Tuesday, November 30, 2010



Track 1 - Infernal Monologue
Track 2 - Zenith Escalator
Track 3 - Titan
Track 4 - Demons Be Gone
Track 5 - Brother Egypt
Track 6 - Payday
Track 7 - Cave Of The Gypsy Troll
Track 8 - Soft Six
Track 9 - Doctor Child
Track 10 - Broadway
Track 11 - Interlude
Track 12 - UK-47
Track 13 - Uncle Meatball
Track 14 - Face Riot

Wow! This is some heavy stuff from Five Alarm Funk out of Vancouver, Canada. You could probably place this CD somewhere between Orgone and the Budos Band in the sense that they have a great North America funk style mixed with wild afro beats and horns. The whole set is a super solid with lots of head nodding moments of pure joy. You will not be disappointed!



Track 1 - Musicawa Silt
Track 2 - Musicawa Silt Pt.2
Track 3 - Quiet Man Is Dead Man
Track 4 - Modern Technology
Track 5 - Super Afro-Beat
Track 6 - Give It Up Or Turn-It Loose
Track 7 - Eltsuhg Ibal Lasiti
Track 8 - Daktari Walk
Track 9 - Voodoo Soul Stew
Track 10 - Upside Down

From the liner notes, "The Daktari's is a well disciplined army of two hundred African Bull Elephants marching relentlessly up your business to the beat from Funky Drummer. With an arsenal ranging from barking baritone sax and clarinet, to eerily winding flute and melodica, the Daktari's nation of horns pumps out an encyclopedia of dark, enormous African melodies over an ocean of pounding funk syncopation, straight Fela style. With a battery of skull-snapping polyrhythms that simultaneously keep the rhythmatically-intrigued rhythmatically intrigued and the dancefloor-orientated dancefloor orientated, the drums make a valiant attempt to beat their way off the record. As the brass lays down a consistent foundation of down-home bottom food, an infantry of percussion turns the grooves hypnotic."

Monday, November 29, 2010



Track 1 - The Kung Fu / The Lords Of Percussion
Track 2 - Hippy, Skippy, Moon Street / The Moon People
Track 3 - Mighty Mouse / Ceaser Frazier
Track 4 - Baby Feet / Tribe
Track 5 - Ain't Nobody Better Than You / Boobie Knight And The Universal Ladies
Track 6 - Music Makes You Move / Funkhouse Express
Track 7 - Bad Bad Woman / Marie Franklin
Track 8 - The Dance Master / Willie Henderson
Track 9 - Do It / Sass
Track 10 - Funky Thing II / Larry Ellis And The Black Hamm
Track 11 - Charley / The Watts 103rd St Rhythm Band
Track 12 -  Honey Trippin / The Mystic Moods
Track 13 - Superfly Meets Shaft / John And Earnest

A neat compilation that covers a range of different funk stylings, from hard, to pyscho, to soulful. I've never heard of Fu Music before but they have some good taste whoever they are. A couple of the tracks appear on other funk comps around the place but for the most part it warrants the rare groove tag. I mentioned John And Earnest in my review of Playtime Vol.3 and they appear on this disk with another fun novelty tune called "Superfly Meets Shaft" which incorporates samples from popular funk songs of the period. Thx to the original uploader.

Saturday, November 27, 2010



Track 1 - Doin' The Thing
Track 2 - Bouncing Ball
Track 3 - It's Your Thing (Hey Pocky-A-Way)
Track 4 - Peacock Strut
Track 5 - V2
Track 6 - Organ Donor
Track 7 - Sling Shot
Track 8 - Generator Oil
Track 9 - Bam Bam
Track 10 - Welly Wanging
Track 11 - Hutspot

This is a truly awesome slab of hard, dirty, raw funk from Amsterdam's Lefties Soul Connection. This modern group's sound may be inspired by 1970's funk but in a lot of ways they exceed what has gone before them and take it to a whole different level of intensity! The drumming is mighty, the organ playing is pulsating and the guitar work top-notch. The sound they produce is so full on that it's hard to get through the whole album without taking a break to catch your breath. The follow up to this 2006 release was "Skimming The Skum" which I also highly recommend.

