Monday, October 31, 2011


Track 1 - Monster Cereal (Star Trek Promo)
Track 2 - Pink Panther Flakes
Track 3 - C3PO's Star Wars Cereal
Track 4 - Kellogg's OK's
Track 5 - Teaming Up With Mr.T
Track 6 - Gremlin's Cereal
Track 7 - Ghostbusters Cereal
Track 8 - Donkey Kong Cereal
Track 9 - Crispy Critters Cereal
Track 10 - Nintendo Cereal
Track 11 - Pac-Man Cereal

Sink your teeth into this! I have collected a bunch of 1980's cereal commercials featuring some of the more unusual cross promotions and wackiest scripting. Sadly the days of C3PO's and Nintendo Cereal System are long gone so this is my attempt at keeping the memories alive. Not only are the ads cool but the boxes can sell for plenty of money on ebay too...

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Download here

Track 1 - Powerhouse
Track 2 - The Toy Trumpet
Track 3 - Tobacco Auctioneer
Track 4 - New Years Eve In A Haunted House
Track 5 - Manhattan Minuet
Track 6 - Dinner Music For A Pack Of Hungry Cannibals
Track 7 - Reckless Night On Board An Ocean Liner
Track 8 - Moment Musical
Track 9 - Twilight In Turkey
Track 10 - The Penguin
Track 11 - Oil Gusher
Track 12 - In An 18th Century Drawing Room
Track 13 - The Girl At The Typewriter
Track 14 - Siberian Sleighride
Track 15 - At An Arabian House Party
Track 16 - Boy Scout In Switzerland
Track 17 - Bumpy Weather Over Newark
Track 18 - Minuet In Jazz
Track 19 - War Dance For Wooden Indians
Track 20 - The Quintet Plays Carmen
Track 21 - Huckleberry Duck
Track 22 - Peter Tambourine

An under appreciated genius, Raymond Scott began his career composing swing music before taking an interest in electronic music ( often creating his own instruments ). In 1943 he sold the publishing rights of his music to Warner Bros. and from there many of his songs were picked up for use in Looney Tunes cartoons ( "Powerhouse" being the most familiar example ). Scott's compositions have also appeared in the Simpsons, Ren & Stimpy and Animaniacs which gives you some clue as to the whimsical and playful nature of the tracks on offer in this 1992 compilation.

Most of the music is uptempo, jazzy and just a bit manic which is probably a good description of the man himself. On his Wikipedia page there is a quote from Henry Rollins which I quite like..."It's those front-line types that go into uncharted areas, and pave the way for others. Life is short. Always go to the source, sources like Raymond Scott."

I will post more of Scott's groundbreaking work in the near future so stay tuned!

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Creepy and corny doesn't even begin to describe this promo record from McDonald's. Made to sound like a broadcast from the fictitious radio station K.I.D.S, we are subjected to various children's songs / games, a bit of pop and disco and plenty of the rather disturbing voice of Ronald McDonald himself. The purpose of this album is unclear, it sort of encourages a family to a host a McDonald's birthday party at home without needing to go to the restaurant. If you don't want your kids to eat fast food I would suggest making them listen to this on high rotation! Thanks to the original uploader.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Download here

Track 1 - In Pursuit / Steve Gray
Track 2 - In Pursuit (Alt. End) / Steve Gray
Track 3 - Roughed Up / Steve Gray
Track 4 - Roughed Up (Alt. End) / Steve Gray
Track 5 - Roughed Up (Sped Up) / Steve Gray
Track 6 - Daring Endeavour / John Coleman
Track 7 - Daring Endeavour (Without Brass) / John Coleman
Track 8 - Pressing Endeavour / John Coleman
Track 9 - Pressing Endeavour (Short) / John Coleman
Track 10 - Devil's Leap / I.Martin & B.Dee
Track 11 - Breakneck / Mike Vickers
Track 12 - Busy Highway / Stokoe & B.Bennett
Track 13 - War Of Nerves / John Scott
Track 14 - Test Of Strength / John Scott
Track 15 - Full Alert / John Scott
Track 16 - Face Of Danger / John Scott
Track 17 - Face Of Great Danger / John Scott
Track 18 - Motordown / John Scott
Track 19 - Motordown (Fast) / John Scott
Track 20 - Tearaway / John Scott
Track 21 - Knife Fight / John Scott
Track 22 - Racing / Chris Cunning

