Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I'm not sure if anyone has noticed but earlier today Funky Frolic passed the 1,000,000 pageview mark. Unfortunately it happened around 5am my time so I missed the big moment but I'm still thrilled to have made it this far. From humble begins FF has grown to the point where 4,000 pageviews a day is the norm, so I'd like to say a big thank you to all the visitors and supporters who have made this blog what it is today. It's great to see a lot of people becoming return visitors and enjoying their time here, it certainly validates my taste in music when I read comments from people expressing their joy at my selections. I hope I can continue to entertain and enlighten for a while longer...

All the best from Mr.Craig.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Track 1 - Video Funk
Track 2 - Pin-Balls
Track 3 - Martian Invaders
Track 4 - Mouse Runner
Track 5 - Flipper
Track 6 - Vampire Chaser
Track 7 - Flip Box
Track 8 - Spiel Salon
Track 9 - Video Games
Track 10 - Robot Voices
Track 11 - Computer Room
Track 12 - Japanese Technology
Track 13 - Data Movements
Track 14 - Software Jungle
Track 15 - Future World
Track 16 - Informatic Terminal
Track 17 - Ad-Da

I know this record can be found at a few different places but I couldn't resist posting it at Funky Frolic. These 17 tracks replicate the sounds you would find on retro computer games and pinball machines back in the early 1980's. It's a collection which will appeal to anyone who enjoys retro gaming or was around when Space Invaders, Moon Patrol, Frogger and Pitfall were at the cutting edge of home entertainment. There's not a lot of song structure to be had, mostly you get a lot of beeps and blips with the exception of "Video Funk", "Video Games", "Future World" and a couple of others. "Japanese Technology" is an excellent piece of minimalist electronic music and "Informatic Terminal" has a nice ambient feel. In fact the whole second half of the album is really, really good in my opinion.

Aside from the kitsch factor associated with the cover and theme there are plenty of reasons why you should download this and give it a go. Enjoy!



Track 1 - Scene & Heard
Track 2 - Just Love
Track 3 - Vespucci
Track 4 - Reg
Track 5 - Tamariu
Track 6 - One-Eight-One
Track 7 - Fourth Dimension
Track 8 - Colour Radio
Track 9 - Take Another Look
Track 10 - Kaleidoscope
Track 11 - The Space Between
Track 12 - Flashback

So did anything funky come out of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop? Well, this 1973 compilation of Paddy Kingsland tracks probably fits the bill. It's not funky in the truest sense but it has a pop / easy sensibility that puts it in contrast with music produced by the likes of Derbyshire and Vorhaus. Mostly this is a collection of moogy, synthy pieces that are relaxed and lighthearted, the best moments come when the electronic instruments are paired with guitar and drums such as on "Take Another Look", "One-Eight-One" and the great Italian themed "Vespucci". It's a pleasant album to listen to even if it doesn't break much new ground. See what you think.

Monday, February 27, 2012


Download here or here

Track 1 - It's Your Thing / Lou Donaldson
Track 2 - Mystic Brew / Ronnie Foster
Track 3 - Think Twice / Donald Byrd
Track 4 - The Edge / David McCallum
Track 5 - Oblighetto / Brother Jack McDuff
Track 6 - Get Out Of My Life, Woman / Joe Williams
Track 7 - Down Here On The Ground / Grant Green
Track 8 - Spinning Wheel / Lonnie Smith
Track 9 - Howling For Judy / Jeremy Steig
Track 10 - Who's Makin' Love (To Your Old Lady) / Lou Donaldson
Track 11 - Tidal Wave / Ronnie Laws
Track 12 - Little Green Apples / Monk Higgins
Track 13 - Wind Parade / Donald Byrd

The Blue Note label has proven to be an inspirational goldmine for hip hop artists and DJ's for a good 20 plus years now. This collection brings together a number of Blue Note performances that have been sampled by the likes of the Beastie Boys, De La Soul, DJ Krush, A Tribe Called Quest, Gangstarr and even Madonna. As you would expect the grooves are seriously heavy duty and give a fair representation of the brilliance possessed by the likes of Donaldson, Green, Bird et al. Crazy organ lines and breakbeats abound in true Blue Note style, the biggest suprise for me came with Lonnie Smith's "Spinning Wheel". I've long since considered Jimmy McGriff's version to be the height of funkiness but this is a whole different beast! All in all it's an epic collection that does the classic label justice while highlighting the connection between different generations of artists.

Please note - the copy I have is the CD version which only contains the first 10 tracks, I haven't checked the above links to see if they include the extra tracks but the Depositfiles file is quite large and more than likely contains them. If not they can be found easily on the web. Enjoy!



