Thursday, December 15, 2011


Track 1 - My Thing
Track 2 - Misty Canyon
Track 3 - Sydney Revisited
Track 4 - Kangarootine
Track 5 - Groove
Track 6 - Soul Thing
Track 7 - Flight To The World
Track 8 - Winds On Falls Creek
Track 9 - Indian Pacific
Track 10 - Highway No.1
Track 11 - Expectations
Track 12 - Go, Girl, Go

After a little bit of searching I have located the Sven Libaek album that contains "Misty Canyon". Released through the Peer International Library this is slightly more laid back than "Solar Flares", most of the tracks having a guitar base with horns, vibes and/or flute layered over the top. The music is great and the Australian references in the song titles certainly add to the appeal for me ( "Indian Pacific" I presume refers to the train which travels between Sydney and Perth, a journey of 4,352 kilometres. Also, "Highway No.1" is the road that circuits the entire coastline of Australia making it the longest highway in the world. )

It's probably wrong of me to make comparisons but some of this work reminds me of the great James Clarke, the music is probably best described as easy listening but there is so much going on beneath the surface. Please note - sadly "Sydney Revisited" cuts off at 1:15, Broshing has kindly supplied a link to the full track and you can access it by clicking on "Comments" below. Thanks to the original uploader.


Broshing said...

Here you go sir:

I think that this one is alright but the track is only 128k though.

Mr. Craig said...

Thanks heaps Broshing!

verge said...

thanks for this!