Saturday, April 30, 2011


Track 1 - Bulldozing
Track 2 - Soul Searching
Track 3 - The Sausage Machine
Track 4 - Discolypso
Track 5 - Snowman's Stomp
Track 6 - Go For Broke
Track 7 - Nevada Junction
Track 8 - Synchronous
Track 9 - Maniac
Track 10 - Beverley Hills
Track 11 - Time To Fly
Track 12 - Running From Danger
Track 13 - Zirkon Fanfare
Track 14 - Eye Catcher
Track 15 - Winning Is Easy
Track 16 - A Tender Touch

Much more than a Legend Of Library, Steve Gray was a session player of note who performed for the likes of Quincy Jones,  Lalo Schifrin, John Barry and Henry Mancini. During his career he collaborated with a diverse range of artists including Olivia Newton-John, Petula Clark and Brian Eno while also playing in a fusion group called Wasp with Brian Bennett and in Sky after replacing Francis Monkman. But today we are focusing on his work for Bruton, KPM and Amphonic.

Some of the tracks on this collection could be described as orchestral funk, others are more experimental ( "The Sausage Machine", "Zirkon Fanfare", "Synchronous" ) and there is also some very nice easy listening thrown in for good measure. You might recognize a couple of the songs from "Time To Fly: Easy Listening From The KPM 1000 Series". As with many of the best library composers, Gray's abilities as a musician gave him the skills to go beyond simple song structures to create new and interesting music without abandoning the core elements required for good production tracks. Steve's "library" of work sits proudly alongside other greats such as Bennett, Parker and Hawkshaw and his impact on the British music scene will not soon be forgotten.

Steve Gray passed away on September 20, 2008.

Friday, April 29, 2011


Track 1 - Desert Heat / Peter Hamilton
Track 2 - Diodo / Blue Phantom
Track 3 - Caravan / Puccio Roelens
Track 4 - Segura O Sambura / Nilton Castro
Track 5 - Obsessively / Peter Hamilton
Track 6 - Assonanza In Mi / Armando Sciascia
Track 7 - Mattino Di Fuoco / Dom Boga
Track 8 - Mas Que Nada / Bruno Battisti D'amario
Track 9 - Hua Rock / Billy & Friends
Track 10 - Le Grisbi / Cat Collins
Track 11 - Su Delicia / Bruno Battisti D'amario
Track 12 - Disperazione / Armando Sciascia
Track 13 - I'm A Man / Green Future
Track 14 - I Found My Love In Portofino / Billy & Friends
Track 15 - Desbocado / Bruno Battisti D'amario
Track 16 - Senza Archi / Puccio Roelens

From the liner notes -

"Around the mid-sixties orchestra director Armando Sciascia began his activity as a producer and editor by creating the Vendette record label, and together with a group of friends and musicians began to produce soundtrack material for films, documentaries and t.v shows. By the end of the sixties Vendette had begun to market their recordings, releasing records like the Phase 6 superstereo series, to which our compilation "Phase 6 Super Stereo" pays tribute. Vendette's productions were inspired by the diverse musical styles of those years, experimenting unusual and bizarre arrangements of classic songs like Fred Buscaglione's "I Found My Love In Portofino" covered by Billy & Friends and featuring electric sitar, and contaminating various genres and arrangements with original compositions of notable substance.

Another fundamental aspect of Sciascia's and his collaborators work is the great attention paid to the technical side of recording and mixing the track, experimenting with innovative studio techniques and sounds. Phase 6, for example, takes it's name from a complex system of stereo recording that involves phase and counter phasing. Sergio Sciascia, Armando's son recalls: "They were crazy, they'd take the studio to pieces trying to get the best acoustics when mixing a track, with a combination of professionalism and lust for experimental research". All this, and sounds to accompany erotic and psychedelic sequences with a turbine of dark and mysterious rhythms, together with a particular choice of covers, make Vendette's recordings easily recognizable."


Track 1 - Venus
Track 2 - Knock, Knock
Track 3 - Carmen
Track 4 - Colombe Ivre
Track 5 - Je'taime, moi non plus
Track 6 - C'est Si Bon
Track 7 - Tzeinerlin
Track 8 - All Kinds Of Everything
Track 9 - Helsinki
Track 10 - Marie-Blanche
Track 11 - I'm In The Mood For Love
Track 12 - Lover

Here is a fun little album to get your weekend started. Breathless female vocals and go go grooves mix effortlessly with easy listening and a distinctly French style of sexiness.  I recognise a couple of the tracks as being cover songs but I'm unsure if the whole set is covers or if there are some original works included aswell. "Carmen", "Venus" and "Lover" are probably the pick of the tracks, sometimes the vocals are a bit overdone but I'm sure that if you're into the lounge / easy listening side of things then you'll dig this record. Thanks to the Detour blog for this rip.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Track 1 - Sport Fanfares
Track 2 - Tour D'Europe
Track 3 - Fight In The Night
Track 4 - Are You Fit?
Track 5 - Hard Training
Track 6 - Race Crew
Track 7 - Monocle Race
Track 8 - Expansion
Track 9 - Colloquium
Track 10 - Are You Free?
Track 11 - Kontrast
Track 12 - Mystery

Killer Conroy! I hadn't heard of Larry Robbins before but these 12 sports themed tracks make me want to learn more. The record is quintessential production music, great musicianship is teamed with classy composing to create a kind of funky heaven ( just check out "Hard Training" and "Race Crew" to find out what I mean ). What I especially love about this set is the level of fun on offer, most of the tracks display a sense of humour while never becoming kitsch or contrived. It should also be noted that the drumming and guitar work is really fantastic, there are plenty of breakbeats and nice solos to be had. I can't stress enough how much I want you all to download this and give it a go. In my opinion it contains everything that is good about library music and I hope you'll feel the same way!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Side A - Once Upon A Time
Side B - Special Relativity

Much in the same vein as "Worlds Within Worlds", this curiosity by Basil Kirchin encompasses ahead of its time electronics with female vocals, animal noises, untuned instruments and the sounds of autistic children. There is also an element of esoteric jazz that runs through some sections with what sounds like a saxophone being physically abused. If you have a taste for experimental music or are interested in the development of electronica in the 1970's then this might strike a chord with you. For everyone else, proceed with caution! Thanks to the original uploader.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Download here

Track 1 - Newsfront A
Track 2 - Newsfront B
Track 3 - Newsfront C
Track 4 - Newsfront D
Track 5 - Link Up A
Track 6 - Link Up B
Track 7 - Tristar
Track 8 - Street Pictures
Track 9 - Razor's Edge A
Track 10 - Razor's Edge B
Track 11 - Razor's Edge C
Track 12 - Flashpoints
Track 13 - Element Of Risk
Track 14 - Executive Travel
Track 15 - Winning Formula
Track 16 - High Technology
Track 17 - Time Code
Track 18 - Today's Girl
Track 19 - London Dawn
Track 20 - Pulse Code A
Track 21 - Pulse Code B

Without checking I can safely say this KPM by Andy Clark was released around 1984. What gives it away is the extreme level of synth pop cheesiness on display, in fact it has a great deal in common with Bruton records from the same period ( this is either a good thing or a bad thing depending on which side of the fence you sit on ). The electronics are used with skill and Clark certainly displays an ear for a good tune with "Tristar" and "Element Of Risk" being standout tracks. The general themes of achievement and activity are maintained throughout and it proves to be a worthwhile listen, especially for those who love their 80's library music.

