Saturday, July 30, 2011


Track 1 - Dernier Domicile Connu / Francois De Roubaix
Track 2 - Shady Blues / Pete Moore
Track 3 - Come Together / The Phoenix Authority
Track 4 - Packed Up / Bill Conti
Track 5 - Take Me With You / Lyn Christopher
Track 6 - Pulp / Steve Gray
Track 7 - Go Home Pigs / Ronald Stein
Track 8 - A Divine Image / David Axelrod
Track 9 - While My Guitar Gently Weeps / Jimmy Ponder
Track 10 - Return From Ashes / John Dankworth
Track 11 - Darkest Light / Lafayette Afro Rock Band
Track 12 - Safari / Frank Walton
Track 13 - A Day In The Life / War
Track 14 - The Spic / Bullet

Another super slick batch of library and rare groove goodness. A few of the tracks have been sampled by hip hop artists ( "Packed Up" was used by the Hilltop Hoods and I think "Dernier Domicile Connu" was sampled in a Lil Bow Wow track several years ago ). Other points of interest include a couple of nice Beatles covers, a tense crime jazz themed number by David Axelrod and a variety of typically well selected Dusty Fingers nuggets. You should know what to expect by now, it's a must have comp.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Track 1 - Le Bracelet / Alain Goraguer & Jean-Claude Petit
Track 2 - Psychedelic Portrait / Jack Arel
Track 3 - Going Out Of My Head / George Saxon
Track 4 - I Wonder / The Bubble Gum Machine
Track 5 - The Beggar Song / Wet Willie
Track 6 - Night Moves / F.McDonald & C.Rae
Track 7 - Funky Chimes / Francis Coppieters
Track 8 - Accadde A Bali / Arawak
Track 9 - Night Marchers / Medeski, Martin And Wood
Track 10 - The Moving Finger / Dorothy Ashby
Track 11 - Misty Canyon / Sven Libaek
Track 12 - Wenn Der Urlaub Kommt / Manfred Krug & Günther Fischer-Quintett
Track 13 - Selected Sound / Hardy's Jet Band
Track 14 - Lovin' You Girl / John Schroeder

Dusty Fingers Volume 4 contains a couple of my favourite library music tracks of all time in the form of "Night Moves" and "Misty Canyon". Another absolute classic is "Sales Talk" by Francis Coppieters but despite Track 7 being listed under that title it is actually "Funky Chimes". Also featured is a track off the Accadde A album which you can download here. Either side of that block of library music are some nice psych and funky numbers that stay true to the Dusty Fingers formula of crate digging and super beats. Top notch stuff as always.

Please note - Some of you have commented on the incorrect titles and artist names that also seem to be a trademark of these compilations. I am endeavouring to change the offending titles where possible. Any help with identifying mistakes is appreciated.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Track 1 - Hello Streakers!
Track 2 - Special Streaking
Track 3 - Dangerous For Your Health
Track 4 - No Tax For Streakers
Track 5 - Nudes And Marines
Track 6 - To Streak With The Devil
Track 7 - Between Two Streakers
Track 8 - Hey Doc! Help
Track 9 - Streaking Land
Track 10 - Topless On The Trail
Track 11 - Streak To Streak

I was alerted to this wonderful record by Funky Frolic regular Funkyfil44 and it's a real tour de force of cheeky (pun intended) European blaxploitation style grooves straight outta 1974. There is a real feel good vibe from start to finish with nice driving tempos, quality instrumentation and composing. Seeing as anything I post with nudity on the cover gets heaps of pageviews hopefully a lot of you will take the time to download this and enjoy it as much as I have.

Monday, July 18, 2011


Track 1 - Solstice / Brian Bennett
Track 2 - Algebrique / Solche
Track 3 - Signals / Gerhard Trede And His Electronic Instruments
Track 4 - Mixed Drums / Andy Loore
Track 5 - Love Sounds / Intimate Strangers
Track 6 - Railroad / Monk Higgins
Track 7 - Caccia Al Cinese / Franco Micalizzi
Track 8 - Soft Wind / Gary Pacific Orchestra
Track 9 - Attention (Drum Beat) / Head West
Track 10 - Jane B / Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin
Track 11 - Bass In Action / Toni Rubio
Track 12 - Dirty Drugs / H. Thieme

You've got to love a compilation that starts off with Brian Bennett's "Solstice", even if it does cut off abruptly at 1:48 ( you can find the complete track here ). "Algebrique" is a real ear opener - it starts off sounding like an offcut from the Lost Highway soundtrack then wanders into a French style prog / jazz jam that just doesn't quit! "Mixed Drums" is a more straight ahead jazz number but also contains some wicked library music style drums and bass. "Love Sounds" is pure porn groove, "Railroad" is quintessential crime jazz and Franco Micalizzi also represents the crime genre with typically flair. "Soft Wind" is possibly my pick of the bunch but it has some stiff competition from the aforementioned tracks along with excellent compositions by Tonio Rubio and Serge Gainsbourg.