Track 1 - Microtronics 01
Track 2 - Microtronics 02
Track 3 - Microtronics 03
Track 4 - Microtronics 04
Track 5 - Microtronics 05
Track 6 - Microtronics 06
Track 7 - Microtronics 07
Track 8 - Microtronics 08
Track 9 - Microtronics 09
Track 10 - Microtronics 10

This is a tour EP which was released by Broadcast during their 2003 "Haha Sound" Tour. Don't let the jazzy start to the first track fool you, this music is firmly based on the traditions of the Radiophonic Workshop. There is still a fair amount of diversity though with "05" consisting entirely of a drum workout and "09" having a bit of a Tortoise feel to it. Sadly vocalist Trish Keenan ( who is not featured on this disc ) died of pnuemonia last year at the age of 42. A new album is planned featuring vocals recorded before her death.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Track 1 - Static Time
Track 2 - Nerve Centre
Track 3 - Deadly Enemy
Track 4 - Marshall Strength
Track 5 - Marshall Strength Link
Track 6 - Cold Sweat
Track 7 - Questions
Track 8 - Foreboding
Track 9 - Eve Of Conflict
Track 10 - Fragments Of Tension
Track 11 - Pendulum
Track 12 - Pendulum Link
Track 13 - Pendulum 2
Track 14 - Pendulum 3
Track 15 - Unseen Danger Link
Track 16 - Anxiety
Track 17 - Anxiety Link
Track 18 - Hook No.1
Track 19 - Hook No.2
Track 20 - Hook No.3
Track 21 - Hook No.4
Track 22 - Hook No.5
Track 23 - Hook No.6

Lots of dark angry orchestration on this one that places it firmly in the field of crime music. The majority of tracks are composed by Steve Gray and John Scott and are more suited to soundtracks rather than use in tv or radio. You will find plenty of wind and string instruments along with timpani giving the pieces an epic, Cecil B. DeMille type importance. The most library music sounding track would be the excellent "Pendulum" which I've used in a compilation before, it's little brother "Pendulum 3" is also well worth a listen. To be honest there are gems all over the place and this album is rightly considered to be one of the more desirable Brutons, both in terms of sample potential and purely as a listening experience. Many thanks to the original uploader

Please note - There are a couple of missing tracks on this rip. I couldn't find a Discogs entry to verify the correct listings but the above line up is close enough to being correct ( hopefully! ).



Track 1 - Black Tank
Track 2 - The Luck Of Teela Brown
Track 3 - Purple Pill People
Track 4 - The Living Eye
Track 5 - Apartment 23
Track 6 - Wild Driver
Track 7 - Mercury Wall
Track 8 - Electric Tiger Snake
Track 9 - The Robbery
Track 10 - White Russian
Track 11 - Astralkörper

This is a fairly enjoyable set of rock infused spy funk by the Men From S.P.E.C.T.R.E who hail from Winterthur, Switzerland. The main components of the music are guitar, frenetic drumming, hammond organ and nice deep bass, it's a full on mix which is best consumed in small doses. Stylistically the album could have benefited from a little more variation but they seem to have found their niche and are sticking to it steadfastly. Highlights include "The Luck Of Teela Brown", the short and sharp "Apartment 23" and "Mercury" which has a strong U.K feel to it. This is their third album so if you like what you hear then be sure to check their other releases.


Saturday, February 25, 2012


Track 1 - Intro Obsession '77 / Atomic Forest
Track 2 - De Repente / Quarteto Nova Era
Track 3 - Osman Pehlivan / Arif Sag
Track 4 - Astronauts A Mercurio / Sonora Casino
Track 5 - Walderez Waldereia / Flavio Kurt
Track 6 - Hor Gorme Garibi / Erkin Koray
Track 7 - Globo Do Morto / Novos Bahianos
Track 8 - Musica Mulata / Los Chikichaka
Track 9 - Murituri / Arnaud Rodriguez
Track 10 - Sueno Un Camino / Ovni
Track 11 - Esperanto / Suely E Os Kantikus
Track 12 - Everything Is Gonna Change / Jean Paul 'El Troglodita'
Track 13 - Gonese Don Cicegim / Ersen
Track 14 - Proyectos De Un Ladron Prisionero / La Barra De Chocolate
Track 15 - Obsession '77 / Atomic Forest

This collection brings together 15 pieces of rare and sometimes unusual psych funk / rock music. I know virtually nothing about the featured artists but there is certainly South American, Persian and Indian influences flowing throughout the record with fuzzy guitar and heavy percussion playing a prominant role. The biggest highlight for my mind is "Osman Pehlivan" which contains some great breakbeats and comes off sounding like hip hop style belly dancing music. Atomic Forest is the only group I had heard of previously and "Obsession '77" is a real stomper with an excellent drum solo mid song. Other tracks are a little slower to reveal their charms but there are many interested elements at play.


