Saturday, March 31, 2012


Ah, the highs and lows of blogging. I woke up this morning to find that a record breaking number of people had visited Funky Frolic in the past 24 hours. I then checked my emails and found 6 messages from Mediafire telling me files had been removed from my account. Tried to access my account and sure enough it has been suspended. So folks, that means I have just lost about half of the links at my blog.

I don't know what to do. Reuploading all that data on another service will take months, I can probably find alternative links for some of the affected posts but with Megaupload gone, Mediafire being a bitch and Rapidshare on a go slow policy the chances of finding suitable replacements for everything is very small.

On the plus side I have barely used my Mediafire account to upload anything in the last 6 months so all my recent posts should still have active downloads. Unfortunately my archives have taken a massive hit and now I can expect many, many messages from people demanding I reupload things immediately. It's going to suck.

I will need a few days to consider my options. If anyone has offers of assistance or words of support they would be greatly appreciated.

I will keep you up to date on developments, Funky Frolic out.

Friday, March 30, 2012


Download here

Track 1 - Jigjag
Track 2 - Floating Up
Track 3 - Glider
Track 4 - Howl Stomp
Track 5 - Steam Megawatt
Track 6 - Snap Sail
Track 7 - I.C Arabian
Track 8 - Pile Readout
Track 9 - Pond Dance
Track 10 - Holiday Meltdown
Track 11 - Seance
Track 12 - Old Dark Clock
Track 13 - Soprano Aloft
Track 14 - Powerdown
Track 15 - Signal Powerdown
Track 16 - Snap Prance
Track 17 - Night Wolves
Track 18 - Bottle Dervish
Track 19 - Frog March By
Track 20 - Sun Surges
Track 21 - Blackhole Dropout
Track 22 - Sundrift
Track 23 - Soft Aurora

Despite my love affair with library music this is actually my first experience listening to a Boosey & Hawkes record. It is also one of the rare examples of American library music that can be found at Funky Frolic. Although it containing 23 tracks this album has a shorter play time than yesterday's epic "Materials: Dynamic Meditations Vol.2" by Claude Larson. Most of the tracks clock in at under 2 minutes but that doesn't mean they aren't wholly satisfying. Whether you are a fan of beeps and blips, dreamy synthesizer melodies, musique concrete or ahead of its time techno there is a huge amount of enjoyment to be had.

"Howl Stomp" is just outrageously good and predates similar sounding music by 14 odd years, "Snap Sail" reminds me of some of the electronic work produced by the great Piero Umiliani and "Seance" actually comes off sounding more like a musical representation of solar wind ( you get more of the same with "Sun Surges"). Lay a heavy beat over "Old Dark Clock" and you'll have a Portishead track, "Pond Dance" is sublime and evokes the title perfectly...I could keep going because there's probably 20 tracks that all deserve a special mention. There really is something for everybody here and even if you only have a passing interest in electronic library music this is a must have release. 10 out of 10 Frolics!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Track 1 - Metal
Track 2 - Wood
Track 3 - Glass

Yes that's right, only 3 tracks on this Selected Sound offering from Claude Larson. There's plenty of early 80's ambient synth moods at work and it certainly speaks of a different time and place in musical history. There were enough interesting elements at play to keep me entertained for most of the journey with "Wood" being my pick of the three. Thanks to the original uploader. For more Claude have a look here or here.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Track 1 - Frolic / Johnny Pearson
Track 2 - Funky Scene / Bill Loose
Track 3 - Funky Signwriter / Alan Parker
Track 4 - Fine And Funky / Dave Gold
Track 5 - Slighty Funky / Robert Hall
Track 6 - Just Funky / Klaus Weiss
Track 7 - Really Funky / Barry Stoller
Track 8 - Funky Monkey / Trevor Bastow
Track 9 - Funky Spider / Barry Stoller
Track 10 - Funky Stage / Janko Nilovic
Track 11 - Windsor Frolic Link / Johnny Pearson
Track 12 - Funky Sunrise / Duncan Lamont
Track 13 - Funky Teahouse / Fred Silberstein
Track 14 - Funky Fantom / R.Walter
Track 15 - Funky Pusher / Wally Asp
Track 16 - Funky Tramway / Janko Nilovic
Track 17 - Funky Footage / Keith Mansfield
Track 18 - Funky Chimes / Francis Coppieters
Track 19 - Funky Finale / Dave Gold
Track 20 - Funky Thing / Keith Mansfield
Track 21 - Funky Flutes / Duncan Lamont
Track 22 - Funky Toothpaste / Alan Parker
Track 23 - Funky Chase / Keith Mansfield
Track 24 - Funky Foundations / Dave Richmond
Track 25 - Funky Captions / Keith Mansfield
Track 26 - Funky Hustle / Unknown
Track 27 - Funky Black / The PR TV Band
Track 28 - Funky Link / Keith Mansfield

Retronic from the library music blog Retro-Teque is the latest guest poster to create a compilation at Funky Frolic. For those who don't know already Retronic is a master when it comes to creating library mixes and his endless search for the cues used in t.v shows such as Prisoner and The Sweeney is the stuff of legend. He has been a supporter and contributor to my blog since the beginning and was my first ever "Follower". So it gives me great joy to present "Funky Frolic - 28 Funky And Frolicy Library Cuts".

