Friday, December 31, 2010


Track 1 - Alex
Track 2 - Love Theme
Track 3 - Mato Grosso
Track 4 - Piccadilly Circus
Track 5 - Hyde Park
Track 6 - Regent Street
Track 7 - Soho
Track 8 - Trafalgar Square
Track 9 - Lua Linda
Track 10 - Gare Siloette
Track 11 - Siloette
Track 12 - Jokey
Track 13 - Piramidi
Track 14 - To Pedal

I Marc 4 were an Italian combo who specialized in music for soundtracks and television, while individual members performed as session players for various projects. The "Marc" in the group's title comes from the first letter of each band members name -

Maurizio Majorana
Antonello Vannucchi
Roberto Podio and
Carlo Pes

This is their first recording under their own name and it is a typical Italian library music style affair with super groovy keyboards and flute playing the most dominant role. I just discovered today that the band actually performed the music for Piero Umiliani's smash hit "Mah Na Mah Na". If you are a fan of the Irma La Douce label this album will be right up you alley.


   Klassic KPM's!!!

Track 1 - Exclusive Blend
Track 2 - Studio 69
Track 3 - Work Out
Track 4 - Rocky Mountain Runabout
Track 5 - Beat Me Til I'm Blue
Track 6 - Roving Reporter
Track 7 - Senior Thump
Track 8 - Tap Footer
Track 9 - Teenage Travelogue
Track 10 - Teenage Ton Up
Track 11 - Delivery Date
Track 12 - A Touch Of Nonsense
Track 13 - Man On The Move
Track 14 - Mexican D.J
Track 15 - Debsville
Track 16 - Red Square Stomp

The Big Beat Vol.1 features some of the best music ever produced by Alan Hawkshaw. His trademark drum and organ heavy tracks are in full swing such as on the compilation favourite "Senior Thump", "Studio 69" is also included here (it appears on The Sound Gallery comp as "Blarney's Stoned") and "Beat Me Til I'm Blue" pops up on one of the Exclusive Blend CD's under a different name. Hawkshaw's relentless groove attack is tempered by the inclusion of Keith Mansfield on this album who provides some slightly more refined jazz tinged pieces, the best of which is probably the laid back "Teenage Travelogue". All in all, this is an outstanding collection which demands repeated listens.


Track 1 - Quest
Track 2 - Quest (Fast)
Track 3 - Computermatic
Track 4 - Frontier To Knowledge
Track 5 - The Pattern Emerges
Track 6 - Freeze Frame
Track 7 - Plodding Power
Track 8 - Busy Microbes
Track 9 - Liquid Energy
Track 10 - Liquid Energy (Bubbling Energy)
Track 11 - No Man's Land
Track 12 - Depression
Track 13 - Nightwalker
Track 14 - Electrostrings
Track 15 - Electrobuild
Track 16 - Celestial Cantabile
Track 17 - Effervescence
Track 18 - The Wizards Laboratory
Track 19 - Shock Chords

For all those who thought library music was the sole domain of men, here is an exceptional KPM release composed by Delia Derbyshire along with  Brian Hodgson and Australian born Don Harper. This recording from 1972 contains 19 sparse, hypnotic electronic compositions which mostly come in under the 2 minute mark. Delia did a great deal of work for the BBC in the 60's and early 70's and is most well known for producing the original theme music for Dr.Who. She achieved plenty over the course of a 40 year musical career which was cut short by her death in 2001, aged 64. This album was re-released in 2006 by Glo Spot Records with a limited edition run of l000 copies.

KPM 1168 - DRAMA

Track 1 - Interpol
Track 2 - Interpol Link 1
Track 3 - Interpol Link 2
Track 4 - Interpol Link 3
Track 5 - Foot Down
Track 6 - Police Car
Track 7 - Transit
Track 8 - Unknowning Surveillance
Track 9 - Funky Pusher
Track 10 - Line Of Enquiry
Track 11 - The Heist
Track 12 - The Robbery
Track 13 - A Little Flight Music
Track 14 - Malice
Track 15 - Havoc
Track 16 - Maniac
Track 17 - Suspense Is Killing Me
Track 18 - Suspect
Track 19 - The Open Door
Track 20 - Tense Dialogue
Track 21 - Warm Dialogue
Track 22 - The Intruder

To be honest I didn't get around to listening to "Drama" until the other day, but when I did I was blown away! Pulsating crime funk and jazz abound with plenty of wah wah and funky drumming. "Transit" and "Malice" are practically templates for future hip hop beats, "The Open Door" and "Robbery" create a soundtrack for a life of crime and "Havoc" does indeed cause havoc. There are some less frenetic tracks but these are just as compelling, overall it is a wild journey covering many moods and grooves. The performers are an all star cast including Alan Hawkshaw, Clive Hicks, Brian Bennett, Duncan Lamont, Dave Richmond  ( the excellent "Police Car"), Wally Asp and Steve Gray.

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Track 1 - Betty's Theme
Track 2 - Never Ending Melody
Track 3 - Grasshopper
Track 4 - Shanty Blues
Track 5 - Weedhopper
Track 6 - Razor J
Track 7 - Snake
Track 8 - Kungfusion
Track 9 - Incense Of Essence

You might look at the cover art and expect this to be a serious funk explosion but in fact this kung fu / action soundtrack is filled with frenetic, organ heavy jazz and soul. You wont find too many soundtracks that are this relentless, even the final track starts off slowly but soon enough the flute and keyboards take over and send you off on another heavy, smoky freakout. I've never seen the movie but it has a rating of 1.9/10 at IMDB so I don't think it is a particularly loved motion picture, but at least we got an excellent collection of music as a byproduct.


Bruton Bonanza!!!

Track 1 - Power Boats
Track 2 - Power Boats Link
Track 3 - Burn Up
Track 4 - City Phobia
Track 5 - Indianapolis 1
Track 6 - Indianapolis 2
Track 7 - Thrill
Track 8 - Making The Action
Track 9 - Rough Ride
Track 10 - Speed Fever
Track 11 - Hot Shot 1
Track 12 - Hot Shot 2
Track 13 - Freeze Frame 1
Track 14 - Freeze Frame 2
Track 15 - Holiday For Synths
Track 16 - Hell For Leather

BRK 03 packs in a load of different musically styles over the course of the record. There are elements of funk, disco, synth rock and easy listening, sometimes all in the same track! This release from 1978 showcases the skills of  Keith Mansfield and Alan Hawkshaw amongst others and I believe I recognise the song Indianapolis 2 from the Music For Dancefloors: Cream Of Chappell compilation. A sweet collection and a very rewarding wrapped in a small download.