As if Rapidshare's dramatic decrease in data transfer rates for free users wasn't enough, today I discovered that any Rapidshare link I click on redirects me to the RS homepage. I've had a look around for any news about this but nothing exists (yet). Is anyone else experiencing the same problem? If it is terminal then it's a rather nasty turn of events that will certainly impact on 20% to 25% of the links that can be found at Funky Frolic. I'm hoping for the best but I'm not exactly optimistic at the moment.

Update - Well it seems like everything's back to (very slow) business at Rapidshare. I don't think I can be blamed for jumping to conclusions considering what has transpired in the last few weeks. Incidentally, if any of you are able to provide alternative links to Rapidshare downloads posted here then let me know in the comments section of individual posts. I'd appreciate any help that can be provided. Also, I apologise in advance for any future RS links I post, rest assured I am treating it as a last resort. Anything I upload myself will appear on Mirrorcreator.


Track 1 - Motherland Megamix
Track 2 - New Model Army
Track 3 - Numbers Game
Track 4 - Pride Of The Nation
Track 5 - Start 'Em Young
Track 6 - Arirang
Track 7 - Commie Funk
Track 8 - Motherland Redux

Review from Sublime Frequencies - "Schmaltzy synthpop, Revolutionary rock, Cheeky child rap, and a healthy dose of hagiography for Dear Leader Kim Jong-il, this is the now NOW sound of North Korea! A hermit kingdom with a rich folk history and an even richer tradition in over-the-top praise for the ruling House of Kim, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea remains a diplomatic thorn and a culture never Neverland. Boasting a heady mix of Stalin opera, Tokyo karaoke and brooding impressionism, the sound of present-day Pyongyang distills into warped agit-pop and lost-in-time commie funk.

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on in North Korean music, this is your vehicle for exploration. Christiaan Virant has visited this mysterious land and has assembled this amazing audio collage. Captured within are rare live recordings from various performances and mass games demonstrations, sounds lifted from People’s Army television dramas, samples from hard-to-find CD releases obtained in the capital, and of course, news reports from the “real” Radio Pyongyang, which continues to broadcast to this day, albeit under the new, strikingly anodyne moniker “Voice of Korea”."

Friday, February 24, 2012


Track 1 - Captain Future
Track 2 - Vor Dem Start
Track 3 - Joan
Track 4 - Feinde Greifen An
Track 5 - Ken
Track 6 - Gefahr
Track 7 - Der Einsame König
Track 8 - Hurra, Wir Fliegen
Track 9 - Neue Erfahrungen Im Cyber-Space
Track 10 - Planet Der Kranken
Track 11 - Eingeborene!
Track 12 - Fremde Schöne Landschaft
Track 13 - Der Böse
Track 14 - Ein Trauriger Fall
Track 15 - Space-Wind
Track 16 - In Einer Bar Auf Einem Anderen Stern
Track 17 - Durch Den Weltraum Nachhause
Track 18 - Auf Wiedersehen, Captain Future

Captain Future was an animated series that was broadcast in Japan during the late 1970's. It was soon distributed to a number of different countries including Germany where the decision was made to create a new soundtrack from scratch. Christian Bruhn was charged with the task of creating the score and the results have reached cult status with animation and soundtrack fans along with DJ's.

The music is mixture of electro funk, space disco, jazz and Bruton-esque library grooves which certainly speaks of the time it was recorded but there are also a handful of funky nuggets scattered thoughout. For me the standouts were "Eingeborene!", "Ken". the danceable "Vor Dem Start" and the ahead of it's time techno beats on "Der Böse". The most well known piece on the record is indeed the title track but I'm not a huge fan of it ( incidently I believe it is Bruhn's wife providing the female vocals ). I'm not sure what you'll make of this, it has the potential to be a love it or hate it proposition. I hope you love it though.


Friend of Funky Frolic and member of September 70 pixel_face sent me an email today regarding a mix he has just finished and posted on MixCloud. The music is a heady blend of funk, soul, rare groove and a little library music in the form of "Swamp Fever" by John Cameron and Alan Parker. It's well worth a listen ( download through the above link ) but if you are keen on hearing a more library heavy mix then might I suggest checking out the excellent "Propheties d'un Avenir Incertain" which features the likes of Piero Umiliani, Ennio Morricone, Lesiman, Remigio Ducros and Egisto Macchi.

For all this and much more I strongly recommend you take a look at September 70's MixCloud page which can be found right here.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


New download link here

Track 1 - Nello Spazio
Track 2 - Allucinazioni
Track 3 - Approdo Lunare
Track 4 - Pulsando
Track 5 - Addio Alla Terra
Track 6 - Stelle Cadenti
Track 7 - Sperduti Nello Spazio
Track 8 - Il Pianeta Degli Insetti
Track 9 - Asteroide Fantasma
Track 10 - Nell'Ombra Di Plutone
Track 11 - Polvere Cosmica
Track 12 - Angoscia Cosmica
Track 13 - Vita Primordiale

This is an interesting selection of space themed music from the great Piero Umiliani, released on his own Omicron record label. These tracks, which utilise a range of electronic instruments are generally claustrophobic and tense with the major exception being the lovely organic sounding "Approdo Lunare". It's certainly an album more suited to the beard strokers out there rather than those who are purely fans of Umiliani's extensive soundtrack work but to get a true understanding of his greatness records like this must be heard. It is also one of the more rare releases in Piero's discography.

