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Track 1 - Motordown
Track 2 - Motordown Fast
Track 3 - Tearaway
Track 4 - Tearaway Intro
Track 5 - Face Of Danger
Track 6 - Face Of Great Danger
Track 7 - Knife Fight
Track 8 - Cold Sweat
Track 9 - Deadly Enemy
Track 10 - Strange Stillness
Track 11 - First Light
Track 12 - Questions
Track 13 - Things To Come
Track 14 - Preparation
Track 15 - Building Intensity
Track 16 - Underwater Beauty 1
Track 17 - Underwater Beauty 2
Track 18 - Underwater Danger
Track 19 - Flashing Teeth
Track 20 - Killer

Bruton BRJ 04 consists of "Suite Of The Hurricane" and "Suite Of The Shark". The music is understandably full of dramatic funk and swirling strings which attempt to create a mood of anxiety and fear in the listener. It is one of the more soundtrack orientated Bruton's I have heard with the obvious comparison being with the movie Jaws. In reality though the second half of the album is quite contemplative and it's not until the last two tracks that the vibe becomes overtly threatening. The standout songs include "Motordown", "Tearaway". "Face Of Danger" and "Questions". This Bruton is by John Scott and Andrew Jackman.