Download here

Track 1 - Mean Machine
Track 2 - Bareback Rider
Track 3 - Wall Of Death
Track 4 - Grand Slalom
Track 5 - Professionals 1
Track 6 - Professionals 1 Alt End
Track 7 - Professionals 2
Track 8 - Professionals 2 Alt End
Track 9 - Breakout
Track 10 - Breakout Alt End
Track 11 - Breakout Alt End 2
Track 12 - Breakout Alt End 3
Track 13 - Hit And Run
Track 14 - Hit And Run Alt End
Track 15 - Moving In 1
Track 16 - Moving In 2
Track 17 - Moving In Alt End
Track 18 - Emergency Stab 1
Track 19 - Emergency Stab 2
Track 20 - Repetition
Track 21 - Repetition Alt End
Track 22 - Repetition 2
Track 23 - Battle Of The Giants
Track 24 - Suspicious 1
Track 25 - Suspicious 2
Track 26 - Suspicious 2 Alt End

Intense and dramatic are the key words for BRK 07. Pulsating beats and menacing horns abound with an underlying current of funkiness running through the whole release. The titles should give you an idea of what to expect - "Wall Of Death", "Breakout" and "Battle Of The Giants" all entice the listener into their web of intrigue and mystery, while "Hit And Run" slowly builds into a crime funk explosion. Many of the tracks are reprised throughout in the form of short cues and fanfares. The performers here are John Cameron and Louis Clark. Cool stuff.


Download here

Track 1 - Racing Ahead
Track 2 - High Tension
Track 3 - Link Up
Track 4 - Rough Road
Track 5 - Flash Graphics
Track 6 - Trial Run
Track 7 - Wondercar
Track 8 - Highlights
Track 9 - Highlights Fanfare 1
Track 10 - Highlights Fanfare 2
Track 11 - Highlights Fanfare 3
Track 12 - Highlights Fanfare 4
Track 13 - Danger Sign
Track 14 - Panic
Track 15 - Night Moves
Track 16 - Pursuit
Track 17 - Age Of The Train
Track 18 - Man On The Run
Track 19 - To The Death
Track 20 - To The Death Link
Track 21 - Running Man
Track 22 - Border Patrol

This is a bit of a hard one to times the music is fast paced and action orientated while other parts are slinky and smooth. It was released in 1984 so as you would expect there is plenty of synth and 80's style drum beats. Zack Lawrence composed the first 12 tracks after which James Clarke, John Cameron and J.Scott take over. By far and away my favourite piece on this album is the timeless "Rough Road".

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Track 1 - Gluckskugel (Title)
Track 2 - Gluckskugel (The Race)
Track 3 - Oederlin
Track 4 - Les Electroniciens
Track 5 - Soft Art Theme
Track 6 - Lilith (Singing In The Dark)
Track 7 - Lilith (The Dance)
Track 8 - Lilith (On The Way)
Track 9 - Drillin'
Track 10 - Wer Gwunnt (Who Wins?)

A truly mesmerising collection of electronic innovation, experimentation and inspiration from Swiss born Bruno Spoerri. Starting off as a jazz musician, he went on to compose music for television and other commercial ventures before experimenting with synthesisers and electronics around 1968. This selection of music combines synthesisers with industrial noises, manipulated female vocals and traditional instruments to create a sort of jazz fusion insanity like nothing I've heard before. Hopefully in the future people will look back on this type of groundbreaking work with the same reverence that classical music is given today because it deserves every bit of it.


Track 1 - Jerry Lee Lewis
Track 2 - The Everly Brothers
Track 3 - The Four Seasons
Track 4 - The Limeliters
Track 5 - Jan & Dean
Track 6 - Roy Orbison
Track 7 - Ray Charles
Track 8 - Ray Charles 2
Track 9 - Aretha Franklin
Track 10 - Little Milton
Track 11 - Fontella Bass
Track 12 - John Bubbles & The Shirelles
Track 13 - The Shirelles
Track 14 - The Supremes
Track 15 - The Supremes 2
Track 16 - Freddy Cannon
Track 17 - The Newbeats
Track 18 - Gary Lewis & the Playboys
Track 19 - Jay & The Americans
Track 20 - The American Breed
Track 21 - The Box Tops (With Alex Chilton)
Track 22 - Neil Diamond
Track 23 - The Fifth Dimension
Track 24 - Gladys Knight and the Pips
Track 25 - The Who
Track 26 - The Fortunes
Track 27 - Freddie & the Dreamers
Track 28 - Tom Jones
Track 29 - Petula Clark
Track 30 - The Seekers
Track 31 - Mary Hopkin
Track 32 - The New Seekers
Track 33 - John Farrar & the Strangers
Track 34 - Glenn Shorrock & the Twilights
Track 35 - John Farnham
Track 36 - The Easybeats
Track 37 - The Easybeats 2
Track 38 - The Easybeats 3
Track 39 - Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs
Track 40 - Normie Rowe & The Playboys
Track 41 - Ray Brown & The Whispers
Track 42 - Johnny Young & Kompany
Track 43 - John Rowles
Track 44 - The Executives
Track 45 - The Groove
Track 46 - Larry's Rebels
Track 47 - Doug Parkinson
Track 48 - Axiom
Track 49 - Brian Cadd
Track 50 - Sherbet
Track 51 - Little River Band
Track 52 - Jan & Dean 2
Track 53 - The Fifth Dimension 2
Track 54 - Aretha Franklin 2
Track 55 - Aretha Franklin 3
Track 56 - The Bee Gees
Track 57 - The Moody Blues
Track 58 - The Moody Blues 2
Track 59 - Lulu
Track 60 - Lulu 2

Here is the third in my cola related posts. It's a collection of Coca Cola advertising songs recorded by some of the biggest names in the music industry from the 50's, 60's and 70's. Most of the artists hail from the U.S, U.K and Australia. It's amazing how many quality performers succumbed to the lure of cola money, but it has left us with a mother lode of fizzy pop tunes to enjoy. I consume so much of the black liquid that I'm practically a shareholder in the company and I've always daydreamed about having a Coke themed collection of memorabilia but this album is probably as close as I'll ever get.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Download here