A better quality version of "Approdo Lunare" can be found on "Musica Elettronica Vol.2".

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Track 1 - Black Rite
Track 2 - Jungle Juice
Track 3 - War Dance
Track 4 - Sacrifice
Track 5 - Kiss Of Death
Track 6 - Uomo
Track 7 - The Man From Takoradi
Track 8 - Chant Of The Virgins
Track 9 - Manhunter
Track 10 - Tiger In The Night
Track 11 - Sacrifice To The Sun
Track 12 - Jungle Wedding

"Tiger In The Night" is a masterful compilation that encompasses the finest works released by the great Mandingo. Far from being a product of deepest darkest Africa, Mandingo was actually Geoff Love and his Orchestra in disguise and this music definitely shows off Geoff at his absolute funkiest! Well known composers Mike Vickers, Roger Webb and Brian Fahey wrote many of the tracks on this collection and unsurprisingly there is a distinctive library music vibe. The music features lots of percussion, obviously, but also hefty slabs of wah wah, horns and flute that create a rich and powerful sound entirely unique to Mandingo. An absolute must listen recording! Awesome cover art as well, I'm sure you'll agree.

You can also find Mandingo's "Primeval Rhythm Of Life" here.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Now this is how the internet should work. Yesterday I was wandering the interwebs looking for some more Radiophonic Workshop music and eventually I came across a Mediafire link to "Sound Effects Vol.21". I created a post and included a request that if anyone had "Out Of This World" I'd love to hear it. Within an hour Mr.Primate from Ripping Yarns had left me a message alerting me to the fact that said album was located at his blog. After gleefully downloading "Out Of This World" I started exploring Ripping Yarns and came across the above mix that Mr.Primate had originally found at a blog called The Horse Drawn Zeppelin. In turn they had sourced the mix from Go Away Records which appears to have lived up to its name and disappeared.

So now, after passing through several hands I deliver it to the people of Funky Frolic. If my stats are any indication several hundred of you will download this file, some of you will enjoy it so much that you'll be inspired to seek out original recordings by the artists featured in the mix ( about 25 of the tracks can be found on albums already posted at Funky Frolic ) and the cycle of discovery and sharing will's so beautiful.

But what of the music? Well, it was put together by the interestingly named God's Boyfriend and is done in the style of those old stereo test records which were devised to help people fine tune their audio equipment. What follows is a mix of about 150 library music tracks which are combined with mind boggling skill. You will find Nino Nardini, Raymond Scott, Alan Hawkshaw, Keith Mansfield, Piero Piccioni, Simon Park, Jean-Jacques Perrey, Bruce Haack, Sven Libaek, Roger Roger, Eddie Warner and many many more. It equates to a mini encyclopedia of electronic library music, with some lovely detours along the way ( including a wonderful cameo from Mr. Rolf Harris ).

At times it is an intense journey but one that I'd highly recommend for everyone interested in library music. An absolute must-have, 10 out of 10 frolic super dooper winner!



Track 1 - Storm Clouds
Track 2 - Some O'dem
Track 3 - F.K.D
Track 4 - Umbi Gumbi
Track 5 - Fresh Lady
Track 6 - Escape
Track 7 - Reclamation
Track 8 - Well Hung Parliament
Track 9 - Fresh Lady Dub
Track 10 - Storm Clouds Dub

This group is based on the east coast of Australia and their music contains a diverse amalgam of afro beat, reggae, dub and some hip hop. It's very easy on the ear along with being quite funky, especially tracks such as "Well Hung Parliament", "Umbi Gumbi" and the more laid back "Escape". I couldn't find any information on upcoming gigs for them but if they appear in your neck of the woods be sure to check them out! I'm positive they would be awesome live ( as the below video demonstrates ). Be sure to hunt down their self titled debut album as well.

