Friday, December 2, 2011


Track 1 - Vibes In Counterpoint
Track 2 - Vibes In Counterpoint (Short)
Track 3 - Vibes In Waltz Time
Track 4 - Vibes Abstraction
Track 5 - Vibes Invention
Track 6 - Air For Vibraphone
Track 7 - Bossa Noches
Track 8 - Detour
Track 9 - Douglas Dilemma
Track 10 - Factory Fresh
Track 11 - Light Manufacturing
Track 12 - Sales Appeal
Track 13 - Consumer Goods
Track 14 - Market Research
Track 15 - Day By Day
Track 16 - Industrial Environment

This KPM by Bill Le Sage and Tony Kinsey provides a heavy dose of vibraphone vibes over the course of it's 16 tracks. There is a mixture of moods with some of the songs displaying a 1950's advertising / shopping muzak feel while "Industrial Environment" and others are more pared back and mysterious. One of the standout tracks is "Day By Day" which also appears on the "Setting The Scene: From The Vaults Of KPM" compilation. If you are searching for a cool album for your next swinging cocktail party or maybe just something different to put on over Christmas then this should suit the bill. Many thanks to the Vintage Library Emporium for the link.

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Ian Van Groove said...

This one certainly brings background music to the fore! And it sounds strangely festive!? Nice vibes...