Track 1 - Cosmic Awakening / Vaclav Nelhybel
Track 2 - Tropical Scene / The Johnny Teupen Group
Track 3 - Stella Control No.1 / Frank Gartner
Track 4 - Hula Rock / The Lew Howard All Stars
Track 5 - Chant Afrique / The Lew Howard All Stars
Track 6 - Colours / The Men Of Vision
Track 7 - Tertius / The Jazz Architects
Track 8 - Solitude / The Cologne Sound
Track 9 - A Round Trip / Sydney Dale
Track 10 - Laser / Frank Gartner
Track 11 - Eastern Promise / Jonny Dean
Track 12 - Comes The Cajun / Anthony Mawer
Track 13 - Big John / Paolo Zavallone
Track 14 - Drama In Space / The Leo Hassler Synthesiser
Track 15 - Campus Crowd / The Seventy Sound Group
Track 16 - Hang Loose / Anthony Mawer
Track 17 - Grotesque / The Leo Hassler Synthesiser
Track 18 - A Walkin' Beat / The Bernard Ebbinghouse Orchestra
Track 19 - Propulsion / Frank Gartner
Track 20 - West Coast Session / The Rolf And Klaus Modern Jazz Group
Track 21 - Bluephoria / The Seventy Sound Group
Track 22 - Cloud Environment / Frank Gartner
Track 23 - Eastern Ritual / The International Orchestra
Track 24 - Fugitive On The Run / Pete Sander
Track 25 - Sun Lava / Vaclav Nelhybel
Track 26 - New Move / Stewart Crombie
Track 27 - Whimsical / The Leo Hassler Synthesiser
Track 28 - Papillon Rouge / Paolo Zavallone
Track 29 - Kryptoglyphics / Frank Gartner
Track 30 - Whistle Stop / The Leo Hassler Synthesiser
Track 31 - Nuclear Wash / Frank Gartner
Track 32 - Soul Power / The Syd Dale Orchestra
Track 33 - Turkish Delight / The Ebbinghouse Sound
Track 34 - Native Dance / Sperie Karas

Super sounds indeed from the Bosworth music library. Here is what the liner notes say -

"This is a collection of incredible sounds, never commercially released. For many years they sat, silently in a small archive just off Regent Street in London WI. Discovered in late 1995, these sounds from the sixties and seventies really show the progressive attitude of composers of the day. Listen, and you will agree that the production is also exceptional.

At the time of its original release, the music was destined for TV, film or radio. It was pressed in very short runs, then sent to broadcasting houses, advertising agencies and the like. It has never been commercially available but the occasional touch of music could be heard brilliantly backing broadcasts, including a germ killing sequence on a late sixties Domestos commercial.

The Bosworth Music Archive is unlike any other. This collection is aimed at all contemporary music buyers. The sounds will always stand the test of time and new music will, without doubt, benefit from its release.

Here you will hear a hectic, eclectic mix: rare electronic experimentation from 1965; strangely educated funk and fusion; dark pulsating jazz for unmade movies. Hey, maybe even a naked beach party.

Most of the music has been taken from the original 1/4 inch masters and some tracks are test pressings."

This is one of my favourite library music compilations, there is so much weird and wonderful experimentation going on. The electronic tracks are especially intriguing, it's unlikely you will have heard anything of its sort before. Enjoy.


Track 1 - Electroluminessence / The Mount Vernon Arts Lab
Track 2 - Whistle Stop, Laser / Jeff McGrory & Dietmar Dinklage
Track 3 - Tertius, Soul Power / Ronnie & Clyde
Track 4 - Laser / Klute
Track 5 - Comes The Cajun / Dynamic Syncopation
Track 6 - Cosmic Awakening / Fox
Track 7 - Bluephoria, Chant Afrique / Dirty Angels
Track 8 - West Coast Session, Colours / International Peoples Gang
Track 9 - Grotesque / Semtex
Track 10 - Big John / East Coast B-Boys
Track 11 - Big John / Stasis
Track 12 - Hula Rock / The Bill Posters Will Be Band

Modern reinterpretations of tracks from The Super Sounds Of Bosworth performed by a bunch of artists I have never heard of before. They do a good job at continuing on with the experimentation of the source material while adding hip hop and electronica influences. It's interesting that some of the original tracks have been mashed together to form new compositions. I think you would need to be a fan of the original release to get the most out this but it is a cool concept none the less.

Monday, December 27, 2010


Track 1 - Theme From The Power Game
Track 2 - Main Theme From The Saint
Track 3 - Batman Theme
Track 4 - At The Sign Of The Swinging Symbol
Track 5 - High Wire (Theme From Danger Man)
Track 6 - The Rat Catchers
Track 7 - Thunderbirds
Track 8 - The Avengers
Track 9 - Seaway
Track 10 - Inspector Rose (Theme From Mr.Rose)
Track 11 - The Clanger
Track 12 - Theme From The Baron
Track 13 - Theme From The Man From U.N.C.L.E
Track 14 - The Troubleshooters

A super selection of t.v themes from Brian Fahey. You might recognise a couple of these tracks from The Sound Gallery CD's (but with slightly different versions). More than that you will recognise the other songs from viewing hundreds and thousands of Batman, The Saint and Thunderbirds episodes (if you're anything like me). The impact of these themes has gone far beyond their initial purpose, infiltrating modern pop culture and turning up in all manner of guises. I would describe the music as being horn laden and important, driving you forward towards the start of another episode of action and excitement. Love the cover too!


Track 1 - Riverboat, Theme Music, Georgia Nights
Track 2 - Executive Decision
Track 3 - Truck Driver
Track 4 - Blacksmith
Track 5 - Lawyer, Theme Music, Freckle Face
Track 6 - Fiddler
Track 7 - Crop Seeder, Theme Music, Farm Girl
Track 8 - Overture, Stock Car
Track 9 - Basketball

I used to go to a local shopping centre as a teenager which had a vending machine out the front of Kmart. You could buy RC (Royal Crown) cola there for way cheaper than the other brands (I think they sold for 50c a can) and it became a bit of a pilgrimage for me and my friends. So when I found this record it made me smile, it is a collection of advertising songs produced for RC and done mostly in a country and western style. It's corny as hell, but in a good way.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Track 1 - Next Stop L.A  / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 2 - Miraculous Dream / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 3 - Collect / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 4 - Tryst / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 5 - Sunny Monday / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 6 - Oh! Militia / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 7 - The Vamp / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 8 - The Night Of The Garter / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 9 - Choctaw / Alan Parker
Track 10 - Melody And Lace / Alan Parker
Track 11 - Black Pearl / Alan Parker
Track 12 - Blue Shadow / Alan Parker
Track 13 - Monochrome / Alan Parker
Track 14 - No Return / Alan Parker

It may have been released on the famous library music label De Wolfe and feature two of the biggest names in the genre but this album has little, if anything, to do with production music. These compositions sit more in the realm of dramatic and dreamy soundtrack scores, with the exceptions being Tracks 7 and 8 which sound like they have come straight from a wild west saloon in the 1930's. It's not often Hawkshaw gets overshadowed but I really dig the Alan Parker tracks on this one, they have such a wistful and timeless quality to them. Apart from discovering the release year was 1972, I could hardly find any information on this album which is a shame because it is clearly a very sought after piece of work (and rightly so).


Track 1 - Mr.T's Commandment
Track 2 - Don't Talk To Strangers
Track 3 - The Toughest Man In The World
Track 4 - Mr.T, Mr.T (He Was Made For Love)
Track 5 - The One And Only Mr.T
Track 6 - No Dope, No Drugs
Track 7 - You Got To Go Through It

In between busting skulls in the A Team Mr.T took time out to record this album, letting children know that staying on the right path meant reading the bible, staying off drugs and not taking candy from strangers. I pity the fool who doesn't download this!

