Saturday, December 31, 2011


Track 1 - Earth Shaker
Track 2 - Country Matters
Track 3 - Aqua Perambulator
Track 4 - Black Bison
Track 5 - Intimations
Track 6 - Path Of Love
Track 7 - Blazing Banjoes
Track 8 - Full Time
Track 9 - Blabber Mouth
Track 10 - Osprey
Track 11 - Brandy Snap
Track 12 - Melancholy Madness
Track 13 - Crazy Paving
Track 14 - Hard Rider
Track 15 - Sexibition
Track 16 - Half Time

Sometimes it's good to be reminded that library music records were never produced with the intention of being heard from start to finish. Take for example "Earth Shaker" which jerks wildly from track to track between funk, easy listening, quirky electronics, pop and a whole lot more. It certainly presents a challenging journey for the listener but there are plenty of rewards along the way. I tend to gravitate more towards the harder / funky side of things so "Black Bison", "Earth Shaker", "Aqua Perambulator" and the wickedly fun "Sexibition" ( go the cowbell! ) all rate highly with me. "Intimations" is also quite an interesting track and some of you might recognise it from "Nuggets: Luke Vibert's Selection".  Due to the wide range of styles on offer this album almost serves as a library compilation and I'm sure you will find music of interest somewhere within its 16 tracks.

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