Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Track 1 - Questo Mondo Meraviglioso
Track 2 - La Nuova Frontiera
Track 3 - Western Melody
Track 4 - Dove Va Il Mondo
Track 5 - Pepito
Track 6 - Luna Di Miele
Track 7 - Old Rock
Track 8 - Il Mondo Dell'Infanzia
Track 9 - Moderato Grottesco And Cantabile
Track 10 - Mondo Dova Vai
Track 11 - Il Micione E La Grattina
Track 12 - Mah Na Cowboy
Track 13 - Holiday Inn
Track 14 - Folk Way
Track 15 - Young Time
Track 16 - Il Mondo E Meraviglioso
Track 17 - Love In
Track 18 - Red Train

Piero Umiliani's soundtrack to the 1971 film "Questo Sporco Mondo Meraviglioso" is a typically diverse affair with love themes, airy female vocals, funky drumming and much quirkiness. The songs are filled with gorgeous melodies and catchy hooks that sound as fresh today as they did 40 odd years ago. There are way too many highlights for me to mention them all here, however I will say that the record runs deep and you should definitely check out the last few tracks. "Love In" is especially good with it's enticing mix of surf rock, spy jazz and Italian grooves. "Mah Na Cowboy" is also interesting due to it sounding like a countrified version of his famous song "Mah Na Mah Na". There are countless reasons why this is a must have soundtrack so go ahead and discover it for yourself!!!


Well I finally had a run in with the DMCA. They pulled my post of "Dramatic Funk Themes Vol.2" which is a bit of a shame. However the link is still active (for now) so feel free to Google it and download away. As the saying goes - all good things must come to an end.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Track 1 - Citta Violenta
Track 2 - Rito Finale
Track 3 - Mille Volte Un Grido
Track 4 - Momento Estremo
Track 5 - Con Estrema Dolcezza
Track 6 - Svolta Definitiva
Track 7 - Norme Con Ironie
Track 8 - Riflessione
Track 9 - Disperatamente
Track 10 - Rito Finale
Track 11 - Dolcemente Acre
Track 12 - Sospensione Sovrapposta
Track 13 - A Caissa
Track 14 - Riassunto

"Citta Violenta" may not have the same cache as other Italian crime films from the 1970's but Ennio Morricone's excellent score has faired much better. The tracks effortlessly flow from the dramatic to subtle to psychedelic along with a touch of funkiness on "Svolta Definitiva". However, most of the time things are quite dark, to the point were you could imagine this being the soundtrack to a David Lynch or Cronenberg film. The kick-ass qualities evident on "Disperatamente" certainly evoke images of leading man Charles Bronson in his role as a violent assassin and the effortless "Riassunto" proves to be the perfect closer. It is easy to understand why Morricone fans rate this record so highly and you can add me to that list aswell. Please note - I've been forced to use an external link again so if you have any issues with it then let me know and I'll try to hunt down another one for you. Cheers.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Track 1 - Hey Ya
Track 2 - Out Of Time
Track 3 - Trick Me
Track 4 - Rock Your Body
Track 5 - Once Around The Clock
Track 6 - One Thing
Track 7 - Millionaire
Track 8 - Clint Eastwood
Track 9 - Let Me Blow Your Mind
Track 10 - Get Ur Freak On
Track 11 - Toxic
Track 12 - By The Way
Track 13 - Rehab
Track 14 - Can't Get You Out Of My Head

This review comes from Picadilly Records...

"Shawn Lee is back with his Ping Pong Orchestra in tow, and goes completely pop! On "Hits The Hits" he drops covers of Gwen Stefani, Amy Winehouse, Britney Spears, Blur, Badly Drawn Boy, Justin Timberlake, Outkast and many more in his own unique style. The album opens with a collaborative joint featuring piano-master Mick Talbot (Style Council etc) on a version of Outkasts "Hey Ya!" that sounds like vintage Ramsey Lewis. Putting his over-stuffed studio to the test Lee pulls out all the stops on an album that includes a surf guitar-driven cover of Missy Elliot's "Get Ur Freak On", a full-on psychedelic sitar flavoured take on Britney's "Toxic", and stripped-down super funky versions of the Kelis hit "Trick Me" and Timberlake's "Rock Your Body".