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Download here

CK 713

Track 1 - Insects
Track 2 - Self Service Laundry
Track 3 - Car Sales
Track 4 - Money Loans
Track 5 - Phonograph Records
Track 6 - Car Service
Track 7 - Beauty Salon
Track 8 - Body & Fender Shop
Track 9 - Boating
Track 10 - Barber Shop
Track 11 - Bottled Gas
Track 12 - Drag Races
Track 13 - Butane Gas
Track 14 - Men's Clothing
Track 15 - Candy

CK 714

Track 1 - Ride The Bus
Track 2 - Ride The Bus 2
Track 3 - Moving Trucks
Track 4 - Moving Trucks 2
Track 5 - Loans
Track 6 - Furniture
Track 7 - Portraits
Track 8 - Tire Company
Track 9 - Tire Company 2
Track 10 - New Homes
Track 11 - New Homes 2
Track 12 - Gardens
Track 13 - Gardens 2
Track 14 - Auto Road Service
Track 15 - Pizza

This is a real gem that I discovered during my daily internet foraging. It is a collection of 30 to 60 second advertising spots created as a generic background for businesses promoting such varied products as furniture, pizza and bottled gas. Not only is the music fabulously kitsch with a groovy 1960's lounge vibe to it but the lyrics are often hilarious aswell, for example -

from "Candy"

"Selling quality candy is a really swinging biz
 Our candy is the sweetest thing, next to you that is"

from "Tire Company"

"Rolling rolling rolling, our tires are rolling
 You see them rolling everywhere
 There must be a reason you see more every season
 We'll show you if you stop and compare"

These records are so much fun and an absolute must for production music fans or anyone into obscure / oddball LP's. I will have to hunt around and see if I can find more of this type of recording to share with you. Thanks to the original uploader.


Updated Link -

Track 1 - Pink Panther Punk Part 1
Track 2 - Another Brick In The Wall
Track 3 - Pink Panther Punk Part 2
Track 4 - Panther On The Prowl
Track 5 - Pink Panther Punk Part 3
Track 6 - It's Still Rock And Roll To Me
Track 7 - It's Punk
Track 8 - Pink Panther Punk Part 4
Track 9 - What A Fool Believes
Track 10 - Pink Panther Punk Part 5
Track 11 - Call Me
Track 12 - Pink Panther Punk Park 6
Track 13 - Rock And Roll Panther

Join Inspector Clouseau as he tries to hunt down the Pink Panther in this weird and wonderful children's album released to cash in on the popular film series. What Pink Panther has to do with "punk" or with cover versions of songs by Blondie and Pink Floyd is beyond me but it does make for an interesting listen. The musicianship and singing is actually quite good and it's a groovy bit of fun all the way through. I wish we still lived in a world where bizarre stuff like this was released instead of kids listening to Justin Bieber and Ke$ha.


Track 1 - Harlem Shuffle / Bob & Earl
Track 2 - Theme To Black Belt Jones / Dennis Coffey
Track 3 - Soul Walk / Nino Nardini
Track 4 - Gang Bang / Messengers
Track 5 - West Coastin / Alan Moorhouse
Track 6 - Crime Squad / John Cameron
Track 7 - Main Chance / Alan Parker & William Parrish
Track 8 - Rare Groove Club / Ray Flowers & Jez Poole
Track 9 - So Many Pies / The New Mastersounds
Track 10 - Funk Brother Soul / Gerson King Combo
Track 11 - Special Brew / King Tubby
Track 12 - Funky Santa / Big Pimp Jones
Track 13 - Bunky's Pick / Cut Chemist
Track 14 - Ford Taunus / Christian Bruhn

I've been putting together mixtapes for 20 years now and the time has come to go digital and release one on the internet! This collection is made up of North and South American funk combined with some very nice European library music. I also threw in a dub track by King Tubby and a hard funk medley produced by Cut Chemist. Some of these songs will feature on upcoming posts in the next few months so stay tuned. I hope you enjoy this mix and please leave a comment to let me know what you think. From Funky Frolic, have a very Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 24, 2010


Download here

Track 1 - Theme To The Five Fingers Of Death
Track 2 - 17 Thoroughly Whipped Asses
Track 3 - Crime Syndicate Strike
Track 4 - Return To The Sandakan No.8
Track 5 - Slow Mo Through Plate Glass Window
Track 6 - Incident At Shizuoka
Track 7 - Hanging With Roscoe
Track 8 - Drinks At The Pink Salon
Track 9 - JR Richard
Track 10 - The Money Drop
Track 11 - Ruckus Vs Flying Guillotine
Track 12 - The 258th Style Mastered
Track 13 - Ninja Brotherhood
Track 14 - Blurple Dancefloor
Track 15 - Under Cloak At Night
Track 16 - Quarter Speed Technique

A super library music style funk CD put together to resemble a 1970's blaxploitation / kung fu soundtrack. To add more authenticity to the package there are snippets of dialogue from the non existent movie "Jimmy Ruckus And The Five Fingers Of Death". There is plenty of cool breakbeats and choppy guitar grooves laid over the top of the rolling basslines. This release will appeal to everyone from hip hop heads to jazz cats and dusty crate diggers. Another great addition to the "fake soundtrack" genre.


Updated Link -

Track 1 - Mystery Movie Theme
Track 2 - The Streets Of San Francisco
Track 3 - Bumper's Theme
Track 4 - Medley: Kojak/S.W.A.T
Track 5 - Baretta's Theme
Track 6 - The Rockford Files
Track 7 - Hawaii Five-O
Track 8 - Police Woman

A great selection of cop show tracks from the soundtrack master Henry Mancini. Lots of groovy cinematic funk is featured on this one, with a liberal use of horns and strings adding depth and extra swing to what were already super compositions. Several of the songs will be instantly recognizable ("The Streets Of San Francisco" has even been used on an episode of the Simpsons). This is a good addition to any crime funk collection that you may have going and is certainly a must for those familiar with the excellent work of Mancini.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Track 1 - Funky Superfly (Part 1)
Track 2 - Funky Superfly (Part 2)
Track 3 - Morning Of Love
Track 4 - Let's Jam
Track 5 - Teach Me
Track 6 - Soul Brother Party (Part 1)
Track 7 - Soul Brother Party (Part 2)
Track 8 - Get Into It
Track 9 - Make Yourself Funky
Track 10 - Fair Trade

An awesome funk bomb straight outta 1974 from Bobby Williams. This album is clearly influenced by James Brown with lots of "Give it to me!" and "Get down!" moments along with call and response vocals between Bobby and the band. It is the raw energy that sells this record, along with the cover art (posing infront of a helicopter, hugging a tree? Pure gold!). It is a super listen all the way through and it's no wonder this album is still popular today. Please note - Tracks 9 and 10 start off sounding identical before going off in different directions, maybe they were part of the same composition and were split up?