Friday, November 26, 2010


Download here

Track 1 - Diacromeico / Sandro Brugnolini
Track 2 - Sculturea Beat / Angelo Baroncini
Track 3 - Curly / Stellio Subelli
Track 4 - Pendolari / Mario Vinciguerra & Gerardo Iacoucci
Track 5 - Supermercato / Mario Vinciguerra & Gerardo Iacoucci
Track 6 - Miles / Enzo Scoppa
Track 7 - Ultime Notizie / Amedeo Tommasi
Track 8 - Dal Nostro Inviato Sepciale / Amedeo Tommasi
Track 9 - Verso L'Infinitio / Alessandro Alessandroni
Track 10 - Cobeweb / Piero Montanari
Track 11 - Way On / Roberto Conrado
Track 12 - Save Up / Piero Montanari & Roberto Conrado
Track 13 - Frog In Love / Piero Montanari
Track 14 - Maze / Roberto Conrado
Track 15 - Climax / Amedeo Minghi
Track 16 - Games / Pasquale Castiglione & Paolo Casa
Track 17 - First Black / Mario Molino & Elvio Monti

From the liner notes - "Between the 60's and the end of 1978, Flipper Music of Rome published around 20 compositions destined towards synchronization (demonstrative material used for soundtracks, themes for television shows, film shorts etc.). They were published on the label "Octopus" in limited quantities as samples not for resale. This new collection from Schema Records offer you psychedelic/jazz/funk/soul, and typical sounds from that period, re-visited with an elegant Italian taste that became a fundamental expression of those years...". This was the first library music compilation I bought in the 90's and therefore has a special place in my heart. It's funky, groovy and very, very Italian. Enjoy.





Track 1  - Keith Mansfield / The Great Outdoors
Track 2 - James Clarke / Holiday People
Track 3 - Keith Mansfield / Sun Lover
Track 4 - Keith Mansfield / Hollywood Premiere
Track 5 - James Clarke / Soft Memories
Track 6 - Neil Richardson / Fun In The Sun
Track 7 - Keith Mansfield / Life Of Lesuire
Track 8 - David Lindup / Sunseekers
Track 9 - James Clarke / Friendly Faces
Track 10 - Keith Mansfield / Whistle Stop Tour
Track 11 - Neil Richardson / Busy Spectacle
Track 12 - Keith Mansfield / The Loving Touch
Track 13 - Keith Mansfield / Husky Birdsong
Track 14 - Steve Gray / Time To Fly
Track 15 - Neil Richardson / Jewel Of An Evening
Track 16 - David Gold / Silk Stream
Track 17 - D. Gold / D. Rees / Forbidden Fruit
Track 18 - Steve Gray / A Tender Touch
Track 19 - James Clarke / Summer Season
Track 20 - Dick Doerschuk / Balenciaga
Track 21 - Dick Doerschuk / Paradise Found
Track 22 - Keith Mansfield / Towards The Sun
Track 23 - James Clarke / Elegance
Track 24 - James Clarke / Gentle Breeze
Track 25 - James Clarke / Summer Dreams
Track 26 - James Clarke / Violin Serenade
Track 27 - James Clarke / Life Of Luxury
Track 28 - Maschwitz, Sherwin / A Nightingale Sang In Berkley Square

A wonderful collection of easy tunes from the KPM 1000 series featuring some of the best in the business at that time. A really comprehensive set of relaxed, soothing sounds that should please anyone who appreciates the KPM library. This link comes from the Just Funked website. If you would like more KPM compilations you can get them here or here.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Thank you to everyone who has visited the blog since I started it last week. I will endeavour to keep posting great funky music and soundtracks as often as possible, so don't be a stranger! Here are some of my future uploads....