As you can see Retronic went with a "funky" and "frolic" based theme and given that most library music titles provide a guiding description of what's to come, you can expect a very funky ride indeed! Crisp drumming, wah wah guitar, Hammond organ and deep bass play a starring role in many of the tracks while stylistically the music ranges from easy listening to hard hitting psych funk with lots of variation in between. There are too many highlights to list them all here, with composers such as Mansfield, Parker, Nilovic and Stoller featured you're in safe hands and are guaranteed an unforgettable trip through the world of 1970's library music.

Retronic inspired me to go through my own library and dig out a few tracks with "Funky" titles that didn't make it on to his compilation. So, as an added bonus here is "FF017 Funky Frolic - 14 More Funky Delights"...

Download here

Track 1 - Frolic / Luciano Michelini
Track 2 - Funky Fanfare / Keith Mansfield
Track 3 - Funky Moog / Mike Anthony & Barry Blue
Track 4 - Funky Village / Janko Nilovic
Track 5 - Funky Bear / Alan Tew
Track 6 - Funky Santa / Big Pimp Jones
Track 7 - Funky Chicken / Alan Hawkshaw & Brian Bennett
Track 8 - Funky Dromedary / Synthesizers Unlimited
Track 9 - Skunky Funky / Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra
Track 10 - Funky Feeling / Mike Anthony & Barry Blue
Track 11 - Funky Broadway / The Mohawks
Track 12 - Funky Kid / Eddie Warner
Track 13 - Funky Flight / Keith Mansfield
Track 14 - Funky Little Song / Bruce Haack & Esther Nelson

Aside from the usual suspects I've thrown in a few oddities, there's "Funky Moog" which was used to good effect in the 1978 Australian softcore porno "Felicity", a couple of modern tracks from Shaw Lee and Big Pimp Jones along with the novelty of "Funky Little Song" by Bruce Haack from the album "Listen Compute Rock Home". Plus lots of funky library music of course!

I hope you enjoy this and Retro's compilation. I know I speak for the both of us when I say that it means a lot when people leave messages of support so if you enjoy the music take the time to write and let us know. Cheers.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Download here or here

Track 1 - Soul Vibrations
Track 2 - Games
Track 3 - Action Line
Track 4 - Lonely Girl
Track 5 - Life Has It's Trials
Track 6 - Afro-Harping
Track 7 - Little Sunflower
Track 8 - Theme From "Valley Of The Dolls"
Track 9 - Come Live With Me
Track 10 - The Look Of Love

I'll try to keep this post short because I've been struggling with a headache all day. I've seen this album floating around a few different places and was keen to give a listen. Was a little unsure what a harp based record might sound like but I ended up being pleasantly surprised with just how good this was. It's essentially a collection of jazz based tracks with a strong bossa / exotica feel to much of the music. Even with my headache I was compelled to listen from start to finish and found myself being entertained throughout. Awesome!


Friday, March 23, 2012


Download here

Track 1 - Some Of My Best Friends Are
Track 2 - Bucktown: Title Theme
Track 3 - Superchick
Track 4 - Thunderfist: Chow Chung's Theme
Track 5 - That Man Bolt
Track 6 - Breaker Breaker
Track 7 - Detroit 9000: Title Theme
Track 8 - Mr.Scarface
Track 9 - Naughty Stewardesses
Track 10 - The Bummer
Track 11 - The Big Bust Out
Track 12 - The Big Doll House: Mud Wresting
Track 13 - Thunderfist
Track 14 - Bare Knuckles: Main Theme
Track 15 - Black Eye
Track 16 - Bucktown: End Theme
Track 17 - 24 Hour Lover
Track 18 - The Gay Deceivers
Track 19 - JD Revenge: Main Theme
Track 20 - Chinese Connection, Bruce Lee
Track 21 - Hijack
Track 22 - Ready, Willing & Able
Track 23 - Black Godfather: End Theme
Track 24 - Two Gentlemen Sharing
Track 25 - Blaxploitation Drive-In Triple Feature
Track 26 - Fists Of Fury, Bruce Lee
Track 27 - Switchblade Sister: Hold It Whitey
Track 28 - Centrefold Girls
Track 29 - Fearless Fighters
Track 30 - Incredible Two Headed Transplant
Track 31 - Slaughter: Main Theme
Track 32 - The Big Doll House
Track 33 - Savage Sisters
Track 34 - Black Gunn: Main Theme
Track 35 - The Wonder Women
Track 36 - Trip With The Teacher
Track 37 - Hammer: Main Theme
Track 38 - Some Of My Best Friends Are: Spot 2
Track 39 - Some Of My Best Friends Are: Spot 3
Track 40 - That Man Bolt: Spot 2
Track 41 - Human Tornado: Main Theme

"Sex, Sleaze And Soul" does for porn films and R rated flicks what "Super Bad, Super Black" did for blaxploitation. It's a compilation of naughty, silly radio spots and previews which focuses the spotlight on the seedier side of 1970's film culture. Aside from the highly amusing porn movie advertisements there are promos for kung fu, horror and action movies along with a couple that cover blaxploitation such as "That Man Bolt: Spot 2". What pushes this collection over the top from great to awesome is the inclusion of a bunch of theme songs that are the epitome of classic porn groove. It's a great listen and a whole lot of sexy fun!