Update - Actually it turns out this is from 1979 according to the knowledgeable retronic so it fooled me a bit.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Track 1 - Title Theme
Track 2 - Follow Me
Track 3 - Title Theme
Track 4 - Title Theme
Track 5 - Girl Faces
Track 6 - Dirty Beat
Track 7 - Soul Guitar
Track 8 - Getting Blue
Track 9 - Dirty Boy
Track 10 - Ecstasy Blues
Track 11 - Title Theme
Track 12 - Sexy Girls
Track 13 - Blues Party
Track 14 - Hot Dance
Track 15 - Dirty Dancing
Track 16 - Ballet Elevin
Track 17 - Blue Mood
Track 18 - Ecstasy Dance
Track 19 - Little Girls

This compilation of Gert Wilden tracks from German softcore porn films including "Schoolgirl Report" was released on the excellent Crippled Dick Hot Wax label back in 1996. Fuzzy guitar rock and big band horns feature heavily which sets the collection apart from the more bass / funk style of porn groove that most of us are familiar with. As far as comparisons go I'd say it is in the same ballpark as "Popshopping Vol.1" with a healthy dose of quirky and kitsch grooves. There are a few more romantic numbers ( "Ballet Elevin", "Sexy Girls", "Ecstasy Blues" ) that further extend the appeal of what is overall a competent and enjoyable record.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Download here

Track 1 - Black Dynamite Theme
Track 2 - Cleaning Up The Streets
Track 3 - Man With The Heat (Superbad)
Track 4 - Shine
Track 5 - Jimmy's Dead
Track 6 - Shot Me In The Heart
Track 7 - Black They Back
Track 8 - Gloria (Zodiac Lovers)
Track 9 - Anaconda Malt Liquor
Track 10 - Jimmy's Apartment
Track 11 - Jimmy's Dead (Interlude)
Track 12 - Chicago Wind
Track 13 - Rafaelli Chase
Track 14 - Jimmy's Dead (Instrumental)
Track 15 - Dynomite
Track 16 - Tropicola
Track 17 - Theme From Dynamite

Finding a perfect meeting point between soul, funk and porn groove the soundtrack to "Black Dynamite" is filled to the brim with the kind of music that gives blaxploitation it's deserved reputation amongst collectors. Many of the tracks have a raw, headiness that not only speaks of the time it was produced but also preempts hip hop ( excellent examples being "Chicago Wind" and "Jimmy's Dead Interlude" ). There are a series of good vocal numbers with my top pick being "Shot Me In The Heart". This rip also contains two bonus tracks not found on the original Adrian Younge composed soundtrack, the always exceptional "Tropicola" by Nino Nardini and "Theme From Dynamite" which is credited to Younge but is instantly recognisable as "The Detectives" by Alan Tew. These two songs actually appear on another collection of music from the film which I will post at Funky Frolic in the future. I hope you enjoy.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Disk 2 -

Disk 1

Track 1 - Jazz Rule / J.Hawksworth
Track 2 - Gloaming / L.Decosne
Track 3 - Funky Spider / B.Stoller
Track 4 - Silver Thrust / P.Reno
Track 5 - Swirl / A.Parker
Track 6 - Cool It / P.Reno
Track 7 - Overtone / N.Ingman
Track 8 - Response / S.Haseley
Track 9 - Forgotten Dream / R.Harvey
Track 10 - I'm Feather / B.Moore
Track 11 - Drum Time / A.Valotti
Track 12 - Harlem Globetrotters / P.Reno
Track 13 - Bright Spark / R.Wale
Track 14 - New Project / J.Reids
Track 15 - Trip Wire / N.Ingman

Disk 2

Track 1 - Megaton / P.Reno
Track 2 - Down Home / N.Ingman
Track 3 - Payroll / J.Trombey
Track 4 - Dindou N.1 / Ceccarelli
Track 5 - Hot Hells / B.Moore
Track 6 - Time Machine / P.Milray
Track 7 - Smooth & Cool / N.Ingman
Track 8 - See The Light / R.Harvey
Track 9 - Cool Character / B.Stoller
Track 10 - Party People / F.McDonald & C.Rae
Track 11 - Gang Process / A.Ceccarelli
Track 12 - Causeway / P.Kass
Track 13 - Hard Crust / P.Reno
Track 14 - Grey Sigh / R.Webb
Track 15 - Spiro / A.Valotti
Track 16 - Track Record / K.Papworth
Track 17 - Supercharger / P.Milray

This fantastic collection of De Wolfe music was put out on the Irma La Douce label and has a particularly Italian vibe despite the mainly British line up of composers. Funk and jazz play a strong part ( "Forgotten Dream", "Funky Spider", "See The Light", "Party People", "I'm Feather", "Bright Spark", Harlem Globetrotter" ) however there is plenty more to enjoy with compilation favourites "Down Home", "Trip Wire" and "Grey Sigh" featuring. The tracks are mainly uptempo, breakbeats and funky solos flow freely and there is a lot of fun to be had as well ( "Cool Character" being a prime example ). Despite, or maybe because, of it's differences it makes a great companion piece to "Bite Hard: The Music De Wolfe Sampler". It truly is a must have library music collection and one that I have long treasured.


Link has been removed due to a record label request.

Track 1 - Main Theme
Track 2 - Hard Drugs
Track 3 - A Girl Loves Cheng Li
Track 4 - China Shake
Track 5 - Big Boss & His Gang
Track 6 - Revenge & Corruption
Track 7 - China Love
Track 8 - Dream For Two
Track 9 - Blood & Dead Friends
Track 10 - Amulet
Track 11 - Finding The Drugs
Track 12 - Tromboneman Is Falling In
Track 13 - Yellow
Track 14 - Cheng Li & His Friends
Track 15 - Bruce Lee Forever
Track 16 - Mukuri
Track 17 - Under Control
Track 18 - Malaparte Sinus
Track 19 - The Fist Of Fury
Track 20 - Moontown
Track 21 - EKG
Track 22 - Communication In Hyperspace

Peter Thomas presents this very Euro-centric take on the kung fu soundtrack and the results are certainly unique. There are still elements of your typical Hong Kong style score but they are infused with a German big band / jazz sound and then given the full Thomas treatment ( "Dream For Two" is a good example of his penchant for sound manipulation and spacey experimentation ). If you're after super funky stuff then there is plenty on offer with "Amulet", "Cheng Li & His Friends", "Under Control" and "Hard Drugs" all fitting the bill. However for those who are more familiar with Peter's electronic work the last few tracks will be of particular interest. It really is a fascinating mix and rates among the best soundtracks I have in my collection. Thanks to the original uploader.