Track 1 - Anybody Can Be A Nobody
Track 2 - You Need Love Like I Do (Don't Fight That Feeling)
Track 3 - Portrait Of My Stepfather
Track 4 - These Arms Of Mine
Track 5 - Think I Better Rest
Track 6 - I Will Sing For You (If you Dance For Me)
Track 7 - Drop It On Me
Track 8 - Everybody Needs Love Sometime

Bobby Williams returned in 1976 and it appears he had lost some of his mojo after "Funky Superfly". The James Brown influences have been tempered and replaced with more of a Curtis Mayfield soul vibe, complete with female backing vocals. As a stand alone record it is a solid listen but I think it's a bit of a victim of the period, falling between the funk explosion of the early 70's and the disco of the late 70's. It's worth downloading though because it is quite hard to find on the internet and occasionally the old Bobby pops up and makes things funky, like on the last track "Everybody Needs Love Sometime".

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Long story short, I don't have a track listing for this one but as luck would have it they are written on the cover! I just don't know the order they are in. It's a mix of latin, easy listening, rock and cover songs circa 1974. Shout About Pepsi, one of my fav tracks from the Sound Gallery Vol.1 comp. is featured here as part of a medley. Super kitsch stuff. I should mention that this download is presented like an LP with a Side A and Side B. Thanks to the original uploader.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Track 1 - Centipede / Dialogue
Track 2 - Player / Craig Richey
Track 3 - In The Hall Of The Mountain King / Norrkoping Symphony Orchestra
Track 4 - Addiction / Dialogue
Track 5 - Obsession / Animotion
Track 6 - DK101 / Craig Richey
Track 7 - Tron / Dialogue
Track 8 - Gummy Substance / Clay Tweel
Track 9 - All Round Hot Sauce / Dialogue
Track 10 - Tijuana Tarantella / Ian Lynn And Alison Taylor
Track 11 - Video Game Wizard / John Farley
Track 12 - Nibbler / Dialogue
Track 13 - 200 Videotapes
Track 14 - Transcendentalatation / Craig Richey
Track 15 - Three Lies / Walter Day
Track 16 - Are You Ready / Steve Wiebe
Track 17 - Chance At A Kill Screen / Dialogue
Track 18 - You're The Best / Joe Esposito
Track 19 - Drum Solo, Dialogue / Steve Wiebe
Track 20 - Pictures Of You / The Cure
Track 21 - Just Show Up / Craig Richey
Track 22 - Mr.Awesome / Craig Richey
Track 23 - Chumpatize / Dialogue
Track 24 - Eye Of The Tiger / Survivor
Track 25 - Saved / Steve Wiebe
Track 26 - Ride Of The Valkyries / Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra
Track 27 - Long Drive Emotional / Craig Richey
Track 28 - Abortion Issue / Dialogue
Track 29 - Lucky Winner / Craig Richey

Awesome soundtrack to the equally awesome documentary "The King Of Kong". The film revolves around an attempt to create a world record score on the Donkey Kong arcade game that pits "good guy" Steve Wiebe against reigning champion and hot sauce entrepreneur Billy Mitchell. We witness the attempts by Wiebe to entice Mitchell into a one on one showdown to prove once and for all who is the master of the Donkey Kong universe, resulting in both tragic and comic consequences. Added to the mix is self appointed and rather eccentric arcade game "referee" Walter Day who has the ultimate decision on who's record will stand. A fantastic and fun journey into 80's arcade gaming ensues...

The soundtrack has some classic moments in the form of "Eye Of The Tiger" and "You're The Best" (which is lifted from the Karate Kid movie). Also included are great tracks from The Cure and Animotion as well as some original compositions by Wiebe and Day. Interspersed between the tracks are funny bits of dialogue from the film which proves to be the icing on this retro gaming cake. The download I have seems to contain quite a different track listing to others I have seen on the web and doesn't include the Leonard Cohen song "Everybody Knows". Don't let that put you off though, it's a super listen!


Track 1 - The Fix
Track 2 - What's Cooking
Track 3 - Cut To Music
Track 4 - Man Alive
Track 5 - Funky Footage
Track 6 - Breezin'
Track 7 -Good Vibrations
Track 8 -Sun Goddess
Track 9 - Love De Luxe
Track 10 - Snake Hips

One of my favourite KPM recordings, this was released in 1976 by the great Keith Mansfield. Lots of cool grooves on this one with the tight drumming, wah wah guitar and funky horns taking centre stage. "Breezin" is straight up jazz funk, "Love De Luxe" is the perfect track for getting intimate with that special lady in your life, and "What's Cooking" has been sampled by hip hop group Ugly Duckling. You can sense the impending disco explosion in some of the mid album tracks (like many library music composers Mansfield would mould his compositions to the prevailing public tastes while adding his own style and imagination). These tracks are somewhat longer than the usual production music fare, clocking in at 3 minutes plus which gives plenty of scope for some nice organ and sax solos throughout.


Track 1 - Little Drummer Boy
Track 2 - What A Wonderful World
Track 3 - O Come All Ye Faithful
Track 4 - Do You Hear What I Hear
Track 5 - Jingle Bells
Track 6 - Deck The Halls
Track 7 - O Little Town Of Bethlehem
Track 8 - My Favorite Things
Track 9 - Silent Night
Track 10 - Carol Of The Bells
Track 11 - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Track 12 - Away In A Manger

I thought I had got all the Christmas albums out of my system for this year but then along came Mr. Shawn Lee with his unique take on the holiday classics. Lee, along with his self styled "Ping Pong Orchestra" have spent the last few years forging a niche in library music style recordings, so far releasing 10 albums such as "Moods And Grooves, "Strings And Things", "Voices And Choices" and "Music And Rhythm". Originally from Kansas, Shawn has worked in L.A and London with the likes of the Dust Brothers and Money Mark while also providing soundtracks for film and computer games. As for this album, it's so flat out groovy that you'll not only blow people away with it on Dec.25 but find yourself listening to it all year round! I promise there will be more Shawn Lee to come at Funky Frolic.

Monday, December 20, 2010


Track 1 - Mr. Marcos Music / Ralph Marco
Track 2 - Open Up / Frank Mantis
Track 3 - Jumping Balls / Klaus Weiss
Track 4 - Get The Groove / Siegfried Schwab
Track 5 - Jump And Fly / Peter Thomas
Track 6 - Dark Alley / Ken Aldin
Track 7 - High Snobiety / Siegfried Schwab
Track 8 - Present News / Klaus Weiss
Track 9 - Chicago Song / Ralph Marco
Track 10 - Back Talk / Ken Aldin
Track 11 - Gettin' High / Siegfried Schwab
Track 12 - Pick It Up / Frank Mantis
Track 13 - Just Funky / Klaus Weiss
Track 14 - Late Train / Ken Aldin
Track 15 - Sound Colours A / Peter Thomas

Super library music funk from the Germany labels Golden Ring and Happy Records. These pieces were produced between 1974 and 1979 and have elements in common with the English library music of the same period but with a bit more instrumentation and heavier drums. Quite a few of the tracks fit the mould of crime funk with driving beats and dramatic horns while others take a jazzier route with freaked out synths. Siegfried Schwab returns to Funky Frolic after appearing on the Vampyros Lesbos soundtrack and his work featured here is top notch, especially "High Snobiety". I am attempting to locate Volumes 2 and 3 on the internet and will hopefully post them here in the future.