The Sound Gallery Vol.2 - V/A
Bite Hard: The Music De Wolfe Studio Sampler -V/A
Phase 6 Super Stereo - V/A
Scoctopus, The In Sound From Octopus Records - V/A
Popshopping Vol.2 - V/A
To Day's Sound - Piero Umiliani
Cinemaphonic, Soul Punch - V/A

Stay tuned!!!



Track 1 - Oh Calcutta / The Dave Pell Singers
Track 2 - Black Rite / Mandingo
Track 3 - Punch Bowl / Alan Parker
Track 4 - The Night Rider / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 5 - The Riviera Allair / Neil Richardson
Track 6 - Jet Stream / John Gregory
Track 7 - Half Forgotten Daydreams / John Cameron
Track 8 - Jaguar / John Gregory
Track 9 - Life Of Leisure - Keith Mansfield
Track 10 - Girl In A Sportscar / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 11 - Young Scene / Keith Mansfield
Track 12 - It's All At The Co-op Now / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 13 - Funky Fever / Alan Morehouse and His Bond Street Brigade
Track 14 - Shout About Pepsi / Denny Wright and The Hustlers
Track 15 - The Headhunter / Mandingo
Track 16 - Blarney's Stoned / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 17 - The Earthmen / Paddy Kingsland
Track 18 - I Feel The Earth Move / John Keating
Track 19 - The Penthouse Suite  / Syd Dale
Track 20 - The Snake Pit / Mandingo
Track 21 - Boogie Juice / Brian Bennett
Track 22 - The Detectives / Alan Tew
Track 23 - Jesus Christ Superstar / Johnny Keating
Track 24 - Music To Drive By / Joe Loss Concertium

This is the album that kicked off the whole library music compilation scene in the mid 1990's and is rightly considered to be the bible of the genre. The liner notes say it is "a breathtaking musical exhibition of the finest quality recordings that will alternately excite and thrill, soothe and relax today's discerning music lover." Most of the tracks are from the KPM and Studio 2 libraries and were recorded between 1968 and 1974.  Many of the heavyweights of the period are featured here: Keith Mansfield, Syd Dale, Alan Hawkshaw, John Cameron etc.  Everything is super groovy and a lot of the tracks have a London in the swinging 60's vibe to them. "The Detectives" and "Punch Bowl" are more straight up funk with nice sharp drumming and the songs by Mandigo display some Afro touches. Parts of this CD have been used on the popular TV show "Top Gear" and in various commercials. I will post Volume 2 in the near future...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010



Track 1 - Time Keeper
Track 2 - Witchdoctor
Track 3 - Only 16's
Track 4 - Tsuioku No Skat
Track 5 - All The Kings Horses
Track 6 - Invocation To The Gods
Track 7 - Love Chaiser
Track 8 - Revelation
Track 9 - Battle
Track 10 - Watching And Waiting

A short, sharp and sweet soundtrack to the sequel of "Black Belt Jones".  This might not be the most well known blaxploitation / kung fu movie of the 70's but anything with Jim Kelly in it is cool in my book. The songs range from hard+funky to soft+soulful with some dramatic touches thrown in. A very nice listen.


Track 1 - The Submarine
Track 2 - Unstopable Oldsmobile
Track 3 - Saturday In The Park
Track 4 - Out The Door
Track 5 - The Chiken (Catch It!)
Track 6 - Mopoji Strikes Back!
Track 7 - Disco Party
Track 8 - The Wisdom Of Master Shen
Track 9 - King Of The Imposible
Track 10 - Angry Mob
Track 11 - Gambling At The Capri
Track 12 - Eye For An Eye

This is a fake soundtrack of funky cuts from the non existent film "The Revenge Of Mister Mopoji". Amusingly quite a few people on the internet haven't got the joke yet and still believe this to be a legitimate 1970's kung fu soundtrack. The tracks, as you might expect from this kind of production are raw funk / James Brown inspired with choppy guitars and blasting horns. It's a good listen from start to finish. The spelling mistakes in the song titles are not from me, that's how they appear on the CD. Thanks to the uploader.