Friday, April 22, 2011


Track 1 - Rock House / Ernie Freeman Combo
Track 2 - Ill Wind / John Buzon Trio
Track 3 - The Girl From Ipanema Meditation  / Denny McLain
Track 4 - Love Is Just Around The Corner / Jackie Davis
Track 5 - Movin' At Midnight / Sir Julian
Track 6 - VocĂȘ E Eu / Walter Wanderley
Track 7 - Lil' Darlin' / Joe Bucci Trio
Track 8 - Patricia / Joe Bucci Trio
Track 9 - The Third Man Theme / Don Baker Trio
Track 10 - A Man And A Woman / Sir Julian
Track 11 - Mr. Ghost Goes To Town / John Buzon Trio
Track 12 - Laura More / Denny McLain
Track 13 - Perfidia / Jackie Davis
Track 14 - The Late, Late Show / Milt Buckner
Track 15 - Fever Comin' Home Baby / Ernie Freeman Combo
Track 16 - Flying Fiddles / Shay Torrent
Track 17 - Song Of The Bayou / Martin Denny
Track 18 - Enchanted Farm / Forbidden Five
Track 19 - Where Was I? / French Guy

The best way I can describe this compilation is to say that the music sounds like the sort of stuff you'd hear in a groovy old cinema before they show the movie. Or maybe when a t.v channel is having a break in transmission. The tracks glide gracefully between exotica, lounge and easy listening with the common thread being the presence of various organs. Quality is maintained throughout but I do particularly like the jazzier moments comprised within "Movin' At Midnight" and "Fever Comin' Home Baby" ( a mash up of "Fever" and "Comin' Home" ). All in all it's what you would expect from an Ultra Lounge comp, lots of sexy, slinky cocktail friendly groovers.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Updated link here

Side A - Evolution
Side B - Emergence

What can I say about "Worlds Within Worlds"? Well, it's avant garde, electronic, musique concrete that will appeal to those who like their music to be challenging. The record has a dream like quality which sometimes descends into the territory of nightmares ( distorted human screams anyone? ). I really have no idea what's going on but I like it and it clearly demonstrates that Kirchin had a healthy does of genius and madness going on. Are you brave enough to take the trip?


Track 1 - Primitive London 1
Track 2 - Primitive London 2
Track 3 - Primitive London 3
Track 4 - Primitive London 4
Track 5 - Primitive London 5
Track 6 - Primitive London 6
Track 7 - The Freelance 1
Track 8 - The Freelance 2
Track 9 - The Freelance 3
Track 10 - The Freelance 4

Here is a nice review I found at Bookat -

"Trunk Records continue their quest to unearth the finest nuggets from esteemed composer Basil Kirchin with this latest epic find. 'Primitive London' is the first score Kirchin composed, and accompanied a somewhat exploitative documentary focused on the seamy underbelly of London in the 1960s - soundtracking interviews with strippers, swingers and whomever else the filmmakers could find to shock the conservative Great British public. Clocking in at just under forty minutes, the score has all the hallmarks of a great Kirchin release; pummeling percussive breaks, cascades of horns and that shocking attention to production detail, which allowed him to truly sound like nobody else at the time.

The musical focus is, like much of Kirchin's earlier score work, focused on elements of jazz, taking the jazz band ensemble and placing it in the framework of score music. Here, unlike some of his later material, the sound is gloriously raw, and while it might lack some of the more jagged avant garde-isms of 'World Within Worlds' the music is effortlessly weird and curiously involving. It's easy to imagine the subject matter without having seen the original film (I haven't), and try and get a grip on how Kirchin was trying to get across throughs of a grimy, unseen London - the kind of London that the conservative right was so petrified of. This paranoia is explored with subtle expertise, and offset by those whimsical moments of calm that set Kirchin apart from his contemporaries. Trunk have done it again, and seem to be heart-set on doing us, the humble listeners, a service by digging up music that the rest of the world might have forgotten."

What this review doesn't tell you is that this collection is comprised of the score from "Primitive London" and also "The Freelance" which is more jazz orientated. I will be posting "Worlds Within Worlds" later today.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Track 1 - Make It Funky Pt.1 / James Brown
Track 2 - Family Affair / Sly & The Family Stone
Track 3 - Future Shock / Curtis Mayfield
Track 4 - Funky Stuff / Kool & The Gang
Track 5 - What Is Hip? / Tower Of Power
Track 6 - Soul Power '74 Pt.1 / Maceo & The Macks
Track 7 - For The Love Of Money / The O-Jays
Track 8 - Tell Me Something Good / Rufus
Track 9 - Person To Person / Average White Band
Track 10 - Do It (Til You're Satisfied) / B.T Express
Track 11 - Sexy Ida Pt.1 / Ike & Tina Turner
Track 12 - Pick Up The Pieces / Average White Band
Track 13 - Shining Star / Earth, Wind & Fire
Track 14 - Shakey Ground / The Temptations
Track 15 - Chocolate City / Parliament 

"In Yo' Face Vol.2" does indeed get in yo' face with a hefty batch of classic grooves from the golden age of funk. Some of the key cuts include the awesome "Shakey Ground", Maceo and The Macks "Soul Power '74 Pt.1" always makes me smile, "Family Affair" has long since transcended beyond being a hit song and is now an icon of pop culture and I can't help thinking about Seinfeld and Elaine's "little kicks" whenever I hear "Shining Star" by Earth, Wind & Fire. Throw in James Brown and Curtis Mayfield and you've got a quality comp with much to offer. Please note - Track 7 is missing from this rip.


Track 1 - Jungle Boogie / Kool & The Gang
Track 2 - In Time / Sly & The Family Stone
Track 3 - Papa Don't Take No Mess Pt.1 / James Brown
Track 4 - I Get Lifted / George McCrae
Track 5 - Cut The Cake / Average White Band
Track 6 - Give The People What They Want / The O-Jays
Track 7 - Fight The Power Pt.1 / The Isley Brothers
Track 8 - The Jam / Graham Central Station
Track 9 - P Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up) / Parliament
Track 10 - Dance Wit Me / Rufus
Track 11 - Sophisticated Lady / Natalie Cole
Track 12 - Play That Funky Music / Wild Cherry
Track 13 - Undisco Kidd / Funkadelic
Track 14 - Get The Funk Out Ma Face / The Brothers Johnson
Track 15 - Funk Funk / Cameo