I couldn't find a video that quite captured the essence of this collection so I decided to make one of my own. Hope you enjoy my first foray into the world of YouTube...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Download here

Full track listing - here

Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons were a staple of my childhood and teenage years. Even back then I was aware of the musical genius involved in bringing these animated stories to life. This collection focuses entirely on works composed by Stalling, so Raymond Scott misses out. I will presume that most of you have at least a passing knowledge of Looney Tunes and therefore know exactly what you're getting yourself in to - lots of quirky, joyous orchestral works and SFX. A truly wonderful compilation of music that is as vibrant and lively as it was 60+ years ago.


Monday, March 19, 2012


Track 1 - I Need You Girl
Track 2 - Backed Up Against The Wall
Track 3 - Vibes Of Truth
Track 4 - Shortin' Bread
Track 5 - Self Dealin'
Track 6 - Concrete Jungle
Track 7 - If Only I Could Prove To You
Track 8 - Cool It
Track 9 - Virtue

This is a nice set of jazz and soul grooves from the obscure 1970's act The Three Pieces. Donald Byrd handled the production on this one which adds a bit of weight to the proceedings. Some of the tracks are a little too smooth for my liking but "Shortin' Bread", "Self Dealin", "Concrete Jungle" and "Backed Up Against The Wall" have loads of charm. Vocalist and bass player Jerry "Wildman" Wilder went on to be a part of Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers who released a number of records throughout the late 70's and 80's.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Download here

Track 1 - Grand Funk / Brian Bennett
Track 2 - Phase Out / Dave Richmond
Track 3 - Led Balloon / Steve Gray
Track 4 - Look Hear / Clive Hicks
Track 5 - Probe / Steve Gray
Track 6 - Visit To Motown / Dave Richmond
Track 7 - Sitar Mobile / Steve Gray
Track 8 - Flute Reggae / Clive Hicks
Track 9 - Tin Whistle Reggae / Duncan Lamont
Track 10 - Cool Reggae / Dave Richmond
Track 11 - Reggae Bounce / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 12 - Rocky Reggae / Steve Gray
Track 13 - Steel Band Reggae / Brian Bennett
Track 14 - Safari Park / Clive Hicks
Track 15 - Rockin And Rollin / Duncan Lamont

KPM 1121 "Fusion" is one of those library records that has a distinct change in style between Side A and B. On the first half of the album the listener is treated to a selection of wonderful psych rock infused funk numbers that blast out of the speakers in a wave of fuzzy guitar, pounding drums and tripped out organ. The first 5 tracks are just awesome and while "Visit To Motown" and "Sitar Mobile" present a departure from the preceding rock grooves they are utterly lovable in their own special way.

But then we get to Side B which contains a group of reggae themed pieces that left me feeling flat. Despite being produced by such heavy hitters as Hawkshaw, Bennett, and Gray there isn't much joy to be had in my opinion. To be fair though, "Reggae Bounce" does have some redeeming qualities and my feelings are probably based on unfair comparisons with the earlier tracks. Despite the perceived failings I still consider this to be a must have KPM, so do yourself a favour and check it out!

Friday, March 16, 2012


Disk 1 -
Disk 2 -


Track 1 - Manhattan Research, Inc. Copyright
Track 2 - Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. (Instrumental, Take 4)
Track 3 - Bendix 1: "The Tomorrow People"
Track 4 - Lightworks
Track 5 - The Bass-Line Generator
Track 6 - "Don't Beat Your Wife Every Night!"
Track 7 - "B.C. 1675" (The "Gillette" Conga Drum Jingle)
Track 8 - Vim
Track 9 - Auto-Lite: Sta-Ful (Instrumental)
Track 10 - Sprite "Melonball Bounce" (Instrumental)
Track 11 - Sprite "Melonball Bounce"
Track 12 - "Wheels That Go"
Track 13 - "Limbo: The Organized Mind"
Track 14 - "Portofino" 1
Track 15 - County Fair
Track 16 - Lady Gaylord
Track 17 - Good Air (Take 7)
Track 18 - IBM MT/ST: "The Paperwork Explosion"
Track 19 - Domino
Track 20 - Super Cheer
Track 21 - Cheer: Revision 3 (New Backgrounds)
Track 22 - "Twilight In Turkey"
Track 23 - Vicks: Medicated Cough Drops
Track 24 - Vicks: Formula 44
Track 25 - Auto-Lite Spark Plugs
Track 26 - Nescafe
Track 27 - Awake
Track 28 - "Backwards Overload"
Track 29 - Bufferin: "Memories" (Original)
Track 30 - Bandito The Bongo Artist
Track 31 - Night And Day
Track 32 - Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. ("395")
Track 33 - K2r
Track 34 - IBM Probe
Track 35 - GMGM 1a
Track 36 - The Rhythm Modulator