Track 1 - Introduction
Track 2 - Showroom Dummies
Track 3 - Trans Europe Express
Track 4 - The Robots
Track 5 - Neon Lights
Track 6 - Autobahn
Track 7 - Homecomputer
Track 8 - Tour De France
Track 9 - The Man Machine
Track 10 - Music Non Stop

Here is a review from John Bush at AllMusic.Com - "Beginning with a short vocal intro on which Senor Coconut himself introduces the record with appropriately comic English, El Baile Aleman presents remarkably faithful covers of Kraftwerk classics ("Showroom Dummies," "Trans Europe Express," "The Robots," "Autobahn," "Tour de France") with the stark percussion and effects of the originals replaced by just slightly less rigid Latin rhythm presets. Latin music can be a surprisingly precise genre of music, and Schmidt walks the verge between Latin and techno with a special genius that would be practically impossible for other electronic producers. Far more than just a novelty record (though many will see it that way), El Baile Alem├ín accomplishes an excellent Latin-electronic fusion."
Thanks to the original uploader...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010



Track 1 - Hocus Pokus / Walter Murphy
Track 2 - Hot Buns / Mario Nascimbene
Track 3 - Creepy Street / Walter Murphy
Track 4 - Wailing Wail / Nicholas Flagello
Track 5 - Rhythm & Rock / Johnny Hawksworth
Track 6 - Mellow Dancer / Fernando Antonio Pearson
Track 7 - Dancin’ / Walter Murphy
Track 8 - Ebony Tower / Michael Coliccio
Track 9 - Harvey Wallbanger / Edward Simon
Track 10 - Hot Asphalt / Mario Nascimbene
Track 11 - Shake & Bake / Mario Nascimbene
Track 12 - Mr. Max / Tom Manoff
Track 13 - Man Through The Day / Michael Colina
Track 14 - Street Corner Talk / Fernando Antonio Pearson
Track 15 - Hot Line / Emmanuel Vardi, Lenny Hambro
Track 16 - Afrocat / Richard C. Sanders
Track 17 - Electro Soul / Richard C. Sanders
Track 18 - Lunar Module / Earl Salisbury

This is a real treat for anyone into library/soundtrack music, or anyone who has a groovy bone in their body! 18 pieces of funky drumming, slinky synths, wah wah wailing and hammond bashing collected from archives of Major / Valentino Records. Most of the tracks have that "haven't I heard that somewhere before?" feel to them, and for library music fans you may well have heard the likes of "Hocus Pocus", "Ebony Tower" and "Harvey Wallbanger" on other compilations. While it covers a fair bit of musical territory, the track selection is so good you don't even notice as things swing between funk, electro, easy listening and back again. Super cool stuff. Go on then, download it!!! And thanks to the original uploader...

Monday, November 22, 2010


Track 1 - The A-Team (TV Version)
Track 2 - Theme From The A-Team
Track 3 - Young Hannibal
Track 4 - B.A's Ride
Track 5 - The A-Team In New York City
Track 6 - Bandits
Track 7 - Taxi Chase
Track 8 - The A-Team Escape
Track 9 - The A-Team Prepare For War
Track 10 - Showtime
Track 11 - Move, Sucker!
Track 12 - Let's Get Busted
Track 13 - Murdock's 'Face'
Track 14 - Helicopters
Track 15 - More Bandits
Track 16 - Theme From The A-Team (Full Version)
Track 17 - Theme From The A-Team (Season 5)

As bold and brash as B.A Baracus himself, this is of course the soundtrack to the legendary 80's action show as scored by Mike Post and Peter Carpenter. Post has produced many tv scores and themes in his time, including Hunter, Magnum P.I and Law And Order as well as writing "Believe It Or Not", the theme from Greatest American Hero. Most of the tracks are variations on the title theme (but that isn't a criticism). Although I will say that the soundtrack would have been vastly improved with some well placed sound grabs from the show. This would be an ideal listen if you're about to head out and bust up a crack house or a counterfeiting ring of some sort. Cool Stuff!!! This link is care of Bazounga.