Simply put, this is essential listening for all Funky Frolicers. Go forth and download!

Friday, July 15, 2011


Track 1 - Activity 2
Track 2 - Comedy 4
Track 3 - Activity 5
Track 4 - Activity 4
Track 5 - Activity 9
Track 6 - Activity 1
Track 7 - Activity 7
Track 8 - Activity 6
Track 9 - Activity 10
Track 10 - Light 1
Track 11 - Light 5
Track 12 - Light 2
Track 13 - Light 3
Track 14 - Activity 3
Track 15 - Light 6
Track 16 - Activity 8
Track 17 - Light 4
Track 18 - Comedy 2
Track 19 - Comedy 3
Track 20 - Comedy 1

Considering that we are at the half way point of my Dusty Fingers countdown I thought I might take the weekend off and post something a little different. As the title suggests this is a whole album dedicated to bass guitar and percussion tracks, from the playful ( Comedy ), to the airy ( Light ) and just damn funky ( Activity ). Simplicity is the key word here and the compositions by Herbie Flowers and Barry Morgan rarely fail to deliver. My pick of the bunch would be the stomping, head nodding "Activity 8". I highly doubt this is the correct track order but this is the way they fell into my itunes and I'm sticking with it. Unfortunately I am still being frustrated by uploading issues so many thanks to Paul Durango for providing this link. Enjoy!

Monday, July 11, 2011


Track 1 - Power Of The Drums / Unknown
Track 2 - Under Pressure / Nick Ingman
Track 3 - La Dimo Strzione / Danielle Patucci
Track 4 - Silhouettes / Dick Walter
Track 5 - Compression / Ed Scogillera
Track 6 - Crossing The Border / Jerry Goldsmith
Track 7 - Big Noise From Winnetka / Eric Delaney
Track 8 - Future Past / Absolute Elsewhere
Track 9 - Here We Are / Churchill
Track 10 - Tibetan Serenity / Travis Biggs
Track 11 - Dancer / Spacey
Track 12 - Mao / Peter Thomas Sound Group
Track 13 - Drum Skit 1 / Unknown
Track 14 - Drum Skit 2 / Unknown

There is a bit of everything on Volume 6, slick beats, funky horns, soundtrack grooves and a couple of nice library music tracks are all in the mix. "Under Pressure" is crime funk heaven and the more melancholic "Silhouettes" and "Future Past" are equally strong in their own way. Throw in a Jerry Goldsmith number ( from the film "The Last Run" ), a typically oddball Pete Thomas track plus a couple of random drum breaks and you've got yourself one very enjoyable compilation.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Track 1 - Who Is She And What Is She To You? / Madeline
Track 2 - Rose Len / Lennie Hibbert
Track 3 - Atlanta Inn / Janne Schaffer
Track 4 - Space / Tomorrow
Track 5 - L'oiseau / Alain Goraguer
Track 6 - Come Live With Me / Dorothy Ashby
Track 7 - Walter L / Jimmy Gordon
Track 8 - The Mudfoot / Fat Albert
Track 9 - Hey Jude / Tuby Hayes
Track 10 - Monday Monday / Wally Richardson
Track 11 - Micky Mouse Club / Mike Curb Congregation
Track 12 - The Godfather / The Professionals
Track 13 - Grigio Perla / Gian Franco Pienzio
Track 14 - We've Only Just Begun / Grant Green

Unlike the previous volumes I have posted this one is firmly rooted within the genres of rare groove and soul. The main exceptions would be a rather groovy version of the Micky Mouse Club theme and a novelty number featuring Fat Albert. The covers of "Hey Jude" and "The Godfather" are sensational, in particular the latter which is given a very Phase 6 Super Stereo style workout. The inclusion of tracks by Alain Goraguer and Grant Green is welcome. I have to mention "Who Is She And What Is She To You?" aswell because not only is it fantastic but also because it will be instantly recognisable to music fans in my home city due to it being sampled by popular hip hop group Hilltop Hoods.

