Wednesday, August 1, 2012


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Track 1 - Amedeo Tommasi / Radiazioni
Track 2 - Bruno Nicolai / Diffidenza
Track 3 - Daniele Patucchi / La Dimostrazione
Track 4 - Giuliano Sorgini / Fabbrica Spaziale
Track 5 - Piero Umiliani / Danza Magica
Track 6 -  Silvano Chimenti [Awake] / Colori
Track 7 - Mario Nascimbene / Rito Pagano
Track 8 - Gerardo Iacoucci / Alchemie & Alambics
Track 9 - Amedeo Tommasi [Di Jarrell] / Mondo Industriale
Track 10 - Amedeo Tommasi / Bollicine
Track 11 - Alessandro Alessandroni & Romolo Grano / Per Un Eroe Caduto
Track 12 - Ennio Morricone / Alternance
Track 13 - Armando Sciascia / Calm Sea
Track 14 - Floriana Bozzalla / Vento Cosmico
Track 15 - Giorgio Carnini [Zanagoria] / Diorama e Recitativo
Track 16 - Piero Umiliani / Arabian Synthesizer
Track 17 - Nico Fidenco [Donimak] / Industrial Feeling
Track 18 - Bruno Nicolai / Giano
Track 19 - Fabio Fabor / Caronte
Track 20 - Amedeo Tommasi & Stefano Torossi [Farlocco] / Superpotenza
Track 21 - Romano Rizzati / Azimut
Track 22 -  Piero Umiliani / Pellegrinaggio al Totem
Track 23 - Alessandro Alessandroni / SOS Spaziale
Track 24 - Egisto Macchi / Chanson de la Nuit
Track 25 - Guglielmo Papararo & Vittorio Montis / Jonosfera

This Soundcloud mix by Heroin In Tahiti features a who's who of Italian library music with the likes of Umiliani, Tommasi, Nicolai and Torossi all contributing pieces. The general mood of this collection is dark, brooding and fact you could easily pass the mix off as the long lost score to a 1970's exploitation horror film. Umiliani's "Arabian Synthesizer" provides a brief funky interlude but soon after we're taken back into the night. The linking of the tracks could be a little smoother at times but there's no doubting the quality of the music selected. It's a wonderful and worthwhile journey. For more library music mixes click here.


Unknown said...

Can You please send a dl-link for those italian library tracks? Thnx a lot!

Mr. Craig said...

You would need to ask Heroin In Tahiti if he's willing to provide a download link. If not you could use a streaming audio recorder like SoundTap or Audacity.

Unknown said...

Thanx for Your message - but how can I find that man, "Heroin In Tahiti"? Adress?

Mr. Craig said...

You can send him a personal message at his page or leave a comment on the mix itself. Both options will require you to sign up to Soundcloud but it's free and easy to do.