Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Track 1 - Scenic Route / Trevor Bastow
Track 2 - Spotlight / Trevor Bastow
Track 3 - Spotlight Link / Trevor Bastow
Track 4 - Disco Data / Trevor Bastow
Track 5 - Disco Data Link 1 / Trevor Bastow
Track 6 - Disco Data Link 2 / Trevor Bastow
Track 7 - Rundown / Trevor Bastow
Track 8 - Rundown Link 1 / Trevor Bastow
Track 9 - Rundown Link 2 / Trevor Bastow
Track 10 - Happy Heart / Trevor Bastow
Track 11 - Happy Heart Link 1 / Trevor Bastow
Track 12 - Full Frontal Funk / Trevor Bastow
Track 13 - Full Frontal Funk Link 1 / Trevor Bastow
Track 14 - Pathway / Brian Wade
Track 15 - Pathfinder / Brian Wade
Track 16 - Way Ahead / Brian Bennett
Track 17 - The World Today / Brian Bennett
Track 18 - Let's Go / Dave Gold
Track 19 - Let's Go Link / Dave Gold
Track 20 - Let's Get Success / Dave Gold
Track 21 - Let's Get Success Link / Dave Gold

As per the request from Lord Summerisle I have tracked down a copy of this 1979 Bruton release. There are a range of genres featured on the album from jazz / funk to disco and pop. Trevor Bastow composed the first 13 tracks and the highlights include the upbeat and very danceable "Spotlight", "Happy Heart" which evokes images of cruising through the English countryside in a sportscar and the aptly named "Full Frontal Funk" with it's 70's cop show vibe. The two Brian Bennett numbers are typically assured and the record finishes with some nice pop from Dave Gold. If you are familiar with late 70's Brutons then you'll have a fair idea what to expect, it's pretty lightweight but there is plenty of fun to be had aswell. Please note - "Let's Get Success" has some technical issues. Credit goes to the Vintage Library Emporium for the original upload.


Stack said...

here's a cleaner rip of track 20 - "Let's Get Success" (David Gold)


cheers for a groovy blog!

Mr. Craig said...

Thanks for that Stack.

Lord Summerisle said...

Genius! Thank you so much, Craig - or shall I call you Santa?

Anonymous said...

Thank you VERY much for continually sharing great music with us.

Although not many people usually comment on blogs, you can be sure that there are hundreds of people out here who love and appreciate what you're doing.
So thanks man, you're choices are excellent.

All the best,

Dr. Claw said...

Is the re-uploaded/clean rip that Stack provided of Track 20 still available? The link is dead.

Mr. Craig said...

Dammit, no I don't think I ever got around to downloading it myself. Sorry, really dropped the ball on that one. The album has also been posted at Maiorov Simpleton's Library (check my Fav Blogs list). He might have posted the same rip, or maybe not. It could be worth asking him to check the quality of his rip, you might be in luck. I tried to find a contact for Stack but couldn't I'm afraid. Once again, sorry.

Dr. Claw said...

Drat! Well, in the meantime, on my blog, I've started to put up some of the Bruton collections myself. I'll look this one up!

Dr. Claw said...

Good news! I happened to find the un-glitched version of Track 2: http://lix.in/-b51d63