Howdy groove merchants, I have been having some trouble uploading music in the last few days therefore I've had to rely on external links so keep me informed if you ever have a problem downloading and I'll see what I can do. It should be all good.

On another note, there is just 5 days until the release of the first Funky Frolic mixtape so make sure you visit again soon. I promise that you wont be disappointed! 2011 is set to be huge with lots of major library music and funk releases coming to the blog including the Blow Up, La Guepe, Absolute Funk, SuperFunk and Music for Dancefloors collections. Much love, Mr.Craig.


Updated Link -

Track 1 - K-Jee / The Nite Liters
Track 2 - Funky Paella / The Brothers
Track 3 - Bongo Rock / The Incredible Bongo Band
Track 4 - Ali Funky Thing / Chuck Cornish
Track 5 - Do The Choo Choo / Jack Ashford
Track 6 - Listen To Me / Baby Huey
Track 7 - Bumpin Part II / Ground Hog
Track 8 - Down / A Different Bag
Track 9 - Doing The Feeling / Alvin Cash
Track 10 - Mary Don't Take Me On A Bad Trip / Fugi
Track 11 - Spook A Delic / Don Pierce
Track 12 - Waterbad Part II / L.T.G Exchange
Track 13 - Funkey Key / The Dynamics
Track 14 - Don't Fight The Feeling / Sound Experience
Track 15 - Boogie The Devil In (Funk The Devil Out) / The Chubukos
Track 16 - Super Groupie / Junie
Track 17 - Seems To Me / Joe Quarterman & Free Soul

A super compilation of funky grooves released back in 2003. There's a nice mix of vocal and instrumental tracks on this one with lots of the qualities we all look for in good funk  - deep bass, choppy guitars and passionate singing. Some of these performers may be familiar to you such as Baby Huey, The Incredible Bongo Band and The Chubukos and "Mary Don't Take Me on A Bad Trip" by Fugi is one of my personal favourite songs that also features on the In Yo Face collection of CD's.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Track 1 - New Bell / Manu Dibango
Track 2 - Zombie / Fela Kuti
Track 3 - Who Is He And What Is He To You / Bill Withers
Track 4 - You Can't Hide Love / Hummingbird
Track 5 - Just Kissed My Baby / The Meters
Track 6 - Truth Don't Die / Femi Kuti
Track 7 - Galaxy / War
Track 8 - Home Is Where The Hatred Is / Gil Scott Heron
Track 9 - Give The People What They Want / The O'Jays
Track 10 - Livin' It Up / Mandrill
Track 11 - Sorrow, Tears And Blood / Fela Kuti
Track 12 - A Chance For Peace / Lonnie Liston Smith

A dope selection of funky cuts from the IF 99 radio station featured in the Grand Theft Auto 4 computer game. GTA always bring their A Game as far as track selection goes and this is one of the best mixes they have ever compiled. Every song is a winner with classics from Femi Kuti, The Meters and Gil Scott Heron etc. Thanks to the uploader.


Updated file -

Track 1 - Christmas In The Stars
Track 2 - Bells, Bells, Bells
Track 3 - The Odds Against Christmas
Track 4 - What Can You Get A Wookie For Christmas?
Track 5 - R2D2 We Wish You A Merry Christmas
Track 6 - Sleigh Ride
Track 7 - Merry, Merry Christmas
Track 8 - A Christmas Sighting
Track 9 - The Meaning Of Christmas

The album's story takes place in a droid factory where robots trudge away building toys year round for S. Claus. However they don't understand the meaning of Christmas until C-3PO and R2-D2 show them how to appreciate the holiday spirit. Even R2 adds to the season festivities by learning how to whistle the catchy Christmas ditty, "Sleigh Ride." Later we learn who gets what from their wish list: a scarf for Luke Skywalker, perfume for Princess Leia and earmuffs for Han Solo.

Recorded in 1980, many of the album's songs were written by Maury Yeston, a Yale University music professor and composer. Producer Meco Monardo, who already topped the charts with his best-selling disco albums Star Wars And Other Galactic Funk and Encounters of Every Kind, envisioned and supervised the unusual project.

British actor Anthony Daniels lent his voice to reprise his role as C-3PO and Lucasfilm's sound artist Ben Burtt provided the sound effects of R2-D2 and Chewbacca.

However, the most trivia-worthy album liner note is the debut of a then 18-year-old Jon Bon Jovi, who sings with a high school choir on "R2-D2 We Wish You A Merry Christmas." At the time the album was in production, Jon Bon Jovi , then known as John Bongiovi, swept floors and did odd jobs at the famous New York City recording studio Power Station, run by Jon's cousin Tony Bongiovi. As Meco auditioned singers for Christmas in the Stars, Tony suggested Jon for one of the lead vocal parts, and the rest is caroling history. Soon after Jon's singing debut, he recorded his own demo at the Power Station which included a hit song called "Runaway." The single eventually lead to a deal with Mercury in 1983.

Even though Christmas in the Stars did not lead to a series of additional Star Wars holiday-themed albums as Meco initially had planned, the album still remains a favourite among movie and music collectors alike.

Saturday, December 18, 2010



Track 1 - Smash And Grab
Track 2 - Love Power
Track 3 - Triumph Stag
Track 4 - Man Of Constant Sorrow
Track 5 - Giggity (Alright)
Track 6 - Little Of Spot Of Soul
Track 7 - Lost Due To Incompetence
Track 8 - Light The Fuse
Track 9 - Wet Your Beak
Track 10 - Ruby's Revenge
Track 11 - Matador
Track 12 - Husky
Track 13 - Soul Bossanova

Skeewiff is a London based group consisting of Alex Rizzo and Elliot Ireland. Their music is a sublime mix of funk, soul, jazz, hip hop and go-go all wrapped together to form songs that inspire you to hit the dancefloor! "Smash And Grab" sounds like a funked up James Bond theme,  "Love Power" is a super soul stomper, "Triumph Stag" features the irrepressible organ work of Alan Hawkshaw and Soul Bossanova will be familiar to any fan of the Austin Powers movies. A solid collection of grooves to suit all moods.

