Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Okay, I've just spent most of the evening re-uploading a bunch of your requests. If there's any still outstanding I'll try to get to them in the near future and hopefully I might find the time to put up some new content next week too. Cheers.

Re-uploaded -

Black Dynamite Soundtrack
Sex-O-Rama Vol.1
Progressive Percussions Vol.1+2 - Eddie Warner
Bruton BRK07 - Breakout
Bruton BRI02 - Tempus Fugit
Bruton BRL11 - Market Leaders
G.I Funk

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Hi folks. I've had a bunch of re-upload requests in recent times. I just wanted to let everyone know I haven't forgotten about them but I've been very busy and it might be a few weeks before I get up to date. Bear with me. Cheers.

Sunday, September 9, 2012


I thought I'd continue on with my work collating library music related mixes from around the web. First up we have Gafieira who is now going by the name "Ray Krebbs". He has put together a nice collection of music sourced from Marsellus Wallace's blog entitled "Soundtracks And Library Music (70's)" which features British, French and Italian library gems. Ray has also created a mix called "Big Beat And Library Mix" that takes a journey through the KPM catalogue, highlighting the tracks that have inspired the current generation of hip hop and big beat artists. Both comps are well worth a listen.

I'm not sure how I missed these guys previously but [astral projects] Records have released a number of awesome library themed podcasts which are packed with legendary names like Hawkshaw, Nilovic, Warner, Mansfield, Gray, Bennett, Giordano and many, may more. You can download them all here and be sure to check out more of their "Library Confessions" comps here ( they appear to be listen-only but if you have a search around you might be able to locate some download links ).

Funky Frolic regular blunderspublik has been busy on Mixcloud putting together what he calls the "Metameric Mix: Centipede Radio". Amongst a diverse range of sounds you'll hear pieces by Teddy Lasry, Bernard Estardy, Johnny Hawksworth and Piero Umiliani. You need to sign up to Mixcloud in order to hear the mix but it's well worth it because there's plenty of great music to be found on the site if you're willing to dig around. Take for instance Kid Sundance's fantastic KPM based set here or "Só Pedrada Musical apresenta: Sound Library" by Sopedradamusical that features an all star cast of heavy hitters from the library music scene.

If you have created or know of any other library mixes/podcasts that are available on the internet then leave me a message and I'll include them in my next update. As always, stay funky!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012



Download here

Track 1 - Supercharger / P.Milray
Track 2 - Airport People / James Clarke
Track 3 - 64K Ram / Claude Larson
Track 4 - The Rub / Alan Tew
Track 5 - Eyes / Alan Tew
Track 6 - Downtown / Shury, McDonald, Rae
Track 7 - That's Fancy 1 / Sammy Burdson
Track 8 - Warp Matrix / Trevor Duncan
Track 9 - Dirty Rat / Miki Anthony & Tom Parker
Track 10 - Day Shift / Alan Parker & Alan Hawkshaw
Track 11 - Strike Rich / Reg Tilsley
Track 12 - Tiger / Lee Mason
Track 13 - Headlines / Brian Bennett
Track 14 - Moon Ski / Keith Mansfield
Track 15 - Glass Tubes / Brian Bennett
Track 16 - Turbo / Trevor Bastow
Track 17 - Milky Way / John Scott
Track 18 - Dank / Les Hurdle & Frank Ricotti
Track 19 - You Were Right, I Was Wrong / Trevor Duncan
Track 20 - Top Score / Keith Mansfield
Track 21 - The Lady Likes / Mike Moran
Track 22 - Computer Programmer / Sam Sklair & Gus Galbraith
Track 23 - Bass Drive / Shury, McDonald, Rae
Track 24 - Feeling Tense / Stefano Torossi
Track 25 - Daredevil / Francis Monkman

Here is a selection of tracks culled from the many compilations posted at Retro-Teque over the past few years. It serves as a reminder of all the wonderful music that retronic shared with us and his impeccable taste. The composers speak for themselves, it's an all killer no filler set that will satisfy even the most discerning of listeners. If you only experienced a small taste of retro's work or missed out altogether then this is an essential download. Enjoy!

Monday, September 3, 2012


It wasn't until I received a request to reupload Keith Papworth's "Hard Hitter" that I discovered that the wonderful Retro-teque blog has been removed from the internet. I haven't spoken to retronic yet but I gather from his comment at Dusty Shelf that he felt the project had run its course which is sad but completely understandable given the amount of time and energy he has put in over the course of several years.
Not only did retronic create some of the most compelling and enjoyable library music compilations to have ever graced the public's ears but he also made some super cool covers such as the example above. He was a key figure in my decision to start blogging and for that I will always be grateful, I sincerely hope his knowledge and passion will not be entirely lost because he's an absolute treasure.
I'm guilty of not downloading as many of his comps as I should have but in the coming days I will put together a small collection of highlights from the music which he so graciously shared with us all.
I'll also re-up "Hard Hitter" sometime before the weekend.