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Track 1 - Sorcerer / Big Band Katowice
Track 2 - You Want Too Much / ABC
Track 3 - Shaft Theme / Henryk Debich
Track 4 - Introduction / Novi Singers
Track 5 - See You At The Disco Tonight / Henryk Debich
Track 6 - Listen To The Rhythm / Breakout
Track 7 - Note In A Crest / Jerzy Milian
Track 8 - Pass The Pile Of Piles / Grazyna Lobaszewska I Ergo Band
Track 9 - Qualified Galley Slave / Piotr Figiel
Track 10 - Whatcha Doin' Mister? / Bemibek
Track 11 - Coda / Czerwone Gitary
Track 12 - Agent 008 / Piotr Figiel Ensemble
Track 13 - How Can I Stand It? / Kombi

Who knew the Poles could be so damn funky! This truly wild collection falls somewhere between blaxploitation funk and the kind of grooves prevalent in Germany and France during the same period. The majority of tracks have a rich, deep sound that is often complimented by horns and organ ( "Qualified Galley Slave" been the finest example of this ). "Coda" is a standout with its driving guitars and hypnotic beat while "Note In A Crest" is more on the jazzy side. "Shaft Theme" by Henryk Debich would be a highlight on most other compilations but here it is overshadowed by the quality surrounding it. The mix of crime jazz and euro funk is thoroughly enjoyable and quite different from the vibe on Volume 2 which leans towards rare groove . In summary - it is one of the most unique and groovy funk compilations you are ever likely to hear!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Track 1 - Ide Dalej / Halina Frackowiak
Track 2 - Zyj Sobie Sam / Zdzislawa Sosnicka
Track 3 - Atma / Niebiesko & Czarni
Track 4 - Do Tych Dni, Kolorowych Dni / Wojciech Skowronski
Track 5 - Skad My To Znamy / Krzysztof Sadowski And His Hammond Organ
Track 6 - Alfa Centaura / Grupa Organowa Krzysztofa Sadowskiego
Track 7 - Oczy Ci Zaslonie / Maciej Kossowski
Track 8 - Zechcesz Mnie Zechcesz / Czeslaw Niemen and Enigmatic
Track 9 - Palamakia / SBB
Track 10 - Ksiezniczka / Andrzej Zaucha
Track 11 - Blues and Rock / Wojciech Skowronski
Track 12 - Wodo, Zimna Wodo / Halina Frackowiak

Here is a review from Dusty Groove...

"A definite "unique selection" of grooves here - not just because the rare tracks are all from 70s Poland, but also because most of them have never been reissued either! The package is a wonderful introduction to the kinds of grooves we've been digging from Poland for years - that mad mix of jazz, funk, fusion, electric, and vocal elements that somehow managed to flourish wonderfully during the 70's years of Soviet control - a real musical marvel, considering the setting - and because of tight border control, very few of these tunes ever made it out to the west! The track selection differs a fair bit from the kinds of full length Polish jazz albums that have been released to date - as many of the titles here are groovier, funkier, and more electric - and in case you're wondering, there's also very little crossover with the Compost Polish jazz set from a few years back."

Please note - this rip is missing Track 9. I will post Volune 1 tomorrow.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Download here

Track 1 - Phunky Fanfare / Keith Mansfield & Si Begg
Track 2 - Lounging At Dave's / Alan Hawkshaw & A.Skillz
Track 3 - Sound Clash Superstars / Johnny Pearson & Si Begg
Track 4 - 4 O'Clock Rumble / John Cameron & A.Skillz
Track 5 - Mashup In Memphis / Johnny Pearson & Futurecast
Track 6 - Spaced Out Sportsgirl / Alan Hawkshaw & Si Begg
Track 7 - The Sample Syndicate / Syd Dale & The Karminsky Experience
Track 8 - Beat Match Until I'm Blue / Alan Hawkshaw & Andrew Kingslow
Track 9 - Sharp Shooter / Alan Hawkshaw & The Bush Doctors
Track 10 - French Lick / David Lindup & Si Begg
Track 11 - Party House Pop / Keith Mansfield & Futurecast
Track 12 - So Nice / Alan Moorhouse & Slyde
Track 13 - Get On The Scene / Keith Mansfield & Grinny Gandad
Track 14 - Rocky Runabout Remix / Alan Hawkshaw & SuperFrank
Track 15 - Midnight Manoeuvres / Tony Kinsey & Tim Love Lee
Track 16 - Mix Master Mania / Alan Hawkshaw & Keith Mansfield, Si Begg
Track 17 - Soul Scratchers / Alan Moorhouse, Unusual & Electric
Track 18 - 4am Breakdown / John Cameron & Domu
Track 19 - Turntablist In A Sportscar / Alan Hawkshaw & Aldo Vanucci
Track 20 - Stop, Look And Sample / David Lindup & SuperFrank
Track 21 - Original Mania / Hawkshaw, Mansfield, Karminsky Experience
Track 22 - Happy Days Dub / Johnny Pearson & The Karminsky Experience
Track 23 - Tap To The Rhythm / Alan Hawkshaw & Slyde
Track 24 - Teenage Renegade / Keith Mansfield & Justin Langlands