Monday, February 20, 2012



Track 1 - La Grande Piece De La Foire De La Rue Delaware / Malcolm Clark
Track 2 - Brio / John Baker
Track 3 - Adagio / Dick Mills
Track 4 - Geraldine / Roger Limb
Track 5 - Bath Time / Malcolm Clarke
Track 6 - Nenuphar / Malcolm Clarke & Glynis Jones
Track 7 - Accentric / John Baker
Track 8 - Major Bloodnok's Stomach / Dick Mills
Track 9 - The Panel Beaters / Paddy Kingsland
Track 10 - Crazy Dazy / Dick Mills
Track 11 - Veils And Mirrors / Glynis Jones
Track 12 - Romanescan Rout / Malcolm Clarke
Track 13 - Schlum Rooli / Glynis Jones
Track 14 - Kitten's Lullaby / Roger Limb
Track 15 - Chino / John Baker
Track 16 - Waltz Antipathy / Richard Yeoman-Clark
Track 17 - The World Of Science / Paddy Kingsland

There isn't any Oram or Derbyshire to be had but this compilation of BBC Radiophonic Workshop music still delivers the goods. The record is mostly split between quirky off kilter pop such as "Geraldine", "The Panel Beaters" and "The World Of Science" and the more serious and darker moods encompassed within "Veils And Mirrors", "Adagio", "Accentric" and "Nenuphar". From the remaining tracks the ethereal "Kitten's Lullaby" stands out from the pack along with a weird little sound effect that I presume was created specifically for The Goon Show. While far from being a definitive collection of Workshop music this is still a fascinating journey and well worth the trip. Credit goes to Slothy for the original rip.


Track 1 - Death Of The Fly
Track 2 - Vampire Feeding
Track 3 - Death By Harikiri
Track 4 - Sweeney Todd The Barber
Track 5 - Wind Through Crack In Door
Track 6 - Wind In The Trees
Track 7 - Synthesised Wind
Track 8 - Sea Monster
Track 9 - Sharpening The Knife
Track 10 - Falling Scream
Track 11 - Premature Burial
Track 12 - Wild Dogs
Track 13 - The Iron Maiden
Track 14 - Death In The Swamp
Track 15 - The Sewer Rats
Track 16 - The Poisoned Drink
Track 17 - The Rack
Track 18 - Midnight Strangler
Track 19 - Assorted Gun Shots
Track 20 - At The Dentist
Track 21 - Time Bomb
Track 22 - Death By Electrocution
Track 23 - Gouging Eyeballs
Track 24 - Russian Roulette
Track 25 - Death By Garrotting
Track 26 - Suicide By Gas

Here's an assortment of Halloween grade sound effects showcasing the twisted minds and technical skills of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. I'm not sure of the artists featured but I believe Delia Derbyshire and Richard Yeoman-Clark had a hand in some of these pieces. The titles pretty much give away what you can expect but it's actually quite listenable in a macabre sort of way. The vinyl this rip was taken from has obviously been through a bit but it's certainly still worth a download if only for the kitsch value. By the way, if anyone has a copy of "Out Of This World: Atmospheric Sound And Effects From The BBC Radiophonic Workshop" I would LOVE to hear it!

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Download here

Track 1 - L'Uomo Dagli Occhi Di Ghiaccio
Track 2 - I Tre Messicani
Track 3 - L'Incontro
Track 4 - Corsa Mortale
Track 5 - Unisex
Track 6 - Ruota Rovente
Track 7 - L'Astrologo
Track 8 - Metronomo Della Morte
Track 9 - L'Amore
Track 10 - Falso Testimone
Track 11 - Situazione Drammatica
Track 12 - Sera Ad Albukerque
Track 13 - Il Killer
Track 14 - L'Ultima Immagine
Track 15 - Il Verdetto
Track 16 - La Sedia Elettrica

I Marc 4 are joined by Peppino De Luca on this 1971 soundtrack to the film "L'uomo Dagli Occhi Di Ghiaccio" which translates in English to "Man With Icy Eyes". With a title like that it's no wonder the music is firmly based in dark, foreboding spy jazz but there is still room for some typical early 70's Italian grooves on tracks such as "Corsa Mortale", "Falso Testimone" and "Il Killer". A few softer moments such as "Unisex" add variety to the mix and overall it is a quality record by a fantastic band. For further listening check out I Marc 4's "I Solisti Di Armando Trovajoli".


I was just minding my own business, checking out some rare delights over at Dusty Shelf when I discovered that the Multiupload links I clicked on weren't redirecting me. It's probably my stupid laptop playing up I thought, but no it appears the popular mirror site simply vanished about 8 days ago. Apparently this has occurred without any media coverage on the subject, whether it is terminal or temporary we'll have to wait and see but it's logical to fear the worst.

I've had some success doing Google searches for individual files, they should still be hosted on the various file sharing sites to which they were mirrored but it's an annoying process. Take for instance "Bruton BRI 17 - Eklektikos" by Trevor Duncan, I presume this is an exclusive rip to Dusty Shelf and now can't be accessed through Multiupload but after a Google search I was able to locate it at Wupload.

So, not all is lost but it still represents another major blow to file sharing on the internet. A lot of people jumped straight from Megaupload to Multiupload and I feel so sorry for them. I'm fortunate that I chose Mirrorcreator which for now at least is going strong. 