Track 1 - Ohio Plus
Track 2 - "In The Hall Of The Mountain Queen"
Track 3 - General Motors: Futurama
Track 4 - "Portofino" 2
Track 5 - "The Wild Piece" (a.k.a. "String Piece")
Track 6 - "Take Me To Your Violin Teacher"
Track 7 - "Ripples" (Original Soundtrack)
Track 8 - Cyclic Bit
Track 9 - "Ripples" (Montage)
Track 10 - The Wing Thing
Track 11 - County Fair (Instrumental)
Track 12 - "Cindy Electronium"
Track 13 - "Don't Beat Your Wife Every Night!" (Instrumental)
Track 14 - Hostess: Twinkies
Track 15 - Hostess: Twinkies (Instrumental)
Track 16 - Ohio Bell: Thermo Fax
Track 17 - "The Pygmy Taxi Corporation"
Track 18 - Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. (Announce Copy, Take 1)
Track 19 - Baltimore Gas & Electric Co.
Track 20 - Lightworks (Slow)
Track 21 - "The Paperwork Explosion" (Instrumental)
Track 22 - Auto-Lite: Ford Family
Track 23 - Auto-Lite: Ford Family (Instrumental)
Track 24 - Auto-Lite: "Wheels"
Track 25 - Bufferin: "Memories" (Demo)
Track 26 - "Space Mystery" (Montage)
Track 27 - "The Toy Trumpet"
Track 28 - "Backward Beeps"
Track 29 - Auto-Lite: Sta-Ful
Track 30 - Lightworks (Instrumental)
Track 31 - "When Will It End?"
Track 32 - Bendix 2: "The Tomorrow People"
Track 33 - Electronic Audio Logos, Inc.

I've been meaning to post this collection ever since I started Funky Frolic but I knew it was going to be a very time consuming effort. I was able to find a couple of links online which at least saved me from uploaded the CD's. So, without further ado I present "Manhattan Research Inc." by Raymond Scott.

During his early career Scott was a pianist and band leader for CBS and in the 1940's he sold his music publishing to Warner Brothers. From there Carl Stalling adapted many of his compositions for use in Looney Tunes cartoons ( the best known examples being "Powerhouse" and "The Toy Trumpet" which can both be found on "Reckless Nights And Turkish Twilights". A few years later he founded Manhattan Research as explained on Wikipedia...

"In 1946, Scott established Manhattan Research, a division of Raymond Scott Enterprises, Incorporated, which he announced would "design and manufacture electronic music devices and systems." As well as designing audio devices for his own personal use, Manhattan Research Inc. provided customers with sales & service for a variety of devices "for the creation of electronic music and musique concrete" including components such as ring modulators, wave, tone and envelope shapers, modulators and filters. Of unique interest were instruments like the "Keyboard theremin," "Chromatic electronic drum generators," and "Circle generators"

Scott often described Manhattan Research Inc. as "More than a think factory - a dream center where the excitement of tomorrow is made available today."[ Bob Moog, developer of the Moog Synthesizer, met Scott in the 1950s, designed circuits for him in the 1960s, and acknowledged him as an important influence. Relying on several instruments of his own invention, such as the Clavivox and Electronium, Scott recorded futuristic electronic compositions for use in television and radio commercials as well as records of entirely electronic music. A series of three albums designed to lull infants to sleep, Scott's groundbreaking work Soothing Sounds for Baby was released in 1964 in collaboration with the Gesell Institute of Child Development.

The music, which today sounds uncannily similar to the ambient work of Tangerine Dream or Brian Eno from the mid 1970s, did not find much favor with the record-buying public of the day. Still, Manhattan Research, Inc. had considerable success in providing striking, ear-catching sonic textures for broadcast commercials."

"Manhattan Research Inc." contains many examples of the advertisement music mentioned above in all their groundbreaking glory, along with a range of other stunning electronic pieces such as "Space Mystery Montage", "Ripples", "The Rhythm Modulator". "Bandito The Bongo Artist", "Night And Day", "Backwards Overload" and the very quiet but profound "Cyclic Bit". There are even a few tracks that feature a young Jim Henson, "Bufferin: Memories (Original)", "Limbo: The Organized Mind" and "IBM MT/ST: The Paperwork Explosion".

Not only is the music unbelievable but the 2 CD set is encased inside a 143 page booklet which contains interviews with those who knew and worked Raymond, information on the various instruments he created, in depth details of each track included on the collection and a range of other fascinating insights. You will find some of the photos from the booklet below along with a couple of Youtube videos to give you a taste of his genius.

You really can't have a conversation about the history of electronic music or it's application in advertising without mentioning the name Raymond Scott. Thanks to "Manhattan Research Inc." these treasures will continue to find new ears and his legacy will live on. Suffice to say it is one of the most important collections of it's type ever released and really is a must for all good music libraries. I hope it gives you as much joy as it has for me over the years.