Track 1 - Contact Off Funk - Larry "T-Byrd" Gordon
Track 2 - Doin' the Creep - Alvin Cash & The Hundred Dollar Bills
Track 3 - Funky Driver on a Funky Bus - Charles Leonard
Track 4 - In the Bottle - Brother To Brother
Track 5 - Augusta Georgia (Here I Come) - Bus People Express
Track 6 - Hang on It There - The Stovall Sisters
Track 7 - Boogie the Devil in (Bump the Devil Out) - The Chubukos
Track 8 - Hot Chocolate - Chocolate Caliente
Track 9 - Funky Robot - Dave "Baby" Cortez
Track 10 - Walk From Regio's - Soul Mann & The Brothers
Track 11 - Do It Nice & Easy - Eddie Drennon/B.B.S. Unlimited
Track 12 - The Chicken- Jackie Lee
Track 13 - Funkadelic Sound - Little Beaver
Track 14 - Soul President Number One - John & Ernest

This CD is special to me, I imported it from the U.S at great expense about 10 years ago only to have it stolen a few months later. It has taken me until this month to find a download for it on the net, so I thought I would share it with you. Everything about Playtime 3 screams quality, from the cover art to the production values to the hard hitting funky songs. Each track has something special about it that makes it worthy of such a great comp. There is even a novelty funk track called "Soul President Number One" which always makes me laugh. This is a must have.

Sunday, November 21, 2010



Track 1 - Introducing Linda Lovelace
Track 2 - Mind If I Smoke While You're Eattin'
Track 3 - Blowin' Bubbles
Track 4 - A Lot Of Little Tingles
Track 5 - Love Is Strange
Track 6 - A Nice Joint Like You
Track 7 - You Have No Tinkler!!!
Track 8 - Deep Throat
Track 9 - I Wanna Be Your Slave
Track 10 - Nurse Lovelace
Track 11 - I'd Like To Teach You All To Screw (It's The Real Thing)
Track 12 - Nurse About The House
Track 13 - I Got Blue Cross
Track 14 - Old Dr. Young
Track 15 - Masked Marvel
Track 16 - Deep Throat...
Track 17 - ...To You All

Ah yes, Deep Throat...The most famous porn film ever. Not that I've seen it, but I do own the soundtrack which is a good aural (or should that be oral) document of this pop culture phenomenon. There are a couple of funky songs and about 25 minutes of dialogue included, the sound quality is undeniably poor but I would still recommend this to soundtrack and porn groove fans alike. Apparently this is rated "X" which must be some kind of a first for a CD. In reality it's fairly tame, especially by today's standards.



Track 1 - The Beat Goes On / Dee Dee Bridgewater
Track 2 - Kukumbe / Edda Dell'Orso
Track 3 - Soul III / The Revelations
Track 4 - Mad Town / Giuliano Sorgini
Track 5 - Carrefour / Luis Enriquez Bacalov
Track 6 - Papillon Rouge / Paolo Zavallone
Track 7 - Nightmare / Gino Peguri
Track 8 - Down Left / Carlo Savina
Track 9 - Sweet Daniela / The Revelations
Track 10 - One Note Samba / Kenny Smith Quintet
Track 11 - Ooga Boo-ga Loo / Kenny Smith Quintet
Track 12 - Lively / The Revelations
Track 13 - Punching Ball / The Paris Studio Group
Track 14 - Los Palos / Hingross
Track 15 - Alameda / Luciano Simoncini
Track 16 - Strictly For Beat / The Big Band Sound
Track 17 - Sgambata / Remigio Ducros
Track 18 - Ultra Pop-Hop / Sounds Bop

Released by Schema Records in 1999, this is a very nice collection of rare groove / soundtrack songs dating from 1974 and '75. All the tracks are instrumental except the first, a cover of "The Beat Goes On" (Written by Sonny Bono). A few of these cuts will be familiar, "One Note Samba" and "Carrefour" have been covered and sampled many times over the years. Curiously "Los Palos" by Hingross appears on the Blow Up: Exclusive Blend Vol.2 compilation as "Cult And Colour" by Lee Mason but clearly they are the same song and same performance. Hmmm...