The third installment of the "In Yo' Face" series has a good helping of funk staples including such recognisable tracks as "Play That Funky Music", "P Funk" ( Wants To Get Funked Up ) and the soundtrack favourites "Jungle Boogie" and "Fight The Power Pt.1". Two of the lesser known songs that caught my attention were "The Jam" by Graham Central Station which has an especially cool opening section and "Funk Funk" by Cameo with it's freaked out bass and humorous lyrics. This compilation is much what you expect from your average "Best Of" collection, it does the job without covering too much new ground.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Track 1 - If You Want Me To Stay / Sly & The Family Stone
Track 2 - The Payback / James Brown
Track 3 - Hollywood Swinging / Kool & The Gang
Track 4 - Central Station / Water Graham
Track 5 - School Boy Crush / AWB
Track 6 - Tear The Roof Off The Sucker / Parliament
Track 7 - Shake Your Rump To The Funk / The Bar-Kays
Track 8 - Dazz / Brick
Track 9 - The Pinocchio Theory / Bootsy's Rubber Band
Track 10 - Got To Give It Up Pt.1 / Marvin Gaye
Track 11 - Slide / Slave
Track 12 - Serpentine Fire / Earth, Wind & Fire
Track 13 - Reach For It / George Duke
Track 14 - LOVEU / Brass Construction
Track 15 - Take Me To The Next Phase Pt.1 / The Isley Brothers

Plenty of funky classics feature on Volume 4 with "The Payback", "Got To Give It Up Pt.1", "If You Want Me To Stay" and "Hollywood Swingers" among the tracks that have been sampled or used in television and film many times before. Bootsy Collins makes an appearance on the wah wah and horn groover "The Pinocchio Theory", "Shake Your Rump To The Funk" never fails to please and The Isley Brothers are a welcome addition. This compilation has a consistency to it that is somewhat missing from Vol.5 and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The remaining volumes will be posted in the next few days.


Track 1 - Loose Booty / Sly & The Family Stone
Track 2 - Ffun / Con Funk Shun
Track 3 - Flash Light / Parliament
Track 4 - Dukey Stick Pt.1 / George Duke
Track 5 - I Like Girls / Fatback
Track 6 - Disco To Go / The Brides Of Funkenstein
Track 7 - Holy Ghost / The Bar-Kays
Track 8 - Bustin' Loose Pt.1 / Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers
Track 9 - Shake / The Gap Band
Track 10 - Insurance Man For The Funk / Bernie Worrell
Track 11 - Take De Funk Off, Fly / Ohio Players
Track 12 - Bustin' Out / Rick James
Track 13 - I Just Want To Be / Cameo
Track 14 - The Same Thing / Sly & The Family Stone
Track 15 - More Bounce To The Ounce Pt.1 / Zapp

The fifth and final volume of the "In Yo' Face" series continues to showcase the best work from some of the most popular and well know funk acts of all time. Highlights include the Beastie Boys sampled "Loose Booty", a stomping Rick James track, the one and only "Flash Light" as well as popular cuts from Ohio Players, The Bar-Kays and Con Funk Shun. While taking a populist viewpoint ( you wont find any rarities here ) it does succeed in terms of being a party friendly funk compilation with wide appeal.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Track 1 - Cabaret Dance / Kalyanji Anandji
Track 2 - Main Hoon Lilly / Various
Track 3 - Giraffe Trapping Music / Sapan Jagmohan
Track 4 - Na Na Na Yeh Kyakarne Lage Ho / Various
Track 5 - Incidental Music / Rahul Dev Burman
Track 6 - Pyar Chahiye Key Paisa / Various
Track 7 - Yeh Jawani Hai Meri Jaan / Mohammed Rafi & Asha Boshle
Track 8 - Theme Music / Kalyanji Anandji
Track 9 - Yeh Dhuaan / Various
Track 10 - Dance Music / Various
Track 11 - Sote Sote Aadhi Reat / Salma Agha
Track 12 - Title Music / Rahul Dev Burman
Track 13 - Kya Jane Yeh Duniya Kya Jan / Various

This compilation is one of a number that focus on the groovy music that came out the Bollywood system in the 1970's and it's among the best. The beginning of "Na Na Na Yeh Kyakarne Lage Ho" could almost qualify as afro funk with a nice heavy sound while "Pyar Chahiye Key Paisa" is spy jazz meets surf rock with an Indian twist. Some of the tracks are much as you would expect from your average Bollywood film of the time but others have a fascinating east meets west vibe encompassing rock, jazz and electronic influences. It's a real eye opener ( or ear opener if you will ) and certainly gets my stamp of approval. Check it out.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Track 1 - Bullitt / Lalo Schifrin
Track 2 - Theme From The Persuaders / John Barry
Track 3 - E.V.A / Jean Jacques Perrey
Track 4 - Theme From The Prisoner / Ron Grainer
Track 5 - Theme From Space 1999 / Barry Gray
Track 6 - Theme From Dirty Harry / Lalo Schifrin
Track 7 - Theme From The Sweeney / Wallace & Brint
Track 8 - Theme From Man In A Suitcase / Ron Grainer
Track 9 - James Bond Theme / Monty Norman & His Orchestra
Track 10 - Theme From Get Carter / Roy Budd
Track 11 - Theme From Whodunnit / Simon Haseley
Track 12 - Theme From The Champions / Tony Hatch
Track 13 - Main Theme From Joe 90 / Barry Gray
Track 14 - The Protectors: Avenues & Alleyways / Tony Christie
Track 15 - Randall & Hopkin Deceased / Edwin Astley
Track 16 - Theme From Van Der Velk - Eye Level / Jack Trombey
Track 17 - Theme From The Avengers / Laurie Johnson
Track 18 - Theme From The Saint / Lee Reed Brass
Track 19 - Theme From Dempsey & Makepeace / South Bank Orchestra
Track 20 - Theme From Jason King / Laurie Johnson
Track 21 - Theme From Sapphire & Steele / Cyril Ornadel
Track 22 - Theme From U.F.O / Barry Gray
Track 23 - Theme From The Baron / Edwin Astley
Track 24 - Theme From The Professionals / London Symphony Orchestra

Lalo Schifrin, Barry Gray, Roy Budd, John Barry all on the same record? That's reason enough to check out this great compilation but there are many more gems included. "E.V.A" by Jean Jacques Perrey which will never get tired, there's "Theme From The Sweeney", the subterranean bass of "Theme From Whodunnit?", the swinging "Theme From The Champions" and ofcourse the legend that is "James Bond Theme". The final track is a remix of "Theme From The Professionals" by Blueboy.

It's probably a step above Disk 2 but put them both together and you've got an encyclopedic look at the best in television and film theme music from the 1960's and 70's. A must have for your collection.


Here we are again Funky Frolicers, another month has come and gone in this little corner of the blogosphere. I hate to be a broken record but I am so grateful for all the lovely comments, new followers and general acts of kindness that have flowed my way in recent times. Hopefully I can continue to forge new connections and provide interesting content for everyone to enjoy.

