Friday, December 2, 2011


Track 1 - Move On / L.Hurdle & F.Ricotti
Track 2 - J.P Walk / Anton Scott
Track 3 - Gentle In The Night / Alan Tew
Track 4 - Power Play / Ray Davies
Track 5 - Nude Interlude No.1 / Unknown
Track 6 - Hawkwind And Fire / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 7 - Disco Fever / Brian Bennett
Track 8 - The Bends / Roger Webb & Keith Grant
Track 9 - The Heist / Alan Tew
Track 10 - Nude Interlude No.2 / Unknown
Track 11 - Carl's Cabana / Unknown
Track 12 - Fernando's Blues / Unknown
Track 13 - Nude Interlude No.3 / Unknown
Track 14 - Bang'em Hard / Unknown

While it's probably not the best representation of 1970's porn groove, this compilation does include some big names from the world of library music. Mixed in with the standard bass / drum / horn funk numbers are pieces of dialogue from some of the featured porn films. It's a very solid record but I have a particular soft spot for the slow burning "Gentle In The Night" by Alan Tew. I should have given this collection more of a chance when I first heard it because it's actually packed with quality and deserves repeated listens. Check it out for yourself and get your groove on!

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Master Tang said...

Bang Em Hard I believe is from Sekas Fantasies?