Saturday, November 20, 2010



Track 1 - Droge CX 9
Track 2 - The Lions And The Cucumber
Track 3 - There's No Satisfaction
Track 4 - Dedicated To Love
Track 5 - People's Playground Version A
Track 6 - We Don't Care
Track 7 - People's Playground Version B
Track 8 - The Ballad Of A Fair Singer
Track 9 - Necronomania
Track 10 - Kamasutra
Track 11 - The Message
Track 12 - Shindai Lovers
Track 13 - The Six Wisdoms Of Aspasia
Track 14 - Countdown To Nowhere

Possibly the best film ever made about lesbian vampires, Vampyros Lesbos is one seriously trippy picture and it's soundtrack isn't far behind in the spaced out stakes either. Here is the storyline care of Classic-Horror.Com -

"Linda Westinghouse (Ewa Stoemberg), is sent on a business trip to an island off Istanbul to straighten out the inheritance of a wealthy Countess. Upon meeting Countess Nadine Carody (Soledad Miranda), we realize that the Countess is the same woman Linda has been having recurring erotic dreams about. Soon Linda is under the seductive spell of the Countess, and the title of the film becomes rather clear. Shortly after succumbing to the countess, Linda finds herself suffering from amnesia and is in an asylum run by a Dr. Seward. During Linda's treatment she becomes completely obsessed with the Countess, and realizes she must return to the island. It turns out Linda isn't the only one obsessed with the Countess at this Asylum either, both the good doctor as well as one of the Countess's previous victims, Agra are as well. While Dr. Seward tries to learn as much from Linda about The Countess as possible, her boyfriend shows up. By this time Linda has decided she must go back to the island and confront the Countess once and for all."

This disk is actually a collection of music from 3 Jess Franco films - Vampyros Lesbos, Sie Totete In Ekstase (Mrs Hyde, She Kills In Ecstasy) and Der Teufel Kam Aus Akasava (The Devil Came From Akasava). I could try to describe the music but I would fail; anything with "Sexadelic Dance Party" on the cover deserves a listen in my book. Suffice to say it's worth the trip...Keen listeners will recognise Track 2 from a certain Quentin Tarantino film.


Download here

Track 1 - Setting The Scene / Rogerio Duprat
Track 2 - Percussion Highway / Rogerio Duprat
Track 3 - Tropical Green / Rogerio Duprat
Track 4 - Meeting In Brazilia / Rogerio Duprat
Track 5 - Sales Talk / Francis Coppieters
Track 6 - Funky Chimes / Francis Coppieters
Track 7 - Cross Talk / Francis Coppieters
Track 8 - Day By Day / Tony Kinsey
Track 9 - Ice Breaker / Alan Parker
Track 10 - Survival / John Cameron
Track 11 - Safari So Good / John Cameron
Track 12 - Afro Metropolis / John Cameron
Track 13 - Swamp Fever / John Cameron
Track 14 - Black Light / Alan Parker
Track 15 - Solid Satin / Alan Parker
Track 16 - Underlying Expectancy / John Cameron
Track 17 - Rio Back Street / Rogerio Duprat
Track 18 - Piano In Transit / Francis Coppieters
Track 19 - Heat Haze / John Cameron, Alan Parker
Track 20 - Blow In / John Haider
Track 21 - Butterfly / John Haider
Track 22 - Sunny Speed / John Cameron

A wonderful collection of tunes from some of the greatest composers for the KPM music library. This set concentrates on the jazzier side of things but still with that straight ahead sensibility you would expect from library cuts. As the song titles suggest, some of the tracks have a Brazillian and Afro Funk vibe and the tracks by Francis Coppieters and John Cameron are real killers.