Unusually for the BRK series this release features an eclectic mix of styles, most of the tracks sound more suited for use in soundtracks rather than radio or television. John Coleman's contributions are particularly self assured while elsewhere "Breakneck", "Devil's Leap" and "Racing" all stand out in their own unique way. As the track names might suggest the John Scott pieces are generally pulsating and tense with some excellent orchestration. There is much to love about this record and it certainly warrants repeat listens. There are a couple of little glitches here and there but it isn't too distracting. Many thanks go to the original uploader.


Track 1 - The Fake Boy Wonder
Track 2 - Marriage Of Batman & Batwoman
Track 3 - When Batman Became A Coward

A  camp, corny, crazy and quite fun journey into the ongoing adventures of Batman, Robin and Batwoman. Obviously this record will be of more interest to the fanboys out there but it's worth downloading for a giggle or to freak the kids out!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Track 1 - The Amazing Spider-Man
Track 2 - The Deadly Dust
Track 3 - The Con Caper
Track 4 - A Matter Of State
Track 5 - The Captive Tower
Track 6 - Climbing The Walls
Track 7 - Bar Scene
Track 8 - Mind Control & Rescue
Track 9 - Recolition
Track 10 - Spiderman's Theme
Track 11 - Skyscraper Rooftop Drama
Track 12 - The Chinese Web
Track 13 - The Dragon's Challenge
Track 14 - Dragons Challenge End Theme
Track 15 - Night Of The Clones
Track 16 - Wolfpack & End Credits
Track 17 - At The Club

Spidey gets all sexy and funky in this crazy collection of grooves from the late seventies. These tracks could easily be from a classic blaxploitation film with all the familiar horn, bass and wah wah elements in full effect! Drama and action abound with only an occasional lull for a nice tense string-heavy number to break things up. Every track is pure gold and it compliments "Spider-Man - Music From The KPM Record Library" which I posted a few weeks ago. I think I may have originally found this at Spiral or it might be the same collection that Fraykerbreaks released, either way I thought it was worth putting it up here aswell. Please note - the rip I have contains different artwork than the cover shown above, I wasn't able to transfer the one I had across to the blog. They are both cool anyway. Hope you enjoy!


Track 1 - You, You're The One! (Latin Rhythm Instrumental)
Track 2 - You, You're The One! (Peggy Lee)
Track 3 - You, You're The One! (Main Street Singers)
Track 4 - You, You're The One! (Stylistics)
Track 5 - You, You're The One! (Fries TV Soundtrack)
Track 6 - You, You're The One! (Jose Feliciano)

The sound quality may be less than perfect but there's no doubting the kitsch level on this promotional record put out by McDonald's. The album features six versions of "You, You're The One!", each with their own musical style and variations on the main lyrics. I'm not sure if this was given its own release or was handed out free to customers but it would be reasonable to assume it's quite a rare collection. A perfect accompaniment to your next Happy Meal!

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Track 1 - Cream Streets Theme
Track 2 - Peach Fuzz
Track 3 - Dick Goes Down
Track 4 - Dirty Pimp (Cum Lin's Theme)
Track 5 - Putana Rodriguez
Track 6 - Deep Inside Peach
Track 7 - Get Peach Fuzz
Track 8 - Peach Pie
Track 9 - In The Way Of Dick
Track 10 - Dreaming Of Dick
Track 11 - Dick Creeps In
Track 12 - Dick Saves Peach
Track 13 - Cream Streets Outro
Track 14 - Dick Daggers Theme (76 Remix)
Track 15 - Cream Streets Trailer

This is the second attempt by Pornosonic to create a fake soundtrack of 1970's porn grooves ( you can download the first album here ). There's more of a well rounded feel to "Cream Streets", the fuzzy guitars and deep bass are still present ofcourse but they are complimented by keyboards, sax and flute. While you would have to be pretty naive to mistake this for a vintage soundtrack, the performances are very good and you even get a humorous mock "trailer" at the end of the album. It's all good fun and well worth the download. Enjoy!