I have a number of mixes in development and will probably post at least two of them in the following month. I'll be on holidays for a little while in May but I will let you know how I plan to keep things rolling in my absence. Rest assured there will be plenty more good times to be had at Funky Frolic. All the best from Mr.Craig.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Download here

Track 1 - Theme From Mission Impossible / Lalo Schifrin
Track 2 - Theme From Department S / Edwin Astley
Track 3 - Theme From The Man From U.N.C.L.E / Hugo Montenegro
Track 4 - Theme From Return Of The Saint / Saint Orchestra
Track 5 - Theme From The Professionals / London Symphony Orchestra
Track 6 - Theme From Stingray / Barry Gray
Track 7 - Theme From Danger Man (High Wire) / Bob Leaper Orchestra
Track 8 - 007 / John Barry & His Orchestra
Track 9 - On The Way To San Mateo / Lalo Schifrin
Track 10 - Theme From Fireball XL5 / Barry Gray
Track 11 - Theme From Thunderbirds / Barry Gray Orchestra
Track 12 - Theme From Strange Report / Geoff Love & His Orchestra
Track 13 - Theme From The New Avengers / London Studio Orchestra
Track 14 - Theme From Captain Scarlet / Barry Gray Orchestra
Track 15 - Theme From Supercar / Barry Gray
Track 16 - Theme From Tiswas / Tom Bright
Track 17 - Theme From The Magic Roundabout / Alain Legrand
Track 18 - Theme From Tales Of The Unexpected / Ron Grainer
Track 19 - Aqua Marina / Barry Gray
Track 20 - Theme From Crown Court / Simon Haseley & Peter Reno
Track 21 - Theme From Hill Street Blues / Mike Post
Track 22 - Twin Peaks Theme / Angelo Badalamenti
Track 23 -  Blade Runner Blues / Vangelis

"This Is Cult Fiction Royale" is one of the finest collections of television themes ( and in particular spy jazz themes ) that you are ever likely to hear. Some of the biggest names in the biz are featured, with Barry Gray getting plenty of exposure with classics such as "Theme From Thunderbirds", "Theme From Captain Scarlet" and "Theme From Supercar" all featuring here. Perennial compilation inclusions such as "Theme From Mission Impossible", "Theme From The Man From U.N.C.L.E" and "007" are presented in all their glory along with funky numbers like "Theme From The Professionals" and "Theme From Danger Man". The final three tracks seem like they were added as an afterthought and, as good as they are, they don't fit the overall vibe of the record. All the same I can't recommend this collection highly enough, it's awesome. Disk 1 will be posted tomorrow.


Track 1 - Electric To Me Turn
Track 2 - The Word
Track 3 - Cherubic Hymn
Track 4 - Program Me
Track 5 - War
Track 6 - National Anthem To The Moon
Track 7 - Chant Of The Unborn
Track 8 - Incantation
Track 9 - Angel Child
Track 10 - Word Game
Track 11 - Song Of The Death Machine
Track 12 - Super Nova
Track 13 - Requiem

Bruce Haack's "Electric Lucifer" is a bit like an electronic opera which describes the battle between good and evil. He used self made electronics, a moog and an early incarnation of the vocoder to create these acid tinged compositions that sound pretty far out even in comparison to other music released around 1969 / 1970. Some the the sounds he creates are truly groundbreaking and more importantly compelling, they also show that Haack was much more than a performer of children's music and was able to explore much deeper and darker themes.

If you are interested in finding out more about Bruce Haack's career I would suggest you hunt down "Haack: The King Of Techno" which is a super documentary about his life and work that was released back in 2004. Also, you can download his album "Listen Compute Rock Home" here.

Friday, April 15, 2011


Track 1 - Blues Cynetique / B.Kaufman & G.Jerome
Track 2 - Top Rally / Jack Arel & Pierre Dutour
Track 3 - Studio 96 / Richard Demaria
Track 4 - Crazy Flute Happy Guitar / Roger Davey
Track 5 - Exotica / Roger Webb
Track 6 - Perdition / Roger Roger
Track 7 - Underground Agent / Paul Kass
Track 8 -  Jazz Samba / Jay Berliner
Track 9 - Remember Billy / Richard Demaria
Track 10 - Electro Aggression / John Matthews
Track 11 - Race The Sun / Johnny Scott
Track 12 - The Whistler / Johnny Hawksworth
Track 13 - Bumblebees Dance / Jack Arel & Pierre Dutour
Track 14 - Electro Springs / Eric Peters
Track 15 - Robottom / James Asher
Track 16 - Velvet Clouds / Roger Roger
Track 17 - Minor Mind / Georges Teperino
Track 18 - Electro Twist / John Matthews
Track 19 - Syncope Mind / Roger Davey
Track 20 - Harp Beat / Johnny Hawksworth
Track 21 - Electrosonics 4 / Georges Teperino
Track 22 - Sound Industrial 15 / Roger Roger
Track 23 - Extase / Paul Bonneau
Track 24 - Jingles 1 / B.Kaufman
Track 25 - Let's Go / Will Edwards
Track 26 - Pendulum / Bernard Fevre

From the liner notes -

"And here we are again with a collection so joyous it makes you want to sing from the mountaintops and revel in the sheer effervescent luxury of so much superb music on one album. There's a sense of abandonment about the best library music, a feeling of invention and fun that's rarely found in other parts of the musical spectrum, where everebody gets hung up on perculiar notions of perfection. It's a world free from the cult of personality, rich in imagery where normal rules do not apply. Once again Mr. Vibert has worked his nuts off to bring you the rarest, most funky, weird and downright excellent tracks in existence. Once again they have been carefully chosen from the archives of Chappel, Southern, IM, Bruton, Peer and Parry and once again you can rest assured that you are listening to some of the most futuristic, farout and fantastic music ever made, 26 rare and unreleased tracks."

There are some absolute gems in this collection including the romping "Bumblebees Dance", the fuzz guitar pop of "Syncope Mind" and the beastly bass of "Jingles 1". It's every bit as good as the first volume and is a must have compilation of library oddities.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Track 1 - Next Episode / Richard Demaria
Track 2 - Turkish Delight / Epstein & Kraman
Track 3 - Pathetic Motion / Eddie Warner
Track 4 - Intimations / Midas Touch
Track 5 - Frantique / Roger Roger
Track 6 - Xylophagus / Eddie Warner
Track 7 - The Bungler / Boneschi Electronic Combo
Track 8 - Soft Bossa / Nino Nardini
Track 9 - Cleopatra / Georges Teperino
Track 10 - Electronic Track 10 / Peter Bonello
Track 11 - Electrostalactites / Anthony King
Track 12 - Telex / Eddie Warner
Track 13 - Bumbling Along / Nino Nardini
Track 14 - Xylo Spleen / Eddie Warner
Track 15 - Chunnel Boogie / Anthony King
Track 16 - Icebreaker / Nino Nardini
Track 17 - Bacarolle / Heinz Funk Electronic Combo 
Track 18 - Syncopated Motion / Eddie Warner
Track 19 - Electronic Track 15 / Cecil Leuter
Track 20 - Strange Love Action / Johanna Group
Track 21 - Electra-Loo / Fred Weinberg
Track 22 - Zouche Drums 3 / David Holland
Track 23 - Electronic Track 12 / Cecil Leuter
Track 24 - Pots And Pans / A.King & J.Matthews
Track 25 - Sundown / Jack Arel & Pierre Dutour
Track 26 - Chromatickles / Eddie Warner
Track 27 - On The Air / Eddie Warner
Track 28 - Tropical / Nino Nardini

Here is what the liner notes say -

"Library Music, also known as Production Music: music made specifically for use in T.V, film and radio worldwide, is often thought of as bland background music. This album tells a different story and displays how a particular convergence of circumstances led to the creation of some of the most unusual and exploratory music ever made.