Friday, November 19, 2010



Track 1 - Three Days Of The Condor / Rythm Heritage
Track 2 - Down Home / Nick Ingman
Track 3 - Second Cut / The Trensetters
Track 4 - Saramina / Daniel Janin Et Son Orchestre
Track 5 - Call To Awareness / Hubert Eaves
Track 6 - Too High / Joe Farrell
Track 7 - Ocean Of His Might / Michael Longo
Track 8 - Inside You / Eddie Henderson
Track 9 - Peace Maker / Rosko
Track 10 - Double Shuffle / Preston James

Playtime is a choice little collection of jazzy and funky tunes from the 70's. Some of these tracks have appeared on library music compilations over the years while others are more obscure. If you like your jazz with a funky edge or your funk with a jazzy edge then this should appeal. "Peace Maker" is one of my favourite songs of all time, I dare you not to feel the same way! I will post Playtime Vol.3 in the near future.



Track 1 - Back On The Track
Track 2 - Chris Cross
Track 3 - Miss Poopie
Track 4 - The Bird Wave
Track 5 - Spear For Moondog, Part 1
Track 6 - Spear For Moondog, Part 2
Track 7 - Tight Times
Track 8 - Spinning Wheel
Track 9 - Funky Junk

One of my fav albums (and covers!) of all time, this is legendary organ player Jimmy McGriff carving it up in 1969. The production on this tight batch of groovers is top notch, especially the heavy heavy bass sound. Joining Jimmy is Horace Ott on electric piano but sadly the other musicians are listed as "unknown". Whoever they are, they know how to funk it up. "Chris Cross", "The Bird Wave" and "Spinning Wheel" are the key tracks but the whole set is solid. This release is part of the Blue Note Rare Groove series.



Track 1 - Dick Dagger's Theme
Track 2 - Cramming For College
Track 3 - Nice N Sleazy Does It
Track 4 - Spiderpussy
Track 5 - Special Delivery
Track 6 - Sex Starved Secretaries
Track 7 - Prepare For Take Off
Track 8 - Her Magic Carpet
Track 9 - Laying Pipe
Track 10 - Spiderpussy (Slight Return)

Another one you can file under "Fake Porn Soundtrack". This one claims to have songs from such movies as "A Happy Ass", "Donna Does Denise" and "Dick Dagger's Big Dick Dilemma" but is actually a product of Don Argott and friends from 1999. Apart from being damn funky the main drawcard is the hilarious sound bites provided by "Porn King" Ron Jeremy at the start of some of the tracks. There are a couple of lesser songs but overall it's a nice package of hard, funky porn grooves. My personal favourites are "Special Delivery" and "Prepare For Take Off". Enjoy.

Thursday, November 18, 2010





Track 1 - Blow Me Down
Track 2 - Stiffed
Track 3 - Seduction
Track 4 - Sexercise
Track 5 - Love Muscle
Track 6 - Pearl Necklace
Track 7 - Big Top
Track 8 - Private Dick
Track 9 - Hard Times
Track 10 - The Money Shot
Track 11 - Bottoms Up
Track 12 - Doctor Sex

Sex-O-Rama 2 is a fake soundtrack of porn inspired grooves, a hard hitting funkathon from start to finish. That's Jenna Jameson making an appearance on the cover, looking suitably sextastic.

Welcome to Funky Frolic!

Hi Folks! This is a brand new blog which will be dedicated to passing on some of the funk, soundtrack, library and obscure music that I own or have obtained from other cool blogs. I'm just starting out so give me a month or 2 to get my act together and then I will let the funk flow. Cheers, Mr. Craig.