Download here

Track 1 - Into Tomorrow
Track 2 - Into Tomorrow Alt. End
Track 3 - Meet The Future
Track 4 - Meet The Future Alt. End
Track 5 - Small Wonder
Track 6 - Good Shot
Track 7 - By Cable
Track 8 - Digital Mixer
Track 9 - Sound Plus
Track 10 - Down To Business
Track 11 - Down To Business Alt. End 1
Track 12 - Down To Business Alt. End 2
Track 13 - On Target
Track 14 - On Target Opening
Track 15 - Rewind

The synopsis for this De Wolfe album is "Modern, large group sounds featuring brass and guitars for sport and action" and that's what you get, lots of tracks that would have been ideal for news programming or sport show themes during the mid 1980's. It's pretty lightweight stuff but good fun none the less. It's hard to pick any track that stands out from the rest but I quite like "Sound Plus" which is listed as "Bright Brass Theme Over Insistent Brass Rhythm With Raunchy Guitar". Credit goes to Judge Dredd for the original upload.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Last month I posted the excellent "Heavier Load" mix by September 70 aka pixel_face and he has just finished work on another fascinating are some details -

Corpus Octo is an International Collaborative Mix Project. 8 obsessive record collectors, musicians and mix creators who found a common sound and built a small community around it in Mixcloud. The mix winged it's way digitally between 8 cities around the globe and has been added to by each along the way, a musical equivalent of an exquisite corpse.

The contributors in order are-

1. DJ Alfonso (Los Angeles)
2. Anatoly Ice (Moscow)
3. September 70 (Brisbane)
4. Fraserfunk (Manchester)
5. Ebokai (Amsterdam)
6. Dunwich Radio (Malmo)
7. Hackney Marshman (London)
8. Vinyl Miners (Sao Paulo and Cardiff)

From the 15 tracks used in this mix there are a number which will be familiar to Funky Frolic followers ( and lovers of fine music in general ). They include "Silver Thrust" by Peter Reno which can be found on the "Sound Book" compilation, "Microchaos" from the "Distortions" album by Blue Phantom, "Frog In Love" by Piero Montanari which features on "Scoctopus: The In Sound From Octopus Records" and "Black Fire" by Mandingo. The concoction of Italian soundtrack, library music, psych funk and other delights creates an engaging journey that is a testament to the skill and taste exhibited by these talented producers. I'm sure you'll love this!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Track 1 - Journey Through Time
Track 2 - Rise With The Blind
Track 3 - Flight Of The Ancients
Track 4 - Shaolin Theme
Track 5 - Kilimanjaro
Track 6 - Shira
Track 7 - The Quiet Lion
Track 8 - The Scarab

Straight out of my home town comes the smoky afro beat grooves of the Shaolin Afronauts! My immediate reaction to hearing this album was "Wow, these guys sound a lot like The Budos Band and Track 5 happens to bear a striking resemblance to the work of Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro. Don't get me wrong though, I am not making any accusations of plagiarism, if anything the Afronauts are a little truer to the roots of African funk and soul than the other two acts. Horns, bass and percussion create the foundation for extended jams that encourage the listener to imbibe some liquor, hit the dancefloor and lose themselves in the music.

The Shaolin Afronauts are in the process of recording a new album just down the road from where I live so be sure to keep an eye out for that and any upcoming gigs. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Download here or here

Track 1 - Gangster Love
Track 2 - On The Way
Track 3 - I'm At Your Mercy
Track 4 - Feel Like Making Love
Track 5 - Michigan Avenue
Track 6 - Music For The People Pt.1
Track 7 - Music For The People Pt.2
Track 8 - Got A Little Picture

I wasn't sure about posting this but I'll give you the opportunity to judge the merits of "Gangster Love" for yourself. The album was released in 1976, a time when the awesome funk and soul of the late 60's / early 70's was being replaced by disco and bland easy listening. You get a bit of both worlds here and my advice is to head straight for "Feel Like Making Love", "Michigan Avenue" and "Music For The People Pt.2", the latter two in particular are funky delights. Unfortunately it's a record that doesn't quite live up to the badass cover art but it does have some enjoyable qualities which makes it worth a listen.


Sunday, March 11, 2012


Download here or here

Track 1 - Confunktion / D.Richmond
Track 2 - Music People / Jack Mayborn
Track 3 - Are You Free? / Larry Robbins Sport Studio Band
Track 4 - Devil's Masquerade / Syrius
Track 5 - Les Dunes D'Ostende / Francois De Roubaix
Track 6 - Southbound / Sound Studio Orchestra
Track 7 - African Honeymoon / Golden Music Orchestra
Track 8 - Type A to E / Hiro Tsunoda
Track 9 - Take Me To The Mardi Gras / The Spotnicks
Track 10 - Flower Dance / Michel Gonet
Track 11 - Brute Pt.1+2 / Louis Clarke
Track 12 - Overtone / Nick Ingman
Track 13 - Allora Il Treno / Bruno Nicolai
Track 14 - Yama Yama (Yamasuki) / Daniel Vangarde
Track 15 - Voyages / Michel Polnareff

Is this the best Dusty Fingers compilation ever? If it isn't then it sure comes close. From the beginning of the thunderous, heavy "Confunktion" the tone is set for a wild ride of rare groove, breakbeats, library music and more. Well known classics such as "Yama Yama" and Michel Gonet's "Flower Dance" are complimented by library gems from Louis Clarke, Nick Ingman and Larry Robbins along with an array of other delights. Every track has something special which makes it stand out, usually it's a particularly tight drum beat nestled within some pleasant orchestration or crime funk. These 15 tracks only run for a total of 38 minutes and if you are like me then you'll be reaching for the "repeat" button so you can experience the exceptional grooves again and again.