"Bootleg Beats" takes classic KPM tracks by Hawkshaw, Mansfield, Pearson etc. and gives them the remix treatment. Some of you may view this as being sacrilegious but in my opinion the results are pretty good, especially the mixes by The Karminsky Experience and Si Begg. Library music has been used as sample fodder for many years so it's good to hear the original material placed at the forefront here. Highlights include the laid back "Midnight Manoeuvres", Si Begg's take on "Funky Fanfare" and the excellent "Teenage Renegade" by Justin Langlands. Alan Hawkshaw is featured heavily with his trademark organ numbers making a good fit for this concept ( probably the best example is "Original Mania" which uses "Organ Mania" from KPM 1027 ). You can find a similar album available for download here.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Track 1 - Fanfare For Tomorrow
Track 2 - Dream Machine
Track 3 - Concorde
Track 4 - Perfect Performance 1
Track 5 - Perfect Performance 2
Track 6 - Datalink
Track 7 - Electronic Kites
Track 8 - Forwarning
Track 9 - Buzby's Band
Track 10 - Superbrain
Track 11 - Mobile Unit
Track 12 - Star Games
Track 13 - Memories Of The Future
Track 14 - Computer Crime
Track 15 - Prototype
Track 16 - No Blade Of Glass
Track 17 - Take Control
Track 18 - Analogue Dialogue
Track 19 - Fission Chips
Track 20 - Time Warp

I seem to have been leaning towards 1980's library music quite a bit in the last couple of weeks. I'll try to mix it up some more in the future but for now please enjoy this late edition to the KPM 1000 series, "Handplayed By Robots" composed by George Fenton and Ken Freeman. There are playful tracks ( "Superbrain" sounds like it has been taken directly from an 8 bit computer game ) but it is the more cinematic and austere pieces that appeal to me the most ( "Datalink" and "Memories Of The Future" are prime examples ). Also, anyone who likes techno should instantly be drawn towards the squelchy sounds of "Analogue Dialogue".

Certainly it's no masterpiece but there are enough curiosities contained in the 20 tracks to warrant giving this record a good listen. Once again I'm struggling to get things to upload properly and have had to rely on an external link so thanks to the original uploader.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Track 1 - Man And Superman / Francis Monkman
Track 2 - The Dawn Of An Era / Francis Monkman
Track 3 - The Endurance Of Man / Francis Monkman
Track 4 - The Achievements Of Man / Francis Monkman
Track 5 - The Achievements Of Man Link / Francis Monkman
Track 6 - Productivity / Les Hurdle & Frank Ricotti
Track 7 - Pacewaves / Les Hurdle & Frank Ricotti
Track 8 - Urgent Delivery / Les Hurdle & Frank Ricotti
Track 9 - Progress With Percussion / Les Hurdle & Frank Ricotti
Track 10 - Move On / Les Hurdle & Frank Ricotti
Track 11 - Short Of Time / Les Hurdle & Frank Ricotti
Track 12 - Cargo / Les Hurdle & Frank Ricotti
Track 13 - Pistons / Jim Lawless
Track 14 - Rotary / Jim Lawless
Track 15 - Experiment With Danger / Jim Lawless
Track 16 - Place To Place / Steve Gray
Track 17 - Revolving Patterns / Keith Mansfield
Track 18 - Perpetual Movement / Keith Mansfield
Track 19 - Design Centre / John Cameron

What starts off as a fairly standard early 80's Bruton becomes far more interesting mid album with the mix of traditional and electronic instruments along with some truly excellent composing taking things to a higher level. "Move On" is just outrageously good while "Cargo" is a slow burner that has some outstanding xylophone playing incorporated. The Jim Lawless tracks are thoroughly weird and wonderful, Steve Gray's melancholic "Place To Place" is a winner and Keith Mansfield and John Cameron finish off the record in style. I was really taken aback by much of what I heard on BRL 03 and I hope that you find the same level of enjoyment. Thanks to the Offline Vintage Library Emporium for this link.