Friday, July 8, 2011


Track 1 - Time Is Passing / Sun
Track 2 - Kriminal Theme / Maledictus Sound
Track 3 - The Climb / Parry Music
Track 4 - Les Caids / Francois De Roubaix
Track 5 - In Necessity / Kerrie Biddell
Track 6 - Cohet / Ajijia Myrayebe
Track 7 - Fat Fat Fellow / Daniel Janin
Track 8 - Roots / Ian Carr
Track 9 - Drums / Niagra
Track 10 - Gloaming / L.Decosne
Track 11 - The Tense Scene / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 12 - Atlantis / R.M.O
Track 13 - Trying Hard To Look Inside / Waters
Track 14 - Stone Folk / The Adacements
Track 15 - Fragment Of Fear / Sight & Sound

Not my favourite volume in the series but with a few library tracks including an excellent number by Alan Hawkshaw you can't really go wrong. And to be fair, if this was any other compilation I would hold it in high regard but due to the level of quality with Dusty Fingers it drops down the order a bit. My pick of the bunch would be the very cool "Les Caids" by Francois De Roubaix. Thanks to the original uploader.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Download here

Track 1 - Hogans Thing / Simon Haseley
Track 2 - Who's Who / Fred Merret & Friends
Track 3 - Daydream / Bernard Wystraete
Track 4 - Lightly Salted / Barry Ungar
Track 5 - Bad Times / Gerard McManon
Track 6 - Jamie's Theme / Harnell
Track 7 - Super Snatch / Flash Fearless
Track 8 - Pull Jabal Pull / J.J Johnson
Track 9 - Interlude / Brand New Funk
Track 10 - Being Tailed / Roy Budd
Track 11 - Drummin' / Bill Near
Track 12 - War On The Streets / Head Band
Track 13 - La Morte Accarezza a Mezzanotte/ Ed Ariete
Track 14 - Improv / Ron Tutt & Jim Keltner

Volume 9 has a really nice down tempo vibe that combines well with the crazy drum breaks that are a trademark of the Dusty Fingers series. Things start off well with the familiar library track "Hogan's Thing" and the quality remains high right up until "La Morte Accarezza a Mezzanotte" which in my opinion rises above everything else. There is a couple of straight up drum tracks, a nice funk number in the form of "Super Snatch" and a classic slice of Roy Budd magic. I'm sure there is more than enough cool grooves on this album to hold you interest.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Track 1 - KG Intro / Unknown
Track 2 - Son Of Popcorn / Franz Auffray
Track 3 - The Unknown / Brian Bennett
Track 4 - Light My Fire / Johnny Harris
Track 5 - Impulsion Drums / Barry Cooper
Track 6 - Drum Skit 1 / Unknown
Track 7 - Drum Skit 2 / Unknown
Track 8 - Botte De Cuire / Chapeau
Track 9 - Requiem Pour Un Con / Serge Gainsbourg
Track 10 - Sand And Rain Soup / Nancy Holloway
Track 11 - Letrange Dr Personne / Carvelli
Track 12 - Relaxed Spacious / Alan Parker
Track 13 - Incidental Backcloth / Keith Mansfield
Track 14 - Drum Skit 3 / Unknown

For those who are unfamiliar, Dusty Fingers is a compilation series which over the course of many volumes has delved into the world of library music, rare groove and forgotten beats. The results have been stunning and continue to be a gold mine for DJ's, producers and music fans alike. Sometimes the tracks are pared down to highlight the funkiest moments and sweetest drum breaks; this means there is rarely a dull moment as the listener is pummelled with fantastic music.

Volume 10 features a strong set of gems with Brian Bennett, Alan Parker and Keith Mansfield representing the library music scene. Track 1 is listed here as "KG Intro" but I have seen it titled as "Space Guerilla" by Missus Beastley. Also "Drum Skit 2" is unmistakably "Zouche Drums 3" by David Holland which features on Luke Vibert's Nuggets. I'm sure there will be someone out there who can identify the other "Drum Skits". The tracks always have something unique about them which makes you want to listen again and again, whether it be a particular beat, piano line or horn solo.

Stay tuned because I will count down to Volume 1 over the course of the next month or so. Trust me, each addition is as good as the last. Thanks to the original uploader.