Friday, March 9, 2012


Download here

Track 1 - Star Maidens Theme
Track 2 - Medora Escape
Track 3 - Die Erde
Track 4 - Sex World
Track 5 - Akamm On The Move
Track 6 - Der Schluessel Zum Herrschen
Track 7 - Planet Medora
Track 8 - Attention, Runaways
Track 9 - Highway Patrol
Track 10 - Outsmart The Maidens
Track 11 - Medora Romance
Track 12 - Star Maidens In Love
Track 13 - Twangy Brisba
Track 14 - Champagner
Track 15 - Earth Party
Track 16 - Proton Storm
Track 17 - Starship Strut
Track 18 - Act Of Threat
Track 19 - The End Of Time
Track 20 - Space Waltz
Track 21 - Sowas Verruecktes
Track 22 - Earth Romance
Track 23 - Saving Two Planets
Track 24 - Medora Party
Track 25 - Star Maidens End Theme
Track 26 - Earth Encounters (Bonus Track)

The Star Maidens soundtrack was high on my list of CD's to import going back about 13 years ago but there always seemed to be something I'd purchase ahead of it. As time went by I completely forgot about this collection and it wasn't until I was surfing the net a few weeks ago that I saw a picture of the cover and my mind was jogged. Of course I had to have it and now you get to benefit aswell!

Here's some info about Star Maidens from Wikipedia...

"The series offered a battle of the sexes/role reversal scenario in which two male domestics escape from the female-ruled planet Medusa, land on Earth and are pursued by the Medusan security forces. When the Medusans fail to recapture the two men, they take two Earth hostages - a man and a woman - back with them to their home planet. The thirteen episodes of the series deal with the two groups trying to adapt to life on the different planets whilst brokering an exchange for the hostages.

Regarded as something of a camp novelty, Star Maidens tuned in to the sexual equality revolution of the time, and features some Femdom elements. The series shares some similarities with the British sci-fi series Space: 1999, which was in production at the same time."

The soundtrack by Berry Lipman is off the charts funky and sounds like the scenesetter to a porn star party on the moon. Go go grooves and sleazy funk combine with German language sound grabs from the show to create a sublime mix. Just like his equally creative countryman Pete Thomas, Lipman was also a dab hand when it came to utilising electronic elements and there are some excellent examples featured here. Occasional moments of easy listening also break up the insanity nicely with "Earth Romance" being a stand out.

I could list my favourite tracks but I'd be here all day. The crazy drumming, organ solos, suggestive vocal numbers and lush funk all hit the spot with me and I'm sure many of you will feel the same way. It's a soundtrack that is the very definition of a funky frolic. Don't delay - go get it!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Track 1 - Mr. Monster Man
Track 2 - Turkey Neck Sandwich
Track 3 - Suisse Connection
Track 4 - Grandmaster Turtle
Track 5 - Shower Floor
Track 6 - Raining Rome
Track 7 - Panda
Track 8 - Six Head
Track 9 - The Arrival
Track 10 - Lost Hours
Track 11 - Balcony Photography
Track 12 - Authorization
Track 13 - Flight To Geneva
Track 14 - Asleep Again
Track 15 - Ant Invasion

A fantastic selection of tracks by Anitek that combines together many great funk, soul and rare groove samples with mid tempo hip hop beats to creates a groovy and relaxing ambiance. Most of the time the original material is treated with the respect it deserves so hopefully this wont offend too many of the purists out there. It's a likable mix, the kind of thing you might hear playing at a hip bookstore or coffee shop. Good stuff.



Track 1 - Latin Demon
Track 2 - He Was Really Sayin' Something
Track 3 - Latin Demon (Ursula 1000 Remix)
Track 4 - Yeah Yeah!

Not really too much of interest here, "He Was Really Sayin' Something" is okay and "Yeah Yeah!" features a sample of "Teenage Chase" by Keith Mansfield. Aside from that, I just thought the cover was cool.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Download here

Track 1 - Psycha-Soula-Funkadelic
Track 2 - The World We Live In
Track 3 - Church
Track 4 - Free Your Mind
Track 5 - Everything Good Is Bad
Track 6 - A Song For You
Track 7 - Speak On It
Track 8 - Funky Toes
Track 9 - Politicians Theme
Track 10 - Close Your Big Mouth
Track 11 - Love Machine (Vocal)
Track 12 - Love Machine (Instrumental)

Much in the same vein as "Skull Snaps", The Politicians released one album in the early 1970's and due to the vast amount of great music released during that period it didn't receive the attention it rightly deserved. However, since being sampled by the likes of DJ Shadow, Kenny Dope and The Go! Team there has been renewed interest in this record and rightly so because there are some mind blowing funk bombs, particular on Side A. The songs feature elements of soul, rock, funk and psych all wrapped up in an irresistible pop bundle that will surely have you coming back for repeat listens. The serene "A Song For You" marks a changing point with the following tracks displaying more of a Motown feel, interrupted briefly by another funky gem in the form of the "Politicians Theme". It's a truly outstanding album that is most deserving of my 10 out of 10 Frolics stamp of approval!

