Sunday, December 4, 2011


Track 1 - Afro-Beat
Track 2 - Afro-Syn
Track 3 - Bossa-Rhythm
Track 4 - House Of Echoes
Track 5 - Ectoplasm
Track 6 - Poltergeist
Track 7 - Spook Train
Track 8 - Roger Rhythm 1
Track 9 - Roger Rhythm 2
Track 10 - Roger Rhythm 3
Track 11 - Power Source
Track 12 - Timp Easy
Track 13 - Drum City

Released through the Southern music library this record presents a very French interpretation of African beats and rhythms. Unsurprisingly given that Nardini and Roger Roger were involved, there is an element of electronic experimentation within some of the tracks along with a quirkiness that they both possessed in spades. "Bossa Rhythm" seems a bit out of place on this record both musically and thematically but it's a lovely song none the less. The last three tracks are credited to John Matthews and Peter Dennis, "Power Source" features some nice elements and "Timp Easy" sounds like the theme to an elephant herd on the move.