Link has been removed due to copyright issues. Sorry folks.

Track 1 - Around The World
Track 2 - Lucky
Track 3 - Sex Bomb
Track 4 - Supreme
Track 5 - Mein Stern
Track 6 - Super Trouper
Track 7 - We Will Rock You
Track 8 - Blue
Track 9 - Isch Liebe Disch
Track 10 - Irgendwie, Irgendwo, Irgendwann
Track 11 - Oops, I Did It AGain
Track 12 - Bongo Bong
Track 13 - Mambo No.5
Track 14 - Kiss
Track 15 - Aound The World (Dance Remix)
Track 16 - Blue (Dance Remix)

A very fun and silly CD of cover songs done in the big band / cabaret style by the Platast Orchester and featuring the unique vocal talents of Max Raabe. Containing songs originally recorded by Britney Spears, Tom Jones, Queen and my personal favourite "Supreme" by Robbie Williams, there should be something here that will tickle your funny bone. The music itself is done very well and while it's a bit of a stretch to listen to an entire album of this stuff it makes a great addition to any ipod playlist. Please note - the above track listing may differ slightly from the download ( the rip I have also features a nice version of "Uptown Girl").

Monday, October 3, 2011


Download here

Track 1 - The Shower Scene ( Debbie Does Dallas )
Track 2 - It's Your Day ( I Like To Watch )
Track 3 - Hello Mother ( Taboo )
Track 4 - Ravishing Marilyn ( Behind The Green Door )
Track 5 - Green Door Fantasy ( Sex World )
Track 6 - Introducing Johnny Wadd ( Jade Pussycat )
Track 7 - The Examination ( Legend Of Lady Blue )
Track 8 - Driving Ms. Bovee ( Eruption )
Track 9 - Funkgasm ( Seka's Fantasies )
Track 10 - Napoleon ( Opening Of Misty Beethoven )
Track 11 - Main Title ( Amanda By Night )
Track 12 - Main Title ( Deep Throat )

Sex-O-Rama Vol.2 was my very first post at Funky Frolic and now I have finally got around to putting up Volume 1. As far as I know this is not a collection of original soundtrack recordings but cover versions all produced by the same musicians. However this fact shouldn't diminish the joy of listening to these deep bass and wah wah infused delights. It certainly makes for ideal background music if you are planning an evening of passion with your significant other.

Saturday, October 1, 2011



Track 1 - Bully Main Theme
Track 2 - Here's To You, Miss Philips
Track 3 - Punishment
Track 4 - Help Gary
Track 5 - Comic Klepto
Track 6 - Beach Rumble
Track 7 - Chase Adult
Track 8 - Chase Prefects
Track 9 - Sneaking On A Date
Track 10 - Defender Of The Castle
Track 11 - Vendetta Nerds
Track 12 - Vendetta Greasers
Track 13 - Vendetta Preps
Track 14 - Cheating Time
Track 15 - Defend Bucky
Track 16 - Chase Police
Track 17 - Hattrick Vs Galloway
Track 18 - Shop Class
Track 19 - Russell In The Hole
Track 20 - Vendetta Jocks
Track 21 - Fighting Johnny Vincent
Track 22 - Vendetta Dropouts
Track 23 - Final Showdown
Track 24 - Carnival Date
Track 25 - School's Out
Track 26 - Welcome To Bullworth

In 2006 Shawn Lee turned his considerable talents towards producing a soundtrack for the controversial computer game "Bully". The results are typically eclectic with the songs displaying elements, of hip hop, funk, blaxploitation, jazz and rock. It is all brought together by Lee's innate library music sensibilities that allow him to create compelling 2 minute grooves. While some of you may wish that he had been allowed to flesh out the song ideas further, there is certainly no doubting his composing skills ( I don't know for sure but I suspect Lee also played at least some of the instruments on the album aswell. )

This album is certainly a far cry from the 8-bit computer game music many of us are familiar with from our childhoods. I hope soundtracks of this kind will become more of the norm as the industry continues to develop into the future. Enjoy!