Back in the 70's a dispute in Britain concerning the Musicians Union meant that France became the centre of the Library Music scene. With France's receptivity to the avante-garde, its long time love of jazz and the ready availability of outstanding musicians, plus the advent of new technology, it's not surprising that the resultant music was of a decidedly experimental nature. It is surprising that despite being issued in quantities as little as 200 this music is still being played 30 years later and still sounds remarkable for its spontaneity, invention and sheer ahead of its time funkiness.

Much of the music on this album was made at the Genaro studios, near Paris, France, by three men; Roger Roger, Nino Nardini and Eddie Warner ( aka Cecil Leuter, Peter Bonello and Georges Teperino ). Working deep into the night in their amazing underground studio, using home made synths, distorted harpsichords, drums through moogs, spaced out percussion and funked up bass, they...created a new kind of electronic funk. But it's not all funk, there are also such oddities as the bizarre vocal excursion that is "Turkish Delight", the space age lounge music of Heinz Funk and his Electronic Combo, the 'folk concrete' of The Johanna Group's "Strange Love Action" and classic tracks such as "Sundown" by the great Jack Arel.

Months were spent searching through dusty boxes, listening to old vinyl, travelling to Paris to interview relatives of the musicians and scouring the libraries of Chappell, PIL ( Peer International Library ), Southern and the legendary - and highly sought after IM ( L'illustration Musicale ) to bring you what we believe to be the finest collection of Library Music yet released. Certain people will be irate that this 'secret' music is now available but it's far too good to be the preserve of a privileged few. Listen and marvel at how the music of yesteryear sounds like the music of tomorrow."

Well, that pretty much sums it up. Interestingly when I bought this CD it actually came with the wood panel style cover you see below. I have also included the artwork which features on the insert which shows off the various records these tracks are taken from. I hope you enjoy this.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Track 1 - Cecilia
Track 2 - In The Summertime
Track 3 - Come Together
Track 4 - Manha De Carnival
Track 5 - Mas Soledad
Track 6 - Book Of Dad
Track 7 - Chopiniana In Bossa
Track 8 - Uncle Jim
Track 9 - La Cucacracha
Track 10 - Tequila
Track 11 - Memories Of You
Track 12 - Honey, Rhythm & Butter

Pinto Varez ( real name Francesco Anselmo ) presents a set of cover songs on this Phase 6 Super Stereo release from 1970. The mood is lounge / easy with a healthy dose of Italy meets South America groove. Some of the more recognisable tracks are "In The Summertime", "Tequila". "La Cucaracha" and a fab version of "Come Together".  This record is a little corny at times but "Mahna De Carnival" and "Honey, Rhythm & Butter" show off a more serious, jazzier side. This link is care of Mondo Ribelle.


Track 1 - Western Living
Track 2 - Holidays
Track 3 - Domestic Noon
Track 4 - Domestic Afternoon
Track 5 - Pizzicato Days
Track 6 - Busy Anyone
Track 7 - Happy Vacation
Track 8 - In Fashion
Track 9 - After The Fox
Track 10 - Central Park
Track 11 - Act One
Track 12 - Leisure

I couldn't find much information about L.B Glindermann on the internet apart from that he was the leader of a Danish big band. Whatever the origins of this collection ( I couldn't even find a cover for it ), there is a plethora of easy, consumer / domestic type grooves that have a lot in common with "Music For T.V Dinners". Playful strings and piano form the basis for most of the tracks with some occasional nice drumming thrown in. I think this download may have come from Bryan at Bryan's Lounge so I'm not sure if it is a mix or an original album, either way it is a rewarding listen that will appeal to the easy / lounge set.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Track 1 - Mark Il Poliziotto / Stelvio Cipriani
Track 2 - La Polizia Ha Le Mani Legate / Stelvio Cipriani
Track 3 - La Polizia Chiede Aiuto / Stelvio Cipriani
Track 4 - La Via Della Droga / Goblin
Track 5 - La Polizia Sta A Guardare / Stelvio Cipriani
Track 6 - Controrapina / Paolo Vasile
Track 7 - Vai Gorilla / Bixio, Frizzi & Tempera
Track 8 - Trumpet's Flight / Goblin
Track 9 - Napoli Si Ribella / Franco Campanino
Track 10 - A Pugni Nudi / Franco Bixio
Track 11 - Il Giorno Del Cobra / Paolo Vasile
Track 12 - Notturno A Toiuca / Goblin
Track 13 - Roma, L'Altra Faccia Della Violenza / Bixio, Frizzi & Tempera

This Italian crime funk collection is a little more laid back that the excellent "Piombo Rovente" however there are still plenty of driving beats and wah wah grooves to get down to. It contains a nice, diverse mix including some Goblin tracks and the whole package has a cool library music vibe. The psych rock of "La Via Della Droga" and the orchestral "A Pugni Nudi" are two good examples of the varying styles featured. While not reaching any great heights it's still an enjoyable, well selected compilation that deserves some attention.


Track 1 - Enter The Dragon
Track 2 - Theme From Hong Kong
Track 3 - Heart Of The Dragon
Track 4 - Hold Them Kung Fu
Track 5 - Flames Of The Dragon
Track 6 - Scorching Iron
Track 7 - Black Belt Jones
Track 8 - Skango
Track 9 - Fungaa
Track 10 - Black Belt
Track 11 - Iron Fist
Track 12 - Kung Fu Man

This kung fu themed curiosity was recorded by Perry in 1975 at his Black Ark studio. The sound is more in line with reggae than it is with dub ( if you are looking for deep bass you wont find it here ), there are also some interesting production techniques used. You would think there might be an eastern influence to some of the tracks given the concept of the album but that isn't the case, it's straight up Jamaican. There are a couple of songs that I think are quite good, "Flames Of The Dragon" has a nice guitar groove and echo infused vocals, "Iron Fist" also stands out, in part because it seems to have a better sound quality than many of the other tracks. I was somewhat disappointed when I listened to this album but thought it was worth posting as a bit of a curio.