Monday, March 5, 2012


Track 1 - Fanfare To The Modern Man 1
Track 2 - Fanfare To The Modern Man 2
Track 3 - Fanfare To The Modern Man 3
Track 4 - Fanfare To The Modern Man 4
Track 5 - Kick Off 1
Track 6 - Kick Off 2
Track 7 - Kick Off 3
Track 8 - Power Plus Plenty 1
Track 9 - Power Plus Plenty 2
Track 10 - Football Fever 1
Track 11 - Football Fever 2
Track 12 - Winning
Track 13 - Giants Causeway 1
Track 14 - Giants Causeway 2
Track 15 - Sports Fever 1
Track 16 - Sports Fever 2
Track 17 - Sports Fever 3
Track 18 - Sports Fever 4
Track 19 - Sports Fever 5
Track 20 - Training 1
Track 21 - Training 2
Track 22 - Motor Racing 1
Track 23 - Motor Racing 2
Track 24 - Watersport 1
Track 25 - Watersport 2
Track 26 - Teamwork 1
Track 27 - Teamwork 2
Track 28 - Teamwork 3
Track 29 - Top Gear 1
Track 30 - Top Gear 2
Track 31 - High Kick

BRG 09 contains a selection of "achievement in sport" style library music composed by Richard Hill, Nick Ingman and David Snell. The most well known piece would be "Giants Causeway" by Ingman which was used in the television show Space 1999, as an intro to Wide World Of Sports in Australia and probably quite a few other places as well. A number of the other tracks are sport show theme worthy too with lots of uptempo jazz funk...expect a fair share of horns, wah wah and some pretty decent drumming too. Being a late 70's Bruton there are a few moments that descend into cornball but for the most part this record is fun and has more than its fair share of charm.


Track 1 - Exploring The Landscape
Track 2 - Tracker Vale
Track 3 - At Harrington's
Track 4 - The Flower Of Quince House
Track 5 - Garma
Track 6 - Now Boarding / The Arrival
Track 7 - A Bad Night Out
Track 8 - Desintergration, The Advisory Circle Reshape

A nice little EP from this group out of the U.K with many of the tracks having an electronic library music vibe. I quite like it, especially "Garma" which has an Air circa "Virgin Suicides" feel to it. Give it a go and see what you think.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Track 1 - Blue Masses
Track 2 - Four TRK Samba
Track 3 - Tiny
Track 4 - Numb Milleneum
Track 5 - 100 Years
Track 6 - Pescadito
Track 7 - Azucar
Track 8 - Flux And Meter
Track 9 - It's Raining Again
Track 10 - Today Like Everyday
Track 11 - Soul Miner
Track 12 - As The Sea Holds Creatures Vast And True
Track 13 - So Blue It's Black
Track 14 - Little Chin
Track 15 - Exzebache

Here is a review care of AllMusic -

"Tommy Guerrero's A Little Bit of Something sounds like the former skate punk has been listening to a whole lot of mid-period Beastie Boys albums. It's not the in-your-face rhymes or punk-based aggression that's influenced him, but the group's canny mix of samples and new music that blends influences from all kinds of unexpected, offbeat places. (Tracks like the languid, groovy "Four TRK Samba" also suggest that Guerrero has a full complement of Cornelius albums.) These brief instrumentals -- 15 tracks in 39 minutes! -- ignore the drone and ambient schools of electronica and post-rock in favor of a magpie-like interest in variety and novelty. This makes the songs on the aptly titled A Little Bit of Something wonderfully varied and never tiresome. (The sounds even change within songs, such as the way "So Blue It's Black" starts out as a duet for acoustic guitar and vinyl noise but then eases into mellow, '70s-style fusion.) This is an enchanting, fascinating album."

For more Guerrero go and check out "Lord Newborn And The Magic Skulls".

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Download here or here

Track 1 - Dadadun
Track 2 - Four Track
Track 3 - Foregone
Track 4 - Grimey
Track 5 - Laugh Track
Track 6 - Misled Kid
Track 7 - Odeon Hopkins
Track 8 - Ruff Seven
Track 9 - Bananas Foster
Track 10 - Uno

The Misled Children are part of the mysterious Clutchy Hopkins, Shawn Lee, MF Doom circle of artists who continue to release excellent funk, hip hop and library music inspired albums. This one sees the Children collaborating with saxophonist Odeon Pope who for a period in the 60's was part of Jimmy McGriff's team. This gives the tracks a lovely jazz funk feel and it's all cemented with Shawn Lee's hard drumming style ( I don't know for sure if it's him on the skins but I presume so ). There is also a bit of an eastern vibe too, particularly in the second half of the record. It's the kind of music you can put on and forget about because each track is as good as the last, slowly lulling you into a funky dream state.


