Sunday, April 10, 2011


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Track 1 - Whole / Raskovich
Track 2 - Sweet Beat / Stefano Torossi
Track 3 - Capricorno / A.Tommasi
Track 4 - Eccitamento / Gianni Mazza
Track 5 - Macero / Narassa
Track 6 - Diatomea / Subelli
Track 7 - Schizzo / Coscia
Track 8 - Polyphony / Sandro Brugnolini
Track 9 - Sospresi Nel Traffico / Gianni.Mazza
Track 10 - Diamonds / F.Bixio
Track 11 - Ambiente Elegante / F.Bonfanti
Track 12 - La Gang / Gianni Mazza
Track 13 - Gospel 71 / Subelli

This highly impressive library music collection didn't come up on my radar until last year and I was thrilled when I listened to it for the first time. None of these songs have appeared on other compilations as far as I know, which is surprising given the quality of the grooves on offer. "Whole" by Raskovich ( Giuliano Sorgini ) sets the tone for the whole album with a funky guitar and bass platform that leads into some very nice organ work. I would argue that Stefano Torossi's "Sweet Beat" is the best track on the record with it's spy funk vibe and wicked drum breaks. In fact the drumming is a feature of the whole collection ( "Macero" and "Diamonds" being two more examples ). "La Gang" also deserves a mention for being an over the top, out of control, hold on to the steering wheel, funky delight.

Curiously the release date on the cover is listed as 1985, whether this is a mistake or a red herring I don't know but it is certainly a product of the mid 1990's. Regardless of when it was put out, it is a must have library comp that will both titillate and tantalise with it's array of top shelf Italian gems.


Mike said...

Very nice!

I just sent you the new mix. Password is: FunkyFrolic

Hope you enjoy.

DonHo57 said...

More great stuff...thank you for sharinng!

Mr. Craig said...

DonHo57 - It's an interesting one, seemingly quite rare compared to other library comps that are around the place. Although you can find it at a couple of other blogs. Glad you're enjoying my posts.

Mike - I've downloaded your mix, I'll let you know my thoughts when I get a chance to have a listen. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

William said...

Link is dead. Can you re-up?

Thank you!