Please note - Track 2 cuts off early, you can download the full song here.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Track 1 - Handmade By Robots
Track 2 - The Plus Factor A
Track 3 - The Plus Factor B
Track 4 - Microchip Revolution A
Track 5 - Microchip Revolution B
Track 6 - Microchip Revolution C
Track 7 - Energy Flow A
Track 8 - Energy Flow B
Track 9 - Energy Flow C
Track 10 - International Report A
Track 11 - International Report B
Track 12 - International Report C
Track 13 - International Report D
Track 14 - International Report E
Track 15 - International Report F
Track 16 - International Report G
Track 17 - Wide Horizons A
Track 18 - Wide Horizons B
Track 19 - Wide Horizons C
Track 20 - Wide Horizons D
Track 21 - Wide Horizons E
Track 22 - Wide Horizons F
Track 23 - Wide Horizons G
Track 24 - High Flying
Track 25 - Technology And Movement A
Track 26 - Technology And Movement B
Track 27 - Technology And Movement C
Track 28 - Passport International A
Track 29 - Passport International B
Track 30 - Passport International C
Track 31 - Force Majeure

Back to the 1980's once again with another compelling KPM care of Keith Mansfield. It may be packed to the brim with synths and drum machines but you'd be a brave person to call this album cheesy. "Force Majeuer", "Microchip Revolution A", "Handmade By Robots" and the hip hop-esque "The Plus Factor A" all showcase Mansfield's deft touch with whatever he put his mind to. Many of these tracks would have made perfect themes for news or current affairs programmes back in the day but even now they hold plenty of interest for library music enthusiasts. As I mentioned last month this album is quite similar in style to KPM 1240 "Action World" so I would recommend checking that one out also.

Monday, June 13, 2011


Track 1 - Candido's Funk
Track 2 - Succulent
Track 3 - Mighty Mouth
Track 4 - St. Loius Blues
Track 5 - Yolanda
Track 6 - St. Thomas
Track 7 - Sultry
Track 8 - Kushy
Track 9 - Soulwanco

Super funky. You dig? Sorry about the Rapidshare link, Mediafire is being a pain right now.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Track 1 - Coffy Is The Color / Roy Ayers
Track 2 - Blacula / Gene Page
Track 3 - Shaft In Africa / Johnny Pate
Track 4 - Brother's Gonna Work It Out / Willie Hutch
Track 5 - Charley / Don Costa
Track 6 - "T" Plays It Cool / Marvin Gaye
Track 7 - Across 110th Street / Bobby Womack
Track 8 - Willie Chase / J.J Johnson
Track 9 - Down And Out In New York City / James Brown
Track 10 - They Call Me MISTER Tibbs / Quincy Jones
Track 11 - Keep On Movin' On / Martha Reeves
Track 12 - Theme From Black Belt Jones / Dennis Coffey
Track 13 - Freddie's Dead / Curtis Mayfield
Track 14 - Wilford's Gone / The Blackbyrds
Track 15 - Theme Of Foxy Brown / Willie Hutch
Track 16 - Run Fay Run / Isaac Hayes

Subtitled "The Music And Politics Of Black Action Films 1968-75" this 2 CD set provides a comprehensive and utterly enjoyable journey through the music that played such a huge part in the success of blaxploitation films during that era. The soundtracks for these films were scored by some of the biggest names in funk and soul - James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Quincy Jones, Curtis Mayfield and Isaac Hayes all contributed their considerable talents. Horn jabs, wah wah guitar, luscious orchestration and frequent breakbeats mixed with impassioned singing resulted in many of these soundtracks maintaining their popularity right up to this day and their impact on the hip hop scene is undeniable. 

The casual listener should instantly recognise classics such as "Freddie's Dead", "They Call Me MISTER Tibbs" and "Across 110th Street" but my personal favourites would be the oft sampled "Theme From Black Belt Jones" and the irresistible "Down And Out In New Your City" by soul brother number 1 himself James Brown. "Run Fay Run" by Isaac Hayes is also a standout with it's frenetic funk stylings.

