Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Track 1 - JFK Vintage Commercial
Track 2 - Richard Nixon's The One
Track 3 - Nixon Commercial
Track 4 - Harold Fold...Call Me
Track 5 - Jimmy Carter 4 President
Track 6 - LBJ Daisy
Track 7 - Ed Broadbent Rap
Track 8 - George Bush Snr. Revolving Door
Track 9 - Ronald Reagan It's Morning In America Again
Track 10 - Ronald Reagan The Bear
Track 11 - Willie Horton Attack Ad
Track 12 - Perot Campaign Commercial
Track 13 - George W. Bush Commercial
Track 14 - Hillary Clinton 3 a.m
Track 15 - Barack Obama What If?

This compilation of campaign advertising features the good, the bad and the downright ugly side of political life in the United States. Whether these candidates are trying to glorify themselves or ruin the reputation of their competitors, it all sounds a bit silly now. Silliest of all would probably be "The Bear" by Ronald Reagan closely followed by Ed Broadbent's rap. If you would like a good giggle or just some strange ipod / mixtape filler then I think you'll enjoy this.


Budd said...

Nice One!
I wondering if there are any 70s speeches from Don Dunstan on how to correctly wear a safari suit! An item of attire as essential today as it was back then! (I have a very nice sky blue four pocket shirt.. an invaluable accessory for the man about town!!)

Mr. Craig said...

Ah Budd, why does it not surprise me you have a safari suit! Good old Don, I wish we had more like him.

RandallFunk said...

Excellent site - added your blog to the blogroll here: - it'd be great if you might reciprocate. Thanks!

the saucer people said...

Always a sucker for political audio ephemera! With the exception of JFK all the rest remind my just what a bunch of utter screwballs the presidents and wanna-be presidents are..and thats why the real power and control lies within the deep state!

great share sir!