The war continues...

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Track 1 - Tifo E Allegria
Track 2 - Le Sconfitte Brucianti
Track 3 - Il Pubblico
Track 4 - Voglia Di Gioco
Track 5 - Calcio Al Ralenti
Track 6 - Calcio Come Contestazione
Track 7 - Calcio Come Violenza
Track 8 - Una Partita Agitata
Track 9 - La Rimonta
Track 10 - Magia Del Calcio
Track 11 - Le Sconfitte Brucianti
Track 12 - Contropiede
Track 13 - Pressing
Track 14 - Sgambetto

I've been meaning to check this one out and I wasn't disappointed! There are a few tracks that didn't quite hit the mark with me but there's so much variety and skill on show it more than makes up for any missteps. Highlights include the dark and spacey "Le Sconfitte Brucianti", the monster breakbeat groover "La Rimonta", the all percussion "Pressing" along with two tracks that have found their way on to compilations before "Contropiede" and "Sgambetto". There is also a nice vein of crime jazz running through the middle of the album which certainly provides for excellent listening.

"La Palla E' Rotonodo" ranks alongside another Ducros creation "America Giovone" as under appreciated gems of Italian library music. Credit goes to the Groove Department for the original upload.


Track 1 - Postlude From Music For A Sacred Service
Track 2 - Earth's Magnetic Field
Track 3 - Prelude No.8 (To The Memory Of Edgar Varese)
Track 4 - Out Of Into
Track 5 - Cortex
Track 6 - Electronic Composition No.1
Track 7 - Dance Piece No.3
Track 8 - Study For Voice And Tape

To be honest I didn't particularly like this compilation. There is no questioning the skill and innovation involved with the creation of the electronic music presented here but purely as a listening experience I think it fails quite badly.

These tracks come from the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Centre in New York circa 1961 to 1974 and are firmly based in the avante garde, with what I suspect is a helping hand from hallucinogenic substances. The only piece I could really connect with was the brooding "Prelude No.8 (To The Memory Of Edgar Varese)" by Ilhan Mimaroglu.

Anyway, I know that judging music is a purely subjective matter and it's quite possible that some of you will enjoy this collection very much so I thought I'd post it anyway. It does still represent an important stepping stone in the development of electronic music as it is today.

Friday, February 17, 2012


Link removed at request of label.

Track 1 - Lixiviation
Track 2 - Atari Video Games Logo
Track 3 - Clean Room (ITT TV Spot)
Track 4 - Almay Eclipse (TV Spot)
Track 5 - Paris 1971
Track 6 - Sound of A Dream Kissing
Track 7 - Atari Corporate Tag
Track 8 - Princess with Orange Feet
Track 9 - Pop & Pour (Coca-Cola Logo)
Track 10 - Discover Magazine (TV Spot)
Track 11 - Live Buchla Concert 1975
Track 12 - Inside Story (PBS TV Spot)
Track 13 - Liberator (Atari TV Spot)
Track 14 - Eighth Wave
Track 15 - Sound Of Wetness
Track 16 - Second Breath

This is my first exposure to the work of Suzanne Ciani and it proves to be a revelation. Unlike Delia Derbyshire and Daphne Oram, American born Ciani created electronic music that is more ambient and contemplative, but also fun as well. In 1974 she set up her own company in order to directly market advertising music at major corporations such as Coca Cola, Columbia Pictures, Atari and others. Many of the advertising spots featured on this album bear a similarity to the work of Raymond Scott but she also forged new ground, particularly in the development of the Coca Cola Pop and Pour composition which was used widely throughout the 1970's.

Amongst her other achievements Ciani became the first solo woman to produce a Hollywood film score ( "The Incredible Shrinking Woman" ), created sound effects for Meco's "Star Wars And Other Galatic Funk", founded the The Electronic Centre For New Music and has been nominated for five Grammy awards. This collection should be considered a must have for anyone interested in the history of electronic music, especially in the field of advertising. Sensational.

Below are two clips, the first from Suzanne's appearance on the David Letterman Show back in 1980 I believe and the second documents her work creating sounds for the Xenon pinball machine.

Thursday, February 16, 2012



Track 1 - Usdar'a Gilderken 
Track 2 - Burcak Tarlalari
Track 3 - Dolana Dolana
Track 4 - Karadir Kara
Track 5 - Emmioglu
Track 6 - Carsamba
Track 7 - Zeytinyagli
Track 8 - Silifke
Track 9 - Lorke
Track 10 - Ayas

Here is a bit of information about the album courtesy of Answers.Com -

"In 1972, Ozkent partnered with Evren Records, a Turkish label known for its high production standards and audiophile recording techniques; Ozkent booked time at one of Istanbul's finest recording facilities, and with a hand-picked team of musicians he began recording new material dominated by funky vamps, extended percussion jams, hard-grooving organ lines, and wah-wah guitars. The resultant LP, Genclikle Elele (Hand in Hand with Youth), sounded as if it were designed for hip-hop DJs in search of funky breaks, even though it was cut years before the nascent South Bronx scene began to flower (not to mention half a world away)."