Track 1 - Luci Di Suono
Track 2 - Impasti
Track 3 - Colori
Track 4 - Successioni
Track 5 - Suoni
Track 6 - Sezioni
Track 7 - Tempus Fugit
Track 8 - Ripresa Dall'Elicottero

This is possibly the most deceptive cover art in all of musical history because far from being bright and colourful the music presented here is much more suited to a horror soundtrack. The 8 tracks steadily creep along with various extended tones and maybe a tap of a cymbal or a few piano notes here and there. It's a masterpiece of minimalist, claustrophobic, nightmarish electronics that appeals to me much in the same way that "Insight Modulation" by Zanagoria does. Truly a rare and unusually delight.

Friday, March 2, 2012


Download here

Track 1 - Mark Il Poliziotto / Stelvio Cipriani
Track 2 - The Summertime Killer (Motorcycle Circus) / Luis Bacalov
Track 3 - Blazing Magnum / Armando Trovajoli
Track 4 - Delitto Al Ristorante Cinese / Detto Mariano
Track 5 - Goodbye My Friend / Guido & Maurizio De Angelis
Track 6 - Nucleo Antirapina (Operazione K - Sparate A Vista) / Vince Tempera
Track 7 - Delitto Sull'Autostrada / Franco Micalizzi
Track 8 - Trumpet's Flight / Goblin
Track 9 - Special Cop / Franco Micalizzi
Track 10 - La Polizia E' Al Servizio Del Cittadino? / Luis Bacalov
Track 11 - The Life Of A Policeman / Guido & Maurizio De Angelis
Track 12 - La Polizia Sta A Guardare / Stelvio Cipriani
Track 13 - La Via Della Droga / Goblin
Track 14 - Napoli Si Ribella / Franco Campanino
Track 15 - Special Agents / Franco Micalizzi
Track 16 - Car Chase At Margellina / Guido & Maurizio De Angelis
Track 17 - New Special Squad / Guido & Maurizio De Angelis
Track 18 - Montreal Non Stop / Luis Bacalov

A monster batch of 1970's Italian crime funk! These 18 nuggets have been sourced from various releases, mostly on the Cinevox and Beat labels and a couple of tracks come from Goblin films. As you'd expect there is much wah wah, breakbeats, horns and super deep bass but interestingly there's also a number of different electronic elements at play. The likes of "Blazing Magnum", "New Special Squad" and "La Via Della Droga" exhibit an effortless brilliance and a timeless quality which is so often present with top shelf Italian soundtrack music.

The breakneck "Trumpet's Flight" is interesting because it comes off sounding like a sped up version of something you might find on a jazz funk themed Bruton album. "Napoli Si Ribella" is also worth mentioning because of it having a strange amalgamation of disco, funk and soundtrack epicness that certainly makes for compelling listening.

There's plenty more highlights to be found but I'll let you discover them for yourself. Go check it out. 10 out of 10 Frolics!


Track 1 - Dark Plasma
Track 2 - Elements
Track 3 - Sign From Space
Track 4 - Strange Lady
Track 5 - Plastic Gnome
Track 6 - Voices
Track 7 - Metallic Agony
Track 8 - Lost Planet
Track 9 - Asteroids
Track 10 - Intersteller Insects
Track 11 - Galaxy Recall

Here's some more Vandroogenbroeck for you all. This time he focuses his attention on space music and the results are satisfyingly weird and unnerving. A few of the tracks didn't really connect with me but I quite like the more minimalistic "Voices" along with "Galaxy Recall" and "Lost Planet" which could easily fit onto any good sci fi film from the early 1970's. "Strange Lady' is also rather good and creates visions of swimming in a lake on some far away alien world. The cover art gives you some idea what to expect with this one. It's an album that is out of the ordinary but not necessarily extraordinary.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Track 1 - Caught At Midnight
Track 2 - My Friend Phil
Track 3 - French Girl In Manhattan
Track 4 - Party Is Over
Track 5 - Super Man
Track 6 - Jewellery Party
Track 7 - Crime Doesn't Pay
Track 8 - Jerry Cotton March
Track 9 - Love Is Swingin' In The Air
Track 10 - Jerry 1967
Track 11 - Two Voices Blues
Track 12 - Take It Jerry!
Track 13 - Manhattan Inn
Track 14 - Big Troubles
Track 15 - Cotton Beat

This is a super collection of Jerry Cotton film music produced by the German king of groove, Peter Thomas. It features his recognisable hard swinging style of crime jazz which suits this project perfectly but there are also a few tracks which are more in line with what you'd expect to hear in a retro cocktail lounge ( "Two Voices Blues", "Take It Jerry!" and "Party Is Over" come to mind ). I'm not usually a fan of the whole breathy, wordless female vocal style but it works quite well here, particularly on the insane "Crime Doesn't Pay" which combines together three distinctive pieces of music onto the one track. If you enjoy this collection then go and hunt down "100% Cotton" which contains a whopping 49 additional songs. Thanks to the original uploader.


Side 1 - Hypothesis Part 1
Side 2 - Hypothesis Part 2

Despite the science fiction cover art this unusual 1980 release by Vangelis is much closer to esoteric jazz than any kind of space music. Trying to further explain what these two 15 minute plus compositions sound like would be rather futile other than to say they are the antithesis of easy listening. Not that they are difficult to listen to, more in the sense that they provide a constant challenge to those willing to go along for the ride. If you are brave enough then hop aboard and see where the music takes you.