Friday, December 16, 2011


Track 1 - Jamie's Letter
Track 2 - Santa & Bobby
Track 3 - Papa & Tony
Track 4 - Neighbors
Track 5 - Warm Hugs
Track 6 - Holiday Salute
Track 7 - Mistletoe
Track 8 - Runaway
Track 9 - Worried Helen
Track 10 - The Christmas Story
Track 11 - Grandma's Gift
Track 12 - The Bell Ringer

Now don't get me wrong, I haven't got anything against religion but there is something unnerving and a little creepy about these Christmas themed PSA's put out by the Seventh Day Adventists. There is some exceptional overacting on the likes of "Runaway", "Worried Helen" and "Papa & Tony" which pushes this record over the edge from quirky to kitsch. Check it out and let me know what you think!


Muff Diver said...

Mr. Craig, I love all this obscure music and glimpses into past. These PSAs just raise more questions for me, however.

Do you know the original source of Seasonings? Better yet, how did you get your copy?

I'm trying to ascertain the recording and air dates of Seasonings and the regional market/s these recordings were intended for, but I'm just weird like that...

Finally, for all the visiting I do on this site, I don't thank you nearly enough for your efforts all year round. I really, really dig this website!

Where else can a person go to hear Mr. T Breakfast Cereal commercials, porn soundtracks, and everything else in between?

Thanks for brightening my life over the past coupla months and I look forward to reading your words and sampling your music in 2012.


Mr. Craig said...

Hey Muff Diver,

I can't lay claim to owning this album, I found the original rip here -

They might be able to help you out with further information.

Glad to know you are enjoying Funky Frolic so much. Merry Christmas and hope to hear from you again in 2012.