"Genclik Ile Elele" has a pretty unique sound encompassing funk, psych rock and jazz along with the previously mentioned funky breaks. Maybe it's just me but I feel like sections of this record have more of an afro rock sound which belies it's middle eastern origins ( "Lorke" and "Dolana Dolana" being examples ). The whole set is super groovy and the only disappointment is that it's all over after just 30 minutes. And as a cherry on top, you get a monkey on the cover. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012




Track 1 - Listen
Track 2 - My Mate Paul
Track 3 - Let's Get Killed
Track 4 - Gritty Shaker
Track 5 - Head Rush On Lafayette
Track 6 - Rodney Yates
Track 7 - Radio 7
Track 8 - The Parcus & Madder Show
Track 9 - Slashers Revenge
Track 10 - Freaknik
Track 11 - Caddell Returns
Track 12 - Don't Die Just Yet
Track 13 - For You

David Holmes is best known for his soundtrack work, in particular Out Of Sight, Oceans Eleven and the subsequent sequels. This record from 1997 sees him developing his trademark sound while incorporating spoken word excerpts from drug dealers, prostitutes and other curious souls inhabiting the New York underground. It's a bizarre mix but one that is ably handled by Holmes and further strengthened by interpretations of the James Bond theme music and "Don't Die Just Yet" by Serge Gainsbourg. A couple of these tracks ended up on the Oceans Eleven score in altered forms, namely "Gritty Shaker" and "Rodney Yates" ( which sadly doesn't appear on the OST ).

This is a super album that should have something to please everyone. The Mediafire link I have posted is at a fairly low bitrate so I've included a Rapidshare link as well but you'll need to download both parts. Either way, go check it out!


Download here

Track 1 - Green Hornet
Track 2 - Four Hornets
Track 3 - Casey
Track 4 - Horneted House
Track 5 - Kato
Track 6 - Do The Hornet
Track 7 - Black Beauty
Track 8 - Guadarahornet
Track 9 - Activate The Scanner
Track 10 - The Green Hornet
Track 11 - Main Title
Track 12 - The Green Hornet feat. Al Hart
Track 13 - The Green Hornet Theme Song
Track 14 - Fury Of The Dragon
Track 15 - Flight Of The Bumblebee
Track 16 - Batman
Track 17 - Longstreet
Track 18 - Adagio In G Minor

This is a 1993 re-release of Billy May's 1966 soundtrack to the television show The Green Hornet and includes 7 additional tracks not on the original release. Some of the bonus material raises eyebrows, I'm not sure if the Batman theme or "Adagio In G Minor" have much relevance to The Green Hornet and their inclusion here seems more like a marketing ploy than anything else.

The music itself is generally a mix of big band, jazz and some lounge elements with the main exception being the aforementioned  "Adagio In G Minor" which is a profound piece of classical music that certainly adds weight to the whole collection ( it should be familiar to most people due to it's use in countless films and television programs ). Fans of the Ultra Lounge series should find plenty of enjoyment with tracks like "Kato", "Four Hornets" and "Black Beauty" all displaying a groovy charm. It's a bit full on at times but I guess you have to expect that with this kind of soundtrack. However,  the fact that there has been a number of reissues gives an indication of the underlying quality inherent in these compositions.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Track 1 - Post Cereal Monkees Record Promotion
Track 2 - Cocoa Pebbles
Track 3 - Froot Loops
Track 4 - Kellogg's OK's
Track 5 - Kellogg's Sugar Pops
Track 6 - Kellogg's Cocoa Krispies 
Track 7 - King Vitamin Cereal
Track 8 - Lucky Charms
Track 9 - Cheerios
Track 10 - Alpha-Bits Cereal
Track 11 - Cracker Jacks
Track 12 - Fruity Pebbles
Track 13 - Almond Joy And Mounds
Track 14 - Apple Jacks
Track 15 - Crispy Wheats 'N Raisins
Track 16 - Count Chocula
Track 17 - Cocoa Puffs
Track 18 - Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Track 19 - Cap'n Crunch
Track 20 - Frosted Flakes
Track 21 - Raisin Bran
Track 22 - Smurfberry Crunch
Track 23 - Cherrios
Track 24 - Strawberry Shortcake Cereal
Track 25 - Sugar Jets Indian Armband Promotion
Track 26 - Weetabix
Track 27 - Rocky Road Cereal
Track 28 - Kellogg's Sugar Smacks

I got a positive response to my last collection of breakfast cereal commercials ( get it here ) so I thought I would put together some more sugary delights for you. Sadly we have missed the opportunity to get our free "Best Of The Monkees" record or Indian Warrior Armband ( with secret symbols ) and many of these products are long gone but you can still relive the golden days of shameless propaganda and cartoon cross promotions right here. Most of these adverts are from the 1970's and 80's but I think a couple of more recent one's have snuck in as well. Enjoy!