Friday, December 17, 2010


Track 1 - Senor Thump
Track 2 - Beat Me 'Til I'm Blue
Track 3 - Move Move Move
Track 4 - Girl At The Top
Track 5 - Hastle
Track 6 - The Millionairess
Track 7 - Beat Boutique
Track 8 - Picadilly Night Ride
Track 9 - Dr.Jekyll And Hyde Park
Track 10 - Sweet Motion
Track 11 - Blue Note
Track 12 - Girl In A Sportscar
Track 13 - Dave Allen At Large
Track 14 - Raver
Track 15 - Drive On
Track 16 - Action Man
Track 17 - Rocky Mountain Roundabout
Track 18 - Powerboat
Track 19 - Rumplestilskin
Track 20 - Hawkwind And Fire

A spectacular selection of tracks from the heyday of library music, the Hawk' stands out amongst his peers because not only was he a brilliant composer but he was also a very talented organ player (examples of this are rife throughout the compilation). Here is some background info care of Wikipedia...

"In the 1960s, he was a member of rock and roll group Emile Ford and the Checkmates. He also formed the Mohawks band and Rumplestiltskin with some session musicians. At that time Hawkshaw was an exponent of the Hammond organ, heard in the Mohawks' music, and also on the UK recording of the musical Hair.[2]

Hawkshaw was also featured playing with David Bowie on the Bowie at the Beeb album, in a performance recorded for the "John Peel in Top Gear" show on May 13, 1968, in which he played a solo on "In The Heat Of The Morning".

In the 1970s, he played in The Shadows; he worked for Olivia Newton-John, Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg as a musical director, arranger and pianist and was a keyboard player for Cliff Richard. One of this best-known compositions is "Blarney Stoned" (originally recorded for KPM in 1969 under the title "Studio 69") which was used as the theme tune for Dave Allen's television shows The Dave Allen Show and Dave Allen At Large.[3] He composed all the music for the Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World series. Hawkshaw also composed 'Best Endeavours', which has been the theme for Channel 4 News since 1982, and Chicken Man, which was used as the theme for Grange Hill from its start in 1978 until 1989, and revived for the final series of Grange Hill in 2008. Another recording of Chicken Man was used contemporaneously with the original Grange Hill version for the ITV quiz show Give Us A Clue. The Countdown "Chimes" jingle used on Channel 4's Countdown game show was also composed by Hawkshaw. He also performed the music The Night Rider (the theme for Cadbury's Milk Tray adverts.)

In the United States, he also scored a number 1 single on the Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart with "Here Comes That Sound Again", as part of Love De-Luxe With Hawkshaw's Discophonia in 1979."

Hawkshaw's music has been sampled by such hip-hop luminaries as De La Soul, KRS-One, DJ Shadow and Eric B & Rakim and it's easy to hear why when you listen to this amazing collection. Some of the tracks have appeared on the Sound Gallery and Blow Up compilations and "Senor Thump" can be found elsewhere but the majority of the songs have spent decades waiting to be rediscovered and given the true recognition they deserve. 20 nuggets of pure gold!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Track 1 - We Three Konami
Track 2 - Ryu The Red Nosed Ninja
Track 3 - Silent Knight Man
Track 4 - Carol Of The Belmonts
Track 5 - Joy To Commando
Track 6 - Deck The Kremlin
Track 7 - Little Drummer Nemo
Track 8 - The Legend Of Noel
Track 9 - Super Jingle Bros.

Here is Part 1 of a novel Christmas themed album released for free by Doctor Octoroc containing well known Xmas jingles done in the style of various Nintendo computer games. An interesting twist on the 8 bit music scene and a retro gamers delight!


Side A

Track 1 - S. Claus files an Unusual Flight Plan  
Track 2 - Early Warning Radars Acquire Track  
Track 3 - NORAD Pilots confirm Santa Vehicle  
Track 4 - U.S. and Canadian Aircraft Fly Escort  
Track 5 - Summary: Santa Claus is on His Way!
Track 6 - Santa Promotional Spot (use prior to Dec. 24)
Track 7 - Santa Promotional Spot (use prior to Dec. 24)
Track 8 -  "The Littlest Angel" Narrative  

Side B

Track 1 - Here Comes Santa CLAUS  
Track 2 - Winter Wonderland  
Track 3 - Here Comes a Wassailing  
Track 4 - Carol of the Bells  
Track 5 - Santa Claus is Coming to Town  
Track 6 - Sleigh Ride  
Track 7 -  God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen  

From the liner notes -

The "NORAD Tracks Santa" tradition goes back to the late 1950s when a
young boy accidentally dialed the unlisted number of the Director of Combat
Operations at NORAD Headquarters in Colorado Springs. The boy was
actually trying to phone a department store Santa Claus whose extension
was only one digit removed from the phone at the NORAD center.
The Combat Operations Center Director was quick to realize that a
mistake had been made, and carried on a long conversation with the boy,
assuring him that the forces of NORAD would indeed guarantee Santa a
safe trip from the North Pole.
A novel idea and tradition was thus born, and you have the results of it
inside this jacket…a series of spots citing the progress of Santa as he makes
his annual journey down through the space tracking and radar facilities of
the North American Air Defense Command.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Track 1 - White Christmas / Jim Reeves
Track 2 - God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen / The Anita Kerr Singers
Track 3 - Silver Bells / Floyd Cramer
Track 4 - Medley: Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, Good King Wencelas / Various
Track 5 - O Come, All Ye Faithful / Chet Atkins
Track 6 - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town / Skeeter Davis
Track 7 - Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer / Hank Locklin
Track 8 - I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day / Chet Atkins
Track 9 - The Little Drummer Boy / The Norman Luboff Choir
Track 10 - A Christmas Festival Medley / Arthur Fiedler And The Boston Pops

Clearly KFC had a masterplan to get everyone to eat fried chicken for Christmas instead of turkey. This is a collection of Xmas standards recorded in 1967 and as far as this genre goes, it's not a bad listen. Ofcourse the real joy comes from the kitchness of the cover art and concept. Would you believe this is one of three Colonel Sanders Christmas albums released? Finger lickingly festive!


Track 1 - Go Power at Christmas Time
Track 2 - Let's Unite the Whole World at Christmas
Track 3 - Santa Claus Go Straight to the Ghetto
Track 4 - Merry Christmas Baby
Track 5 - Let's Make Christmas Mean Something This Year (Parts 1 + 2)
Track 6 - Soulful Christmas
Track 7 - The Christmas Song (Version 1)
Track 8 - Sweet Little Baby Boy (Parts 1 and 2)
Track 9 - Christmas Is Love
Track 10 - Please Come Home For Christmas
Track 11 - Santa Claus Is Definitely Here to Stay
Track 12 - Tit For Tat (Ain't No Taking Back)
Track 13 - Santa Claus Santa Claus
Track 14 - Merry Christmas I Love You
Track 15 - Songs of Christmas
Track 16 - Christmas in Heaven
Track 17 - Hey America

The Godfather Of Soul singing funked up Christmas songs. Do I need to say anything else?


