Sunday, June 24, 2012


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Track 1 - Tune Intro
Track 2 - Lady
Track 3 - Frofight
Track 4 - Dilla
Track 5 - Amen
Track 6 - Beastmode
Track 7 - H2O No Enemy
Track 8 - Mos Def
Track 9 - ITT Thief Flip
Track 10 - Odoo

Do you like Fela Kuti? How about hip hop? If you answered yes to both then this is for you.

Friday, June 22, 2012


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Track 1 - Survivor
Track 2 - Jumping Balls
Track 3 - Different Strokes
Track 4 - Early Start
Track 5 - Swinging Skins
Track 6 - Rhythm Function
Track 7 - Timed
Track 8 - Funky Breaks
Track 9 - Greenwich Street
Track 10 - Space Waltz
Track 11 - Productive Facilities
Track 12 - Don't Play That Game
Track 13 - Present News
Track 14 - A Few Cuts
Track 15 - On Disco Street
Track 16 - Morning 1/Morning 2
Track 17 - Drumcrazy
Track 18 - Rudiments
Track 19 - Density
Track 20 - Watch Out

Klaus Weiss began his career as a jazz drummer in the 1960's and he translated those skills through to his library music work which spanned the 70's and 80's, producing records of note on labels such as Coloursound, Golden Ring, Selected Sounds, Conroy and Sonoton. His trademark sound revolved around the use of electronic instruments combined with frenetic and often hard hitting drum beats. These funky nuggets which often clocked in under 2 minutes have captured the imagination of DJ's and music fans in recent years and for good reason, they are damn groovy!

This compilation is mainly made up of tracks from his library albums "Time Signals", "Sound Inventions" and "Sound Music Album No.18" with a few others coming from compilations such as "Puppet Jazz". If you enjoy the comp and would like to check out the full records you can find them over at the excellent Dusty Gems and also at Library Music Rarities. I hope you get as much of a kick out of this as I did putting it together!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


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Track 1 - The Liquidator
Track 2 - The 3rd Man & Danger Theme
Track 3 - The Man From O.R.G.A.N
Track 4 - Honey West
Track 5 - I Spy
Track 6 - A Man Alone
Track 7 - Thunderball
Track 8 - Mister Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Track 9 - The Man From U.N.C.L.E
Track 10 - T.H.E Cat
Track 11 - The Spy Who Came In From The Cold
Track 12 - Agent Double-O Soul

I just want to say first off that I'm very sorry about the lack of posts recently, I've had a few other things keeping me busy. I'll be off on a holiday in a week or so and hopefully I'll come back reinvigorated.

"The Man From O.R.G.A.N" is a seriously fun little record put out by Dick Hyman back in the mid 60's. It features a collection of spy related cover songs that are given the full Hyman organ treatment and the results are a real joy. The combination of spy jazz mixed with easy listening and exotica produces a smooth and rather unique listening experience that should please many of you who've not yet come into contact with this great album. Thanks to the original uploaders. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


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Track 1 - Grandstand / Sound Stage Orchestra
Track 2 - News Scoop / Symphonia Orchestra
Track 3 - The Trap / Ron Goodwin & His Concert Orchestra
Track 4 - Pop Looks Bach / New Dance Orchestra
Track 5 - Soul Limbo / Booker T & The MG's
Track 6 - Drag Racer / Doug Wood Group
Track 7 - Offside / Mike Vickers Orchestra
Track 8 - Drum Majorette / Queen's Hall Light Orchestra
Track 9 - Sportsnight / Tony Hatch Orchestra
Track 10 - All Sports March / Queen's Hall Light Orchestra
Track 11 - Light And Tunnel / Sound Stage Orchestra
Track 12 - Sporting Occasion / Queen's Hall Light Orchestra
Track 13 - Holy Mackerel! / Brian Bennett Band
Track 14 - Cranes / Doug Wood Group
Track 15 - Derby Day / Melodi Light Orchestra
Track 16 - Challenge / Melodi Light Orchestra
Track 17 - World Series / Melodi Light Orchestra
Track 18 - Saturday Sports / National Light Orchestra
Track 19 - Soul Riff / Doug Wood Group
Track 20 - International Sports March / Queen's Hall Light Orchestra
Track 21 - World Of Sport March / Don Harper Big Band
Track 22 - World Series / Sound Stage Orchestra
Track 23 - Grandstand / Queen's Hall Light Orchestra
Track 24 - Out Of The Blue / Band Of The Irish Guards
Track 25 - Goodwood Galop / Queen's Hall Light Orchestra
Track 26 - Sportsmaster / Melodi Light Orchestra
Track 27 - Heavy Action / Sound Stage Orchestra
Track 28 - Big Match / Sound Stage Orchestra
Track 29 - Tour De France / New Concept Orchestra
Track 30 - Football Fanfare / Melodi Light Orchestra

