Thursday, December 29, 2011


Track 1 - Spectra
Track 2 - Teletext
Track 3 - Pathfinder
Track 4 - Over The Top
Track 5 - G-Force
Track 6 - Star Curve
Track 7 - Factors
Track 8 - Axial
Track 9 - Challenger
Track 10 - Terminator
Track 11 - Metropolis
Track 12 - Aerospace
Track 13 - Mission Controller
Track 14 - Modulation
Track 15 - Microchip
Track 16 - Switch
Track 17 - Decoder

There's some very satisfying electronic moods and grooves on this 1981 release from the Rouge library. Sure, there are a few instances when things get a little cheesy ( it was the early 80's after all ) but for the most part the listener is treated to pop-tastic melodies and foot tapping drum beats. I particularly like the slightly more serious compositions such as "Factors", "Spectra" and the rather funky "Axial". It's not hard to picture this music as the soundtrack to a really cool retro computer game ( "Modulation" being the most glaring example ). While James Saunders' work here doesn't quite reach the same heights as Perraudin, Gonet or Fevre it still contains plenty of enjoyable elements that make this record a rewarding listening experience. Credit goes to Bazounga for the original upload.

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the saucer people said...

Totally agree with you Mr Craig, not the stuff of Fevre but as early eighties library electronica goes, this ain't half bad. The best track for me is 'Spectra' which ended up on the excellent Cosmic Future Groove Vol. 1 album in very good quality though I wish he had also included Axial and the last two tracks Switch and Decoder (maybe on future volumes!).

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for some amazing posts in the last year, you are part of a small group of cosmic/electronic/library bloggers that I always return to!

Happy new year and all that's to 2012 (and beyond hopefully!)