Friday, December 16, 2011


Track 1 - Bachelor Samba / Marc Durst
Track 2 - Berg Und Tal / Gerhard Narholz
Track 3 - Bossa Cubana / Gerhard Narholz
Track 4 - Chanson Pour Toi / Alfred Jack
Track 5 - A Cielito Lindo / Carlos Periguez
Track 6 - Coconuts / Gerhard Narholz
Track 7 - Colonie Celeste / Jean-Jacques Perrey
Track 8 - Dancing On The Avenue / John Cacavas
Track 9 - Dolce Vita / Bruno Bertolli
Track 10 - Face To Face / Sammy Burdson
Track 11 - A Girl Like You / Norman Candler
Track 12 - Jarabe Tapatio / Carlos Periguez
Track 13 - Just Strolling Along / Sammy Burdson & John Fiddy
Track 14 - Kalamazoo Style / Olivier Andres & Christian Seguret
Track 15 - Love For Life / Sammy Burdson & John Fiddy
Track 16 - Marvellous Singers Remix / Marc Durst & Laurent Lombard
Track 17 - Naughty But Nice / Walt Rockman
Track 18 - Stereo Cha Cha / Umberto Pagnini
Track 19 - A Sunny Day In Heidelberg / Horst Jankowski
Track 20 - Swing Paname / Angel Debarre
Track 21 - Tchopa Twist / Nicholas Folmer
Track 22 - Tooba Boogie / Otto Sieben
Track 23 - Walkie Talkie / Gerhard Narholz
Track 24 - Whistle Happy / Colin Baldry & Tom Kane

This is a collection of music contained on EZZZY 105, a mock radio station featured in the video game Saints Row 2. There's a lot of South American and easy listening grooves with a few quirky little nuggets thrown in for good measure. The general mood is lighthearted and fun ( "Jarabe Tapatio" and "Coconuts" being prime examples ), some of my personal favourites would be the lush strings and breathless vocals on "Just Strolling Around", the big band sounds of "Bossa Cubana" and the begging-to-be-sampled "Colonie Celeste" by Jean-Jacques Perrey.

If you are looking for the funkier side of computer game soundtracks I'd probably recommend you download "Bully OST" or "GTA IF 99" but if you're even remotely interested in lounge / easy music then you should definitely give this a go. Thanks to Bret for giving me the heads up on this collection.


Anonymous said...

Hi there.

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading and listening to your Funky Frolic blog. It has introduced me to some brilliant music that I would never have come across otherwise.

As you seem to be very knowledgable about this great music have you ever come across a piece of music called trumpets and Trombones (I think, not 100% certain) by Gerhard Narholz. I've bee looking for ages and I just can't find it anywhere ?

Whether you know or not, I wish you well, and please keep up the superb work, it really is good.



Mr. Craig said...

Hi Paul,

I did some research for you and it seems that "Trumpets And Trombones" was the theme for Yorkshire TV Calendar in the 1970's, a short clip can be found here -

It doesn't help matters that Narholz went by more aliases than an arch criminal. I tried for over an hour to locate the full song for you without luck but I'll keep an eye out for it. Sorry I couldn't help more.

Thanks for your support and kind words.

All the best, Mr. Craig.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr Craig for taking the time and trouble to try and find out. How cool is that, many thanks. Yes, I have drawn a complete blank with this piece of music as well, which is a shame because I think it's rather good and I do remember it as a kid watching Calendar, which was a regional news and current affairs programme for the north of the UK. I had lost all hopes of ever tracking it down, so you can imagine my delight and pleasure at seeing the youTube clip. That will keep me going for a while, but hopefully one day the whole theme will surface. I mean it's not as though he's an obscure unknown composer, right ?
But many thanks again, that made my day, and as I said before, and I sincerely mean it, keep up the brilliant wonderful work. Kindest regards from a cold and rainy London on Christmas Eve. Cheers Paul

radioman01 said...

the tune you seek is here