Hi folks, hope you're all enjoying my posts out there. I'm having lots of fun building up the blog and in 2 days time it will be Funky Frolic's 1 month anniversary! I have been working hard on a mix tape of various groovy tunes and plan to release it on Christmas Day so that you have a little something extra in your stocking this year. You can do a favour or two for me aswell - please leave a comment if you enjoy the site or like a particular post and if you find a bad link at any time let me know. Also, if you have any requests I will try to see what I can do (no promises!). Have a great holidays, and stay tuned for more funky fun.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Track 1 - Way Out (Intro)
Track 2 - Motorcycle Ride
Track 3 - Jelly Dancers
Track 4 - Abracadabra
Track 5 - Mudra
Track 6 - American Eagle
Track 7 - OK Robot
Track 8 - Coco The Coconut
Track 9 - Hand Jive
Track 10 - Army Ants In You Pants
Track 11 - Clocks
Track 12 - Popcorn
Track 13 - Squarefinger
Track 14 - Upside Down
Track 15 - Funky Little Song

When I think of groundbreaking pioneers of electronic music three names immediately spring to mind - Raymond Scott, Robert Moog and Bruce Haack. All three invented their own music devices and were incredibly creative in the way they used those devices to produce compositions the world had never heard before. On this record Haack is joined by dance teacher Esther Nelson and together they create a magical world of wonderment. The liner notes sum things up well...

"Feel the energy! Mind blowing action songs for children and adults. Bruce Haack and Esther Nelson have created to this day some of the most unique teaching concepts ever devised. He writes the words, lyrics and music which he performs and engineers mostly on electronic instruments he invented and built by hand. She writes and vocalizes their fanciful flights of imagination. Informational lyrics spoken against electronic jazz-rock. Elements of soul, rock, baroque, bluegrass, "Galactic" ethnic and medieval music are skillfully combined to produce songs of magic which instantly intensifies and directs the joyful communication between teachers and students, People with People."

You might think "Ah, this is just a record for kids" but the songs are so left of centre and so intriguing that they have a way of drawing you into their hallucinogenic world. This is a compilation of several releases made on the Dimension 5 label of which Haack was an owner.

"Sure it's nice to be famous; but I'm more interested in obtaining a telepathic following. I'd rather contact people through my medium." Bruce Haack.

Find out more about Bruce here -

Thankyou to Val Verde Music for the link.


Download here

Track 1 - Strings Of Fear / Fear Machine
Track 2 - African Pop Session / African Voodoo
Track 3 - High Snobriety / Babygravy
Track 4 - Rain Rain Go Away / Bob Azzam
Track 5 - Cross Country / Archie Whitewater
Track 6 - Prelude / Millenium
Track 7 - Hobo Strut / John Cameron
Track 8 - Moogster's Revenge / Electroid 2000
Track 9 - Mr.Man / Air
Track 10 - Daydream / Gunter Kallmann Chorus

Wow, this is quite something! A 10 track compilation that swings between funk, soul, jazz, library music and rare groove with lots of tasty nuggets. There are plenty of breakbeats to enjoy and while most of these tracks are new to me, a couple have been sampled by the hip hop world (the one that springs to mind is Jurassic 5 using a sample of "Daydream" on their album "Power In Numbers").  This appears to be quite an obscure release beacause I could hardly find any information at all about it on the internet. All the more reason to snap this up while you have the chance! Please note - This download does not include "Bass In Action No,7" by Tonio Rubio.

Monday, December 13, 2010


Missing Tracks -

Track 1 - Salute to Thames / Johnny Hawksworth
Track 2 - The Sweeney (Main Theme) / Harry South
Track 3 - Flying South / Brian Bennett
Track 4 - Movement 1 / Herbie Flowers & Barry Morgan
Track 5 - Hogan's Thing / Simon Haseley
Track 6 - Bora / Simon Haseley
Track 7 - Funky Express / Duncan Lamont
Track 8 - Big Shot / Keith Mansfield
Track 9 - Contact / Peter Reno
Track 10 - Thug / Brian Bennett
Track 11 - The Journey / Duncan Lamont
Track 12 - No Man's Land / Jacques Arel & Pierre Dutor
Track 13 - Regan's Theme / Dennis King
Track 14 - Steam Heat / Barbara Moore
Track 15 - Funko / Irving Martin
Track 16 - The Apartment / Duncan Lamont
Track 17 - Funky Pusher / Wally Asp
Track 18 - Freak Out / John O'Brien-Docker
Track 19 - The Grey Man Moves / Gordon Grant
Track 20 - The Heist / Brian Bennett
Track 21 - The Investigator / Brian Bennett
Track 22 - Wheel Man / Keith Papworth
Track 23 - The Big Fuzz / Johnny Pearson
Track 24 - Sideral Rhythmic / Jacques Arel & Pierre Dutor
Track 25 - Pop March / Johnny Pearson
Track 26 - The Sweeney (Closing Theme) / Harry South

This is the soundtrack to the hugely popular 1970's British cop show The Sweeney. Many of the big names from the library music scene had compositions featured on the show and I'm sure that was part of the programme's appeal. Not surprisingly the tracks are fast paced and hard hitting crime funk/jazz, but what sets this collection apart is the liberal use of dialogue from the series interspersed between the songs. This really brings everything alive and gives listeners who might not be familiar with The Sweeney some context as to how the songs were utilised in the show. It's a real winner of an album. Tracks 7 and 13 are missing from this download, if you can find a better link please let me know.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Track 1 - La Volta Stellare
Track 2 - Approdo Lunare
Track 3 - Azione Sindacale
Track 4 - Correnti Aeree
Track 5 - Dolomiti
Track 6 - Produzione
Track 7 -  Musici
Track 8 - Eliogabalus
Track 9 - Attività
Track 10 -  Scoop
Track 11 - Soundmaker Blues
Track 12 - Synthetic Water
Track 13 - Synthy Bossa Nova
Track 14 - Il Santone Dell'Isola
Track 15 - Nostalgia
Track 16 - Synthy Time
Track 17 - Calcolatori Elettronici

Piero Umiliani was an Italian composer of soundtracks and library music who was active during the 1960's and 70's. His most well known soundtracks include Il CorpoQuesto Sporco Mondo Meraviglioso and Svezia Inferno E Paradiso (from which came the track "Mah Na Mah Na" made famous by The Muppets and to a lesser extent, Benny Hill.) but I think his most exciting work came in the form of library records such as "To-Day's Sound" (coming soon to Funky Frolic) and the Musica Elettronica collections. This album takes synths and various electronic noises, combines them with sparse percussion to create weird and wonderful atmospheres. Sometimes ominous, sometimes playful, always intriguing, this is an important document in the evolution of electronic music.