A fascinating 100 page booklet is included with the CD's and it outlines the rise in popularity of black action films in the early 70's along with the challenges faced by the filmmakers and actors involved. Needless to say I recommend you all go out and purchase this collection because it is an indispensable time capsule...and in my opinion some of the greatest music ever produced.

Friday, June 10, 2011


Track 1 - Shaft / Isaac Hayes
Track 2 - Pusherman / Curtis Mayfield
Track 3 - Theme From Cleopatra Jones / Joe Simon
Track 4 - You Can't Even Walk In The Park / Johnny Pate
Track 5 - Sweetback's Theme / Brer Soul & Earth, Wind And Fire
Track 6 - Make It Good To Yourself / James Brown
Track 7 - Pursuit Of The Pimpmobile / Isaac Hayes
Track 8 - Travelling To Get The Doc / Grant Green
Track 9 - Time Is Tight / Booker T & The MG's
Track 10 - Aragon / Roy Ayers
Track 11 - Easin' In / Edwin Starr
Track 12 - Strung Out / Gordon Staples
Track 13 - Zombie March / Nat Dove & The Devils
Track 14 - Make A Resolution / The Impressions
Track 15 - The Bus / Solomon Burke & Gene Page
Track 16 - Las Vegas Strut / Jack Ashford
Track 17 - Lay It On Your Head / Don Julian
Track 18 - Ed And Digger / Galt MacDermot

Arguably even better than the first installment, disk 2 of "Can You Dig It?" contains 18 more tracks of blaxploitation perfection courtesy of Curtis Mayfield, James Brown, Isaac Hayes and others. Starting off with the classics "Shaft" and "Pusherman" that are known the world over, things continue to get better as the organ and sax groove of "Sweetback's Theme" kicks in. Not to be outdone, James Brown throws down a typically hard and tight funker before Isaac Hayes let's fly with 9 minutes of quintessential blaxploitation music on the wonderfully titled "Pursuit Of The Pimpmobile".

I could go on and list the entire contents of the CD because each track is noteworthy in it's own way. Some of the music comes from famous movies such as "Shaft", "Black Caesar" and "Superfly" while others have been sourced from more obscure titles like "Cotton Comes To Harlem", "Cool Breeze", "Blackjack" and "Petey Wheatstraw". For anyone who is looking for the perfect introduction to this genre then "Can You Dig It?" fits the bill and for avid collectors there may well be a few gems that have previously passed you by. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Track 1 - Master Kirk / Francois Babin
Track 2 - Sub Friction / Pieree Babin
Track 3 - Speed Boating / Pierre Commandeur
Track 4 - Cairo Night / Francois Babin
Track 5 - Chris Tone / Pierre Commandeur
Track 6 - Magic Wonders / Pierre Commandeur
Track 7 - Twistin' Galaxy / Francois Babin
Track 8 - Top Secret Agent / Pierre Commandeur
Track 9 - Beach Boutique / Francois Babin
Track 10 - Media Code / Pierre Commandeur
Track 11 - Saturn Inhabitants / Francois Babin
Track 12 - Action Replay / Pierre Commandeur
Track 13 - From Uncle / Francois Babin
Track 14 - Spy Games / Pierre Commandeur
Track 15 - Strange Sunset / Francois Babin
Track 16 - Hawaiian Eye / Pierre Commandeur

Finding a perfect meeting point between spy jazz, surf rock and library music this compilation of Telemusic tracks lays on the grooves nice and thick. The music evokes images of James Bond kicking back on a beach in Hawaii, wearing his board shorts, with a cocktail in one hand and a gun in the other. The second half of the album has a number of particularly interesting tracks including "Strange Sunset", "Media Code" and the somewhat space themed "Action Replay" and "Saturn Inhabitants". If you are interested in a similar type album I'd also suggest downloading "Private Funktion" by Skeewiff. Hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Track 1 - Vibra Burlesque
Track 2 - Soleil Dans L'oeil
Track 3 - En Roue Libre
Track 4 - A Pas De Velours
Track 5 - Vibraphone Crescendo
Track 6 - Vitesse Illimitee
Track 7 - Bossa Fantasque
Track 8 - Bahia Bossa Nova
Track 9 - Miss Typhon
Track 10 - Pop Vibes
Track 11 - Nage Libre
Track 12 - Bicycle Pop
Track 13 - Super Rallye