I was thinking about posting the excellent "BBC Sporting Themes" but came across this album which has plenty of crossover and a further 10 tracks. These themes will be ingrained in the minds of many UK sports fans but I'm sure some of the tracks has popped up in broadcasts throughout the world over the years. With the likes of Doug Wood, Brian Bennett, Mike Vickers and Tony Hatch featured you can be assured of a swinging good time and the various orchestras / bands add a hefty dose of pomp and circumstance to proceedings. Excellent!

Credit goes to Cosmobells for the original upload. It's a Rapidshare file so you'll need to be patient but it's well worth the effort.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


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Track 1 - Maximum Protection (General)
Track 2 - Comparison
Track 3 - Value
Track 4 - Equipment
Track 5 - DYS
Track 6 - Maximum Protection (Steel & Concrete)
Track 7 - DYS (Short)
Track 8 - Maximum Protection (Steel & Concrete) Short 
Track 9 - Maximum Protection (Short)

For those who were unwilling to "duck and cover" these radio spots provided all the information you'd want to know about Survive-All nuclear bomb shelters. Aside from the obvious kitsch value of these recordings there are some very nice Raymond Scott style electronic sound effects. It's good fun to listen to and an interesting historical document to boot. You can find a shelter-load of details about this recording here.

Monday, June 4, 2012


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Track 1 - Listen To Me
Track 2 - Mama Get Yourself Together
Track 3 - A Change Is Going To Come
Track 4 - Mighty Mighty (Live)
Track 5 - Hard Times
Track 6 - California Dreamin'
Track 7 - Running
Track 8 - One Dragon Two Dragon

From Pitchfork.Com -

"James Thomas Ramsey, aka Baby Huey, introduced himself on stage better than anyone else could have dared: "I'm Big Baby Huey, and I'm 400 pounds of soul." In the 1960s, he and his band, the Babysitters, played everywhere from the clubs of New York to private parties in Paris, but Chicago was where they were best known-- and where they called home. The band would play any gig that would have them during that time, from tiny blues clubs to cruise ships. As a frontman, Baby Huey was talented, flamboyant, and enormous-- anywhere from 350-400 pounds, topped off by a giant afro. Unfortunately, Huey died of a heart attack at 26 in 1970, and never saw his debut album released the following year. Since then, Living Legend has remained an obscurity, though its songs have long been embraced by hip-hop, having been sampled by everyone from Kool Herc to Eric B and Rakim to Ghostface.

The Babysitters were a full band with a horn section that could take psychedelic detours without losing their tightness or funky feel. They were the perfect foil for Huey, who brought it all together with undeniable stage presence and an earnest tenor that was compared to Otis Redding (which rings true if only for their powerful delivery). Listen closely, and you can hear the ravage of excess in his raspy crooning, before he leaps into the highest registers with a squeal that's equal parts James and Arthur Brown.

Produced by the legendary Curtis Mayfield, three songs he also penned make up the meat of the album. "Mighty Mighty" is a raucous funk shuffle, including handclaps and crowd noise that give it the feel of a backyard throwdown, with little girls piping in at Huey's invitation while he praises Walgreen's turkeys and Thunderbird in his proto-rapping. Its gaiety is infectious and almost overwhelming. The "Hard Times" arrangement seems almost restricting for Huey's voice and character, but we have to thank Mayfield for handing him the tune-- it's the record's most memorable melody, and Huey's version is superior to Mayfield's own. "Running" adds warbling electric piano and guitar to Mayfield's melodic funk, the most lamentable example of what the Babysitters could have achieved if Huey had lived to record another LP.

Friday, June 1, 2012


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Track 1 - Rock N Roll (30 secs)
Track 2 - Rock N Roll (60 secs)
Track 3 - Country (30 secs)
Track 4 - Country (60 secs)
Track 5 - Disco (30 secs)
Track 6 - Disco (60 secs)
Track 7 - Soft Rock (30 secs)
Track 8 - Soft Rock (60 secs)
Track 9 - Job Application
Track 10 - Space Alien
Track 11 - Battlestar Galactica (30 secs)
Track 12 - Battlestar Galactica (60 secs)

This 1979 promotional record for the U.S air force contains a bunch of variations on the same basic jingle. Things get a bit weirder from Track 9 onwards however when Commander Adama from Battlestar Galatica and even an alien are used to sway the hearts and minds of potential recruits. Rather strange and well worth a listen.