This one is purely for the hip hop crowd. Easliy the best beat tape I have ever heard -  featuring massive beats, cool samples and plenty of humour. Produced by a couple of young guys from Cleveland, Ohio who hopefully have big futures ahead of them. Check it out!

Monday, February 13, 2012


Track 1 - Mon Amour
Track 2 - Oddball
Track 3 - Daytripper
Track 4 - Dumbo
Track 5 - Funky Chicken
Track 6 - Auto-Pilot
Track 7 - Jolly Roger
Track 8 - Pacesetter
Track 9 - Home Run
Track 10 - Driving Force
Track 11 - Action Man
Track 12 - Fanfare
Track 13 - Mile High Swingers Version A
Track 14 - Mile High Swingers Version B
Track 15 - Plain Song

It's been a while since I posted any British library music but I hope this record makes up for it! Any collaboration between Hawkshaw and Bennett should be considered a must have and here they combine their renowned composing skills with a selection of electronic instruments. The results range from novelty ( "Dumbo", "Jolly Roger" ) to much more satisfying funk infused numbers such as "Oddball", "Daytripper", "Auto-Pilot" and the two excellent versions of "Mile High Swingers". A few of these tracks have found their way on to various compilations over the years and for good reason.

Sunday, February 12, 2012



Track 1 - The Opening
Track 2 - You
Track 3 - The Man With Dusty Fingers
Track 4 - Break In
Track 5 - Greeky
Track 6 - Hipsters
Track 7 - The Pawnshop
Track 8 - California
Track 9 - Jazz Club
Track 10 - Smok'n Swing
Track 11 - Oh Oui
Track 12 - Ghost Town
Track 13 - Lonesome
Track 14 - Hypnosis
Track 15 - Crystal
Track 16 - Endwise
Track 17 - Eldorado
Track 18 - The Final

I just stumbled on this and had to post it up. As the title suggests, "The Man With Dusty Fingers" is a collection of cinematic music which incorporates heavy doses of library music and rare groove a la the Dusty Fingers compilations, along with some very heavy beats. I won't lie, this record is hit and miss but the hits are good enough to make it more than worthwhile downloading. Tracks like "Break In", "Hypnosis", "Oh Oui" and "The Man With Dusty Fingers" all stand up to scrutiny, with the latter making good use of "Night Moves" by Frank McDonald. Go check it out...


There's never a dull moment in the blogosphere. I don't want to bring down the happy vibe of yesterday's 500th post but I need to warn you all that someone has been aggressively deleting my links ( mostly Mediafire ). It's possible Mediafire are doing this themselves because they realise the wolves are at their door in terms of a DOJ shutdown but I also fear I am being targeted by an individual with a grudge. I've had to replace about 25 links in the last few days and there is probably that many again that still need fixing, I feel like I'm plugging holes in a sinking ship right now but the last thing I want to do is make this blog private or even worse abandon it. I'd much rather be enjoying my Sunday afternoon than dealing with this rubbish. Oh well.

Here's a recent article from the Huff Post that mentions the plight of Mutant Sounds and Holy Warbles...

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Track 1 - Musculation
Track 2 - Soupapes
Track 3 - Tout Seul "Salle Cerdan"
Track 4 - Assouplissements
Track 5 - Resultats
Track 6 - Footing Avec Chien
Track 7 - Commentaires
Track 8 - Saut A La Corde
Track 9 - Petite Pause
Track 10 - ULM
Track 11 - Exercices
Track 12 - Halteres & Co.
Track 13 - Secrets De Socrates
Track 14 - Rebonds
Track 15 - Dominique & Darina
Track 16 - Cachemire Reve
Track 17 - Biceps
Track 18 - Aquarama

I know this has been posted up elsewhere but I really wanted to complete the trilogy of "Sport" library records ( the other two being "Sport News" and "Sport Music Vol.1" ). This volume contains an unusual mix of jazz, disco and electronic elements with the result being a library music collection unlike anything I have heard before. It comes off sounding like a middle ground between Bernard Fevre and an early 80's Bruton which hopefully peaks your interest.

The jazzier moments provide the biggest highlights in my opinion, tracks such as "Cachemire Reve", "Resultats", "Petite Pause", "Assouplissements" and "Commentaires" sparkle with vibes, organ and piano playing a major role. I'm kind of curious as to what connection any of this music has to sport but either way you can chalk this record up for a W! Many thanks to The Growing Bin for the link.