I must apologise for the lack of posts in the last few days, I've been struggling a bit with illness and a lack of motivation. What better way to get back in the "vibe" than this excellent album of jazzy, vibes themed tracks by Bernard Lubat and Herve Roy. Each number has something unique that makes it stand out and the groovy sound is complimented by guitar, piano, organ and some very nice drumming. Of course the star of the show is the vibraphone and outside of "Viberations" by Francis Coppieters you wont find better playing than on this record. While mostly in the realm of jazz, "Pop Vibes" and "Soleil Dans L'oeil" are more rock orientated. My personal favourite would be the fun and frenetic "Bahia Bossa Nova" which actually comes off sounding more like a lost nugget from a 1970's Italian soundtrack rather that anything latin. I can't recommend this album any more highly, it's top shelf.

Monday, June 6, 2011


Download here

Track 1 - Bande Astrale
Track 2 - Etat Hypnotique
Track 3 - Dynamique En Tension No.1
Track 4 - Dynamique En Tension No.2
Track 5 - Explosion No.1
Track 6 - Explosion No.2
Track 7 - Distortion
Track 8 - Detective
Track 9 - Echoes De La Nature
Track 10 - Bande Metallique
Track 11 - Orgue En Suspense
Track 12 - Batiments No.1
Track 13 - Batiments No.2
Track 14 - Echoes De Sous-Sols
Track 15 - Signaux Morse No.1
Track 16 - Signaux Morse No.2

Friday, June 3, 2011


Track 1 - Text / Patton Oswalt
Track 2 - A Night Out With Kanye West / Aziz Ansari
Track 3 - Monkey Birthday / Brian Posehn
Track 4 - Bad Parents / Anthony Jeselnik
Track 5 - Let's Argue! / Dana Gould
Track 6 - Obama...And Time Travel / Patton Oswalt
Track 7 - Divisive Banner Ads / Eugene Mirman
Track 8 - The Salt And Pepper Diner / John Mulaney
Track 9 - Sky Cake / Patton Oswalt
Track 10 - Porno For Parents / Mike Birbiglia
Track 11 - Sheets / Aziz Ansari
Track 12 - Underdeveloped Sexual Fantasies / Jen Kirkman
Track 13 - Stromboli / Paul F. Tompkins
Track 14 - Cracka  / Mike Birbiglia
Track 15 - My Cousin Harris / Aziz Ansari
Track 16 - Whiskey And Weed And L.S.D / Patton Oswalt
Track 17 - Blackberry / Marc Maron
Track 18 - Seduction / Anthony Jeselnik
Track 19 - Go Ask Alice / Paul F. Tompkins

Here's something a little different, a compilation I've put together of some of the best American stand up comics in the scene today. If you like to laugh and aren't easily offended then you should get a kick out of these guys ( and girl ). I'm thinking about posting some of the original albums these tracks came from so if you have a certain comedian from the above list that you enjoy then leave me a message. Please note - in my rush to upload this I didn't tag it properly so you might need to move a few tracks around to get the above playlist. Cheers.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Download here

Track 1 - Zooming
Track 2 - Mark
Track 3 - ND Filter
Track 4 - Wide 
Track 5 - Slot
Track 6 - Cartridge
Track 7 - Focusing
Track 8 - Lens
Track 9 - Exposure
Track 10 - Provision
Track 11 - Shutter
Track 12 - Tester
Track 13 - Grip
Track 14 - Counter
Track 15 - Trigger

While some space themed music sounds like it has come from another planet, "Musica Elettronica" sounds like it's from another dimension! These sparse and hypnotic compositions may seem overtly simplistic but they have an unnerving quality that keeps the listener on edge. Probably the best example of this would be "Provision" which is essentially a high pitched tone with an uneven heartbeat underneath it; that something so simple could be so compelling is a credit to Grano's skills. It's even more impressive when you consider that this album was created in 1973. I'm not sure why all the track titles have photographic references but it just adds another layer of mystery to a truly strange and unique album. I believe I originally found this at Marsellus Wallace's Crate Favorites. I'd be interested to know what you make of this record so feel free to leave a message.