Monday, April 11, 2011



Track 1 - Who Dun It? / Blue Mitchell
Track 2 - Say It Loud (I'm Black I'm Proud / Lou Donaldson
Track 3 - Sissy Strut / Big John Patton
Track 4 - Easy Back / Grant Green
Track 5 - Hunk O' Funk / Jack McDuff
Track 6 - Tic Tac Toe / Candido
Track 7 - Down Home Funk / Richard "Groove" Holmes
Track 8 - Cantaloupe Woman / Grant Green
Track 9 - I Don't Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing / Grant Green
Track 10 - Don't Knock My Love / Ronnie Foster
Track 11 - (Don't Worry) If There's A Hell / Lou Donaldson
Track 12 - Bambu / Reuben Wilson
Track 13 - Family Affair / Bobby Hutcherson

A delicious selection of funky grooves from the Blue Note label, featuring such legendary names as Grant Green, Richard "Groove" Holmes and Jack McDuff. The "funk" presented here is definitely on the jazzier side of things as you might expect with a Blue Note compilation, each track has been selected with care and the performances are exceptional across the board. I particularly enjoy the smoky, nightclub vibe of "Sissy Strut", Jack McDuff's "Hunk O' Funk" is self explanatory, and the fuzzy guitars are a real delight on "Don't Knock My Love". Two of the Grant Green tracks appear on "Blue Breakbeats" which I posted here a few days ago and if you enjoyed that one you'll certainly find a lot to love about this cool collection.


Track 1 - Abracadabra
Track 2 -The Connexion
Track 3 - Yellow Dream
Track 4 - Proclamation
Track 5 - Hand Made
Track 6 - Puzzle
Track 7 - The Quiet Man

This psych funk / jazz record from 1973 has a line up including Curt Cress, Kristian Schultze and Wolfgang Shmid, with the composing and arranging done by Ace Saxeman and Klaus Doldinger. The inclusion of Doldinger got me excited because I recognised his name from "Popshopping Vol.1".

There are plenty of different musical elements at play, from prog fusion through to electronic experimentation that help to compliment the super funky sections. I found myself nodding my head in appreciation during tracks such as "Yellow Dream" and "Proclamation", "Hand Made" is more in the realm of esoteric jazz with a trance like groove that lasts almost ten minutes. "Puzzle" is my favourite track though, mainly due to the sample-worthy drumming and library music style simplicity of the composition.

"Hand Made" is a slight departure from the music I have posted at Funky Frolic in the past but I think it is more than worthy of inclusion. Give it a listen and let me know what you think. Thanks to the original uploader.


Track 1 - Superfriends
Track 2 - Scooby Doo, Where Are You?
Track 3 - Speed Racer
Track 4 - Batman: The Animated Series
Track 5 - The Tick
Track 6 - The Powerpuff Girls
Track 7 - Johnny Quest
Track 8 - Space Ghost
Track 9 - Sailor Moon
Track 10 - Spiderman
Track 11 - King Kong
Track 12 - Ducktales
Track 13 - Underdog
Track 14 - X-Men
Track 15 - Popeye The Sailor
Track 16 - Mighty Mouse
Track 17 - The Mighty Hercules
Track 18 - Super Chicken
Track 19 - Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers
Track 20 - The New Scooby Doo Movie
Track 21 - The New Adventures Of Superman
Track 22 - Astro Boy
Track 23 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Track 24 - Hong Kong Phooey
Track 25 - Darkwing Duck
Track 26 - The Hardy Boys
Track 27 - Gigantor
Track 28 - Tale Spin
Track 29 - Crusader Rabbit
Track 30 - The Amazing Chan And The Chan Clan
Track 31 - The Atom Ant Show
Track 32 - Touche Turtle
Track 33 - Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?
Track 34 - Captain Planet And The Planeteers
Track 35 - The Secret Squirrel Show
Track 36 - The Real Adventures Of Johnny Quest

36 fun cartoon themes spanning several decades of animated action. Some will be instantly recognizable while others are a little more obscure and will have you racking your brain trying to remember if you've seen them before. "Astro Boy", "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, "Hong Kong Phooey", "Spiderman" and "Speed Racer" all bring back memories of hours spent in front of the t.v on Saturday mornings during the 1980's and early 90's. Beyond the nostalgia, there is actually some very groovy music included on this collection with "King Kong" being a standout. I hope you enjoy taking this trip down memory lane as much as I did.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Download here

Track 1 - Whole / Raskovich
Track 2 - Sweet Beat / Stefano Torossi
Track 3 - Capricorno / A.Tommasi
Track 4 - Eccitamento / Gianni Mazza
Track 5 - Macero / Narassa
Track 6 - Diatomea / Subelli
Track 7 - Schizzo / Coscia
Track 8 - Polyphony / Sandro Brugnolini
Track 9 - Sospresi Nel Traffico / Gianni.Mazza
Track 10 - Diamonds / F.Bixio
Track 11 - Ambiente Elegante / F.Bonfanti
Track 12 - La Gang / Gianni Mazza
Track 13 - Gospel 71 / Subelli

This highly impressive library music collection didn't come up on my radar until last year and I was thrilled when I listened to it for the first time. None of these songs have appeared on other compilations as far as I know, which is surprising given the quality of the grooves on offer. "Whole" by Raskovich ( Giuliano Sorgini ) sets the tone for the whole album with a funky guitar and bass platform that leads into some very nice organ work. I would argue that Stefano Torossi's "Sweet Beat" is the best track on the record with it's spy funk vibe and wicked drum breaks. In fact the drumming is a feature of the whole collection ( "Macero" and "Diamonds" being two more examples ). "La Gang" also deserves a mention for being an over the top, out of control, hold on to the steering wheel, funky delight.

Curiously the release date on the cover is listed as 1985, whether this is a mistake or a red herring I don't know but it is certainly a product of the mid 1990's. Regardless of when it was put out, it is a must have library comp that will both titillate and tantalise with it's array of top shelf Italian gems.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Track 1 - Big Fight
Track 2 - L'Ultima Minaccia
Track 3 - Droga E Paura
Track 4 - Senza Via D'uscita
Track 5 - Dark Suspence
Track 6 - Pronti Per L'agguato
Track 7 - Tensione Notturna
Track 8 - Running To The Airport
Track 9 - A Un Passo Dal Pericolo
Track 10 - Deep Night
Track 11 - Caccia Al Cinese
Track 12 - Fiato Sospeso
Track 13 - Autostrada Della Morte
Track 14 - Affanno

This Cometa release from 1977 has the Italian title of "Il Cinico, L'infame E Il Violento" and was one of the albums used to source material for the ultra cool "Piombo Rovente" compilation. Many of the tracks clock in at 2 minutes or less which gives you some idea of the tight and to-the-point nature of the music. You can more or less split the record up into two halves, with the full throttle funk explosions on one side and the tense, dramatic numbers on the other. "Affanno", "Big Fight", "Senza Via D'uscita", "Running To The Airport" and "Fiato Sospeso" are the epitome of everything that is great about crime funk with their driving beats, blasting horns, pulsing piano and wild wah wah guitar. From the quieter tracks "Tensione Notturna" and "Caccia Al Cinese" stand out with their ominous overtones. To be honest it is hard to find a fault anywhere with his highly desirable and delectable soundtrack. It gets my "10 out of 10 Frolics" stamp of approval.


Track 1 - Red Face
Track 2 - Silver Legs
Track 3 - Blue Hairs
Track 4 - Golden Eyes
Track 5 - Violet Lips
Track 6 - Theme For Aretha
Track 7 - Arcavolo
Track 8 - Hong Kong Wind
Track 9 - Insistence
Track 10 - Mendes Day
Track 11 - Lilac Arms
Track 12 - Black Heart
Track 13 - Grey Cheeks
Track 14 - Ivory Breast
Track 15 - White Neck
Track 16 - Message From The Jungle
Track 17 - African Popcorn
Track 18 - Brasilian Butterfly
Track 19 - Flute Safari
Track 20 - Urubamba
Track 21 - Tarzan Dance

Just like I Gres and I Marc 4, the Barigozzi Group were rediscovered during the late 90's thanks to the increased interest in rare groove and library music. This compilation is packed full of jazzy, library orientated delights that are sourced from three different Barigozzi releases. As some of the track titles might suggest there is an exotica and samba theme running through "Message From The Jungle", "African Popcorn", "Flute Safari" and "Brasilian Butterfly". The majority of the music is mid tempo and straightforward with the use of flute, horns and organ providing the spark that brings many of the songs to life. My personal favourites are "Theme For Aretha", "Lilac Arms" and the opener "Red Face". It's a collection I have long cherished and I hope you enjoy it too. I will be posting one of the original Barigozzi Group albums at Funky Frolic in the future so stay tuned!

Friday, April 8, 2011



Track 1 - Gay Spirits / David Rose & His Orchestra
Track 2 - Lover / Richard Marino & His Orchestra
Track 3 - Moon Moods / Les Baxter & His Orchestra
Track 4 - Power House / Bobby Hammack Combo
Track 5 - Drivin' Around The Block / Dickie Harrell
Track 6 - Calcutta / Les Baxter
Track 7 - Holiday For Strings / The Voices Of Walter Schumann
Track 8 - You're The Top / Dean Elliott & His Big Band
Track 9 - Istanbul (Not Constantinople) / Joe Carr & 80 Drums Around The World
Track 10 - Stumbling / Tak Shindo
Track 11 - Sabre Dance / Les Baxter & His Orchestra
Track 12 - This Room Is My Castle Of Quiet / Billy May & His Orchestra
Track 13 - I Get A Kick Out Of You / Felix Slatkin
Track 14 - Satan Takes A Holiday / Jack Malmsten
Track 15 - Puttin' On The Ritz / Terry Snyder
Track 16 - Blues In The Night / Alvino Rey & His Orchestra
Track 17 - Saturday Night On Saturn / Les Baxter & His Orchestra
Track 18 - Lonesome Road / Dean Elliott & His Big Band

Here is another release in the excellent Ultra Lounge collection which is jam packed full of super easy and exotica delights. The inclusion of a number of Les Baxter tunes should be a good sign as to the quality of this record, elsewhere there is "Power House" which will be familiar to Bugs Bunny fans, particularly swinging versions of "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" and "Puttin' On The Ritz" are welcome additions and the other-worldly "Satan Takes A Holiday" is a simple but compelling piece of organ groove. This compilation comes off sounding a bit like a U.S version of "Music For T.V Dinners" except...spacier. The mix of well known music and oddities along with the quirkiness on offer is reason enough to grab a cocktail, fill up the pipe and have a foot tappingly good time.


Track 1 - Under Control
Track 2 - Power Boost
Track 3 - Hedono
Track 4 - Mars Close Up
Track 5 - Pozzolicco
Track 6 - Flash Point
Track 7 - Rockin' Computer
Track 8 - Moontown
Track 9 - Gamblin' Ostinato
Track 10 - Katachi
Track 11 - Malaparte Sinus
Track 12 - Meeting: Palermo

A weird and wonderful gem from German composer Peter Thomas! This 1975 record comes off sounding like the perfect music for a dance party on Mars, it has a funk / jazz sound that is utterly unique and incorporates a range of unusual electronic and industrial noises which keep the listener on their feet.  The most noticeable features on the album are the crisp drumming and the big band-esque horns but there is also some excellent guitar work. To be honest any description I give will be flawed because Peter's style really deserves a genre all of it's own, however what I can say is that listening to this record is a thoroughly worthwhile trip into 70's German grooviness.

I just discovered that Peter Thomas also produced the soundtrack to the Bruce Lee film "The Big Boss" so I will endeavour to post that here sometime in the near future. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this wild collection.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Track 1 - Ain't It Funky Now
Track 2 - Cantaloupe Woman
Track 3 - The Windjammer
Track 4 - Sookie Sookie
Track 5 - Ease Back
Track 6 - The Final Comedown

This outstanding selection of Grant Green tracks is easily one of my favourite albums of all time. Released back in the late 90's on the world famous Blue Note label, it contains some of the very best work from Green's illustrious career and most of the cuts will be instantly recognisable. It's worth getting this record for "Ain't It Funky Now" alone but everything else is awesome too, the production is also key with the instruments all at a perfect level to give maximum listening pleasure. The music bursts out of the speakers, takes hold of you and wont let go, even during the epic 11 minutes of "Sookie Sookie" there is no escaping the hypnotism of the groove. It truly is a must have album and a perfect companion piece to Jimmy McGriff's "Electric Funk".


Track 1 - Main Title, Kingdom Battle
Track 2 - Leaving Drydock
Track 3 - The Cloud
Track 4 - The Enterprise
Track 5 - Ilia's Theme
Track 6 - Vejur Flyover
Track 7 - The Meld
Track 8 - Spock's Walk
Track 9 - End Title

Jerry Goldsmith's score for Star Trek pushes all the right buttons in terms of capturing that feeling of adventure and exploring the unknown which are trademarks of the ST movies. Track 1 is practically a soundtrack in itself considering the amount of musical territory it covers over the course of 7 minutes. "The Cloud" and "Vejur Flyover" both impress me with their restrained, foreboding characteristics, "Leaving Drydock" is a good example of Goldsmith's use of light and shade and "The Meld" has all the hallmarks of quality space themed music.

This soundtrack is probably held in higher regard by Star Trek fans than hardcore Goldsmith aficionados but it has plenty to offer the casual listener too.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Track 1 - Preludio
Track 2 - Tema
Track 3 - To Plinius
Track 4 - My Mind Flie
Track 5 - Shuum
Track 6 - Tredicesimo
Track 7 - Dianalogo
Track 8 - Spunti Dall
Track 9 - Posizione R
Track 10 - Canzona

Oh wow! This is one hell of a psych / rock / funk / jazz / atmospheric Italian freakout from 1972. Rampant drum breaks and hallucinogenic guitars are showcased on tracks such as "Posizione R", "Shuum", "Tredicesimo" and "Spunti Dall". There are a couple of vocal numbers and quieter moments but it's the full-on nature of most of the album that drives me wild. It's unlike any other Italian OST I've heard and I'm not surprised that this record has come up on the radar of crate diggers ( "Preludio" has been sampled by someone but I can't put my finger on who ). The production qualities also add to the enjoyability of this unique and unusual delight, which is another reason why you should take the opportunity